A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day. Nothing special or extraordinary occurred, but it was just plain good. We had baby time, mama time, and nap time, so I couldn’t be bad, right?

wiawLet’s go through it WIAW style, shall we?

Breakfast: plain Greek yogurt, strawberries, and Kashi cereal

parfaitEthan likes Cheerios, but raspberries are a bit tart for his taste.  Ha, this kid.

raspberryAfter we both took a morning nap a while later, we went out for a 3-mile stroller run, hit the shower, and then barely made it to baby story time at the library. 20 babies!!

babySnack: pb rice cake on the way to story time

Lunch: roast beef and avocado on a wheat English muffin and veggies, followed not much later by a dark chocolate square (E had avocado in his yogurt, apparently a winning combo)

lunchSnack: apple and Gouda… then tortilla chips just before dinner (appetizer?)

snackDinner: chicken, onion cauliflower curry topped with a few cashews

dinner  dinner

Dessert: ice cream! Breyer’s lower fat cookies n’ cream (oh, and the pic below is E’s dinner of Gouda, cauliflower, a food pouch, and a little oatmeal)



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Race Update

Rain rain, go away! Ethan and I run an errand every day between his two naps. He needs to see people aside from his mama, and I need to prevent cabin fever. However, the weather had other plans for us yesterday.

fortTorrential downpours kept us inside, and Mr. Fussy Pants wasn’t happy about it. He fussed when I picked him up, when I put him down, or when we tried to play. I even made him a fort, which I believe he crawled through all of once.

fortLuckily the clouds had a silver lining. The rain let up long enough for us to enjoy a little car time (his favorite) while I talked on the phone. I got a call with some good news, I’m now a brand ambassador for the Race 13.1 race series.

carHooray!! I’ll be running the upcoming half marathon in Fayetteville, NC on Sept. 7. If I’m feeling up for it, I’ll also do the one in Raleigh on Sept. 20. There are other races though, and they plan to add one for Charlotte in 2015. Care to join me? (Please say yes!)


fayetteville NC half

In other news, I left these two alone