I’ll Take the Judgement on the Side, Please

I’m not pointing fingers, nor am I asking for trolls. I’m just opening up a little today to share a little perspective. (I can’t say that without thinking of the food critic in the movie, Ratatouille, but that’s beside the point.)

ratatouille linguini food critic

As a mama, I request that we hold back on the judgement. Just put it on the side, will ya? I’m mentioning this in light of recent events, but please do keep it in mind for future events as well.

I’m talking about the gorilla. The alligator. The sweet little children. Their grief-stricken parents.

I wasn’t going to read it, but I did. I read an article about what happened with the boy and the gorilla, and I read another one today about the two year-old down in Orlando.

This is rare for me because reading any stories relating to children is darn-near impossible. They weigh too heavily on the heart.

I’m not trying to take the severity and heartache away from these stories, only the judgement. Because you know what? Life happens. You know what else? Toddlers happen.

zooLet me tell you about a recent trip to the zoo. Ethan was by my side the entire day, but in the aquarium area, he vanished. He was seriously right beside me just one second prior. My Little Houdini still has me stumped on this one, especially because he’s pretty well behaved… for a toddler. (And I like to think I’m a pretty responsible parent, but I’m biased on that one.)

fishAs luck would have it, I quickly spotted him with a group of children getting their photo taken. It was a group of first graders on a field trip, and he was standing there smiling at the camera, just wanting to be like one of the “big” kids.

Accidents only have to happen once, and it only takes a matter of minutes, seconds even, for disaster. How often does a child slip away for a second at the park/mall/grocery store/etc.?

And trust me, you can’t trust a toddler’s logic to keep them out of trouble.

Here’s some toddler logic for ya. Just this morning Ethan requested a waffle. Five minutes later he got screamy because he didn’t want breakfast. Ten minutes later, he comes in the kitchen arguing that he isn’t going to eat his waffle. When I explain to him that I didn’t make him a waffle, he’s back to screams because I never made it.

Guess what. 30 minutes later he’s so hungry that he requests (and eats) two waffles.

This happens on the regular. My kid isn’t abnormal. He’s two. Now imagine that toddler logic when he or she is excited about being at the zoo/at Disney/anywhere fun and new.

zooBeing a parent is hard. Being a kid is hard. Heck – just keeping on keeping on isn’t so easy some days for all of us. Let’s just cut the parents a little slack by holding back on our judgement and replacing it with an extra dose of compassion.

My heart breaks for the parents of the child who was attacked by the alligator. Please send prayers their way.

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A Camping Spree with E & Me

Hi Friends! What a busy weekend! I need an extra day to recover – along with a maid and nanny for a few hours. Is that so much to ask?

Busy or not, it was a good weekend. The boys and I went to the park Friday morning and met friends in the pool in the afternoon. Then on Saturday, we brought Kevin with us to another pool in the morning, and I later went to a baby shower while the boys napped. We skipped out on a gender reveal party that afternoon/evening in favor of “camping” out at home. Sunday included a morning run and errands followed by a cookout at a friend’s house later that afternoon/evening. I feel like we’re normally the entertainers, so it was nice getting out for events (and not having to clean up a mess)!

poolWhew… and here we are, looking at Monday again. Maybe the boys and I will just hang out at home in our pajamas all day. Hmm… maybe not.

This past week Ethan and I talked about camping. It was really fun to introduce him to the concept.

booksWe read these books. He liked Biscuit Goes Camping, but it’s a dull read for parents. Just Me & My Dad is one we already owned and didn’t borrow from the library. The real star of the show is A Camping Spree with Me & Magee. Magee is an adorable story with fun pictures. The rhymes roll of the tongue as easily and melodically as The Night Before Christmas.

campingEarlier in the week, Ethan and I made a tent in the yard with rope and a bed sheet , and he helped me pack a bag of camping supplies, including binoculars, a flash light, a page we pulled from a coloring book of Cookie Monster camping, and of course, a couple cookies. Then this Saturday we roasted marshmallows like they do in the McGee book with a borrowed fire pit. It was a lot of fun!

We didn’t do any “real” camping overnight. Camping in 98-degree weather with a baby and a toddler sounds like some form of hell, and you couldn’t pay me to do it. However, one day Kevin and I will certainly take the boys on camping trips when they’re ready, or maybe I should say, when I’m ready!

  • Camping – yay or nay?
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Time Flies

Time flies when you’re having fun! We must have been having fun around here because I can’t believe my little(est) man just turned 9 months old today. How did that happen?

adam Here’s a bit about sweet baby Adam:

  • Has 2 teeth
  • Still immobile but belly crawled about 3 inches to get to a toy today
  • Generally a happy little guy
  • Mama’s boy
  • Still breastfeeding but finally took a bottle last night when I went out (yay!!)
  • Ticklish
  • 2 naps per day, sleeps about 10 hours at night with 2 wakings
  • He doesn’t have a favorite toy since he generally prefers his brother’s things.
  • Weighs approximately 17.5 lbs

I’m happy he finally took a bottle last night, though my mom had to be pretty persistent about it. I  need Kevin to start giving Adam a bottle once every two weeks so that we can wean him more easily come September.

