4 Months!

Hi Friends! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday season. We have now officially entered my least favorite time of year. That isn’t to say I’m down in the dumps. Things are going quite well on this end. I wrapped up my last month of work, so it’s just me and my boys! (Well, and sometimes my mom comes to play, and Kevin is obviously still in the picture, but you get the idea…)

santaThis picture cracks me up. LOL

Today Adam turned 4 months old. Can you believe it?!? Ask me at night, and I’ll tell you it’s dragging. Ask me during the day, and I’ll say it’s flying by.


adam  baby

  • He has rolled from tummy to back, but he doesn’t do it regularly. The first time was actually at just 8 weeks old.
  • He grabs items with his hands, and he pulls them to his mouth. However, he also tries to grab with is feet. #monkeybaby
  • Adam smiles a lot and has started giggling recently.
  • He takes most of his naps in his car seat or swing, and he hasn’t gotten into a night routine yet. A few times he has only woken me once at night, but other times he’ll get up every 2 or 3 hours. Mama needs sleep!


brosEthan is keepin’ on keepin’ on. He is talking more and more, and it’s fun to see how his play has expanded, especially with make believe. I try to get him to story time twice per week and the gym childcare three times per week, but a play date can be a good substitute for either of those things. His tantrums aren’t quite as crazy as they were when brother was born, but he’s still the typical two-year old. #MrIndependent


boysI’m doing well. I’m tired but happy, which is to be expected. I’ve had a bit of a mid-life crisis (1/3-life crisis?) recently. We’re officially done having kids, so packing up all that newborn baby stuff gets me a little sad. Also, this is the year I turn the big 3-0, so that feels weird (though not sad). I cut my hair shorter than it has ever been and resolve to actually start using something on my face at night… moisturizer… cream… something. I’m not in a rush to go buy a minivan, but I think you see my point.

So that’s us in a nutshell. How have you been? Do you have any resolutions?

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All Mom Wants for Christmas…

I hesitated posting this because I don’t want any friends or family to read this as a wishlist. However, since I think most of us have our Christmas shopping done by now, I think it’s fair to share. (What? Some of you don’t have your shopping finished? Just say no to last-minute gifting!)

Here’s a simple wishlist of goodies sure to please any mommy.

1 – House cleaning. No, I’m not kidding. My mom is gifting me a deep clean, and I’ve got the maids scheduled to come next week the day before company arrives from out of town. I’m so excited!!! (Car detailing is an adequate substitution. Cheerios Everywhere!!)

2 – Black capris. These can be for either yoga or running, but don’t expect her to do either while wearing them. I can’t say mom needs top-of-the-line gear for chasing kids around the park, but don’t get the crappy kind meant for around-the-house wear either. They’ll eventually make it to the grocery store, library, or pediatrician’s office at least once.

3 – Coffee. I was gifted a Keurig machine right before having Ethan, and it was a blessing. Making coffee while holding a baby is a job someone who is already properly caffeinated. You see the problem with that, right? Starbucks gift cards are also big winners. Make it a grande!!

4 – Pampering. A spa gift card, pedicure, or even an at-home massage if you’re broke and are actually good at spa-like rubdowns is fantastic.

5 – Girly stuff. This might only apply to boy mamas, but sometimes I just need something girly. There is simply too much testosterone running through this house! Despite the gender of our children, I think a lot of moms could benefit from a little something fun and frilly since most of us (a) don’t take the time to make ourselves feel pretty and (b) spend our discretionary income on our children instead of mini perks for ourselves. Just throw me a new lipstick, why don’t ya? (PS – Pic is from the last holiday party before having children… back when I used to wear girly jewelry and dresses…)

6 – A shower. Not a rushed one with a kid crying outside the shower door. I mean a real shower with time to use conditioner and shave your legs.

7 – Wine. When in doubt, wine.

And that’s my two cents. What do you want for Christmas this year?

*Lastly, if you want a giggle, here’s Ethan’s pic with Santa last year.

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Happy Holidays! Or in my case, Happy Holidaze! I feel like I’m in a daze over here, but I guess that’s what happens with a big to-do list and little bits of sleep. I’m popping in really quickly to share a bit about what’s going on in the LS&B house.

First of all, happy three months to Adam! He’s so charming. He flashes his adorable smile all day long, and though he refuses to sleep at night, it’s just because he wants his mommy. What a sweetheart!