We tried a bottle last night because Kevin and I met my friend out at a local brewery. NoDa Brewing was hosting a 5k, so of course I had to sign up. Unlike most races, this one was at 6pm. Oh, and it was hooooot hot hot – a humid 95 degrees.


That’s us with race bling and food truck tacos. Yum!

Despite staying up too late the night before and a few poor diet choices, I ran well. I started further back than I should have, thus making the first half-mile slow and difficult. However, I finished faster than my last 5k, 23:25, or 7:32/mile.

I’m not sure when my next race will be, but I’m already looking forward to it!

  • What’s on your race calendar?
  • How is my baby 9 months old?!?
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Investing In Me

Here I am blogging during the boys’ naps. Should I be sleeping? Cleaning? Cooking? Exercising? Yes, D – all of the above. Do I want to? Heck no. I just want to rest a bit, and I think I deserve it. I’m just proud of myself for blogging instead of popping a bottle of wine at 2 in the afternoon.

::pat on the back::

So I am sort of following this genius new diet/exercise plan. It’s called, “Take Care of Mama.” I need to invest a little more in myself if I expect to keep on keepin’ on.

prepDuring Sunday nap times, I prepped a healthy lunch for the week for MYSELF. (brown rice, zucchini beans, bell pepper, onion, salsa) I also prepped a couple other things for Monday’s dinner, but you get the idea.

snoozeI am also putting workouts first during nap times, followed by shower (if time), and cleaning (if a miracle). My house might be a little more dirty, but I need this. I’m worth it. No one notices any difference on the days that I bust my butt cleaning, but they do notice my butt… at least the hubby does. #allthesquats

sauconyI also invested by spending a little extra $$ on myself. I bought chocolate brownie Quest Bars to keep the cookie cravings at bay and new running shoes because my others have a hole in them, not even joking.

Speaking of cookies – I made it 3.5 days without a cookie and lost 2 lbs. I blew my streak today. I split one with Ethan, but we all know shared calories don’t count.

Here are the workouts (at least for the next few weeks):

  • Monday – split squats, plie squats, single-leg deadlifts, inner/outer thigh work with band
  • Tuesday – run at gym, quick abs during naps
  • Wednesday – pushups, curls superset with triceps dips, single-arm flies with band, bent-over rows superset with reverse db flies
  • Thursday – run at gym, rest/clean during naps
  • Friday – this 30-min circuit at the bottom of Naomi’s post
  • Saturday – rest (if you consider chasing a toddler while carrying an 18-lb baby rest…)
  • Sunday – Sunday Runday! (maybe a longer run if time permits)

It’s a no-pressure plan. I still eat nightly ice cream. I’m still drinking beer. The workouts are short and manageable. Let’s just hope the house doesn’t go to $*@&.

  • Following any new plans?
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Good Things

Hello again! I’m back with some good things. When you’re really sleep deprived, thinking about good things helps you from biting your family members’ heads off. (Adam is still getting up multiple times per night, so if anyone has baby sleep tips for me, please leave them in the comments section.) As for the good things – here we go!

1 – Workouts have been fun lately. I’m complete most of them during nap times, which feels great. I started doing the Tone It Up Bikini Series to keep things interesting. The pros: short workouts, easy to do at home, very motivating. The cons: my body doesn’t respond quite as well to that type of training, and my flat feet really can’t handle that many lunges and plank variations. In fact, for feet’s sake, I may be quitting the program or modifying soon.

tiu2 – I love racing. Running is okay, but it’s really just the racing I love. I have signed up for another 5k, which is in about two weeks. Fingers crossed for good racing conditions because I want a PR! (Well, I don’t expect to out-run my high school cross country times, but a post-college PR would be pretty awesome.)

race3 – Fake it ’til you make it. Erin referred me to Nature’s Gate self tanner, and I love it.

tan4 – Breweries! I’ve kind of been on a wine kick lately, well, my first choice is usually ice cream, but then wine. However, there’s nothing like a cold beer fresh from the source, especially if the source has a great family-friendly patio on a beautiful sunny day.

brew5- Reading children’s books to my boys is always a good thing. Newer favorites include, Those Pesky Rabbits, Bear Says Thanks, Good Night Good Night Construction Site, and Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons. Old favorites are good too, like The Napping House, Are You My Mother, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and Go Dog Go.

book*The bear books by Karma Wilson remind me of my grandmother, and The Napping House remind me of Mema. Isn’t it wonderful how seemingly everyday things remind us of the people we miss?

  • What good things are you loving?
  • Got baby sleep tips for me???
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