3 months, adam, baby, happyAs for the sleep, there’s not really any improvement since his newborn days, except that his feedings are much shorter. I tell ya’ – to each her own, but in my opinion, breastfeeding is a lot easier than formula! No midnight mixing, warming, or washing, just get in, feed, and get back out. Luckily his feedings only as about 10-15 minutes, though he expects some extra cuddle time on top of that.

adamNext – Santa Santa Santa! Ethan is really excited about Santa this year, which is exciting for me. It feels really wrong to spread the Santa lie, but since I know it will bring him loads of fun for years to come, I’m trying to suck it up and just roll with it.

santaNow as for me, I haven’t been working out as much as I’d like. I feel like this family has been on and off sick for about a month and a half now, and the boys + work are keeping me pretty darn busy. In fact, I shouldn’t be writing this, but here I am… not cleaning my house and not going to bed.

partyI hope you all are enjoying the holiday season so far! I sure am. Kevin and I attended a tacky sweater party Friday night. We could only be there an hour or two before heading home since Adam won’t take a bottle.

On Saturday night, Kevin and Ethan attended a neighborhood party while Adam and I went to a ladies’ cookie exchange. Like I said, he won’t take a bottle, so he and I are pretty much inseparable. He’s pretty cute for a ball n’ chain though! Oh, and I’ve since eaten my weight in cookies. I think there’s butter running through my veins.

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Quickie Core Circuit

Hi Friends! Happy December! I hope the holiday season is treating you well so far. It’s all good here – busy of course, but good… except for the sleep situation, but I won’t tire you with that. Yawwwwwn!

The shirt says it all #baby #smile

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We hosted Kevin’s parents for Thanksgiving, which was enjoyable. Too large a gathering might have stressed me out a bit, so it was nice to keep it low-key this year. We ended up having an impromptu second Thanksgiving with my parents the following Saturday. I had to drag my boys to two grocery stores in order to find a fresh turkey, but it was worth it!  

Adam’s Baptism 👼 A photo posted by Tiffany (@tiffanywolffclt) on

I’ve been pretty busy lately, especially since I started work again on Monday. My mom is here at the house helping me with the kiddos while I work from home. Day 1 was ROUGH, but it has gotten much better.

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On my lunch break, we zipped out to the gym for a quickie workout and so that Ethan could play in the kid’s area. Here’s the circuit part of what I did after a treadmill warm-up.

  • walk-out planks, 10x
  • high plank with knee to elbow tuck (slow), 10x
  • oblique crunches on right side, 20x
  • high plank with knee to elbow tuck (slow), 10x
  • oblique crunches on left side, 20x
  • pushup, row, to t-stand side plank (see me demo it in this video), 8x

I ran through this circuit twice and followed up with just one or two other moves. This is only my second core workout postpartum, so I’d guess this is beginner/intermediate level.

Speaking of workouts – I want to applaud my grandfather for his active lifestyle. His goal is to walk 3 miles/day, and he tracks his mileage for the year. So far, he has not only met his goal, he has exceeded it by 46 miles!! Go Gramps!! (Michele, you too!!)

**Sorry for the Instagram pics. I usually try to share different ones on the blog, but I wasn’t expecting to have time to post today. I hope to have some new pics of Adam soon since he hits the three-month mark this week. (How’d that happen???)**

  • Are you keeping active this holiday season?
  • How was your Thanksgiving?
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Happy 2 Months Adam!

Happy 2 Months to My Little(est) Man!

adamYou love to eat, smile, and coo. You’ve rolled over a few times from your tummy to your back, and you don’t mind being carted around to the park, the gym, and library story time so that your brother can get some toddler interaction.

adam2You do mind sleep. What’s up with that? You give me a good 4-hour stretch at first (9pm-1am), but then you’re up hourly after that 95% of the time. Trust me, I enjoy your company too, but you can wait until morning to see mommy!!

adam smileIn other news….

The play date I hosted Monday was a success. There were a couple cancellations, but the three toddlers and their three baby siblings who made it had a great time.

toddlerI asked each mom to bring a batch of healthy snacks for the kids. Instead of a cookie exchange, like those that are so popular around the holidays, we swapped kid-friendly snacks. I made these homemade Larabars, which Ethan loves. (Though I had to add more dates to the food processor this time. Just FYI.)

If you’re not a mama, you could totally do this with girlfriends too. Have them over for wine, and trade healthy snacks with them. I mean, who doesn’t love snacks? – especially when some of us grow tired of eating the same ol’ stuff.

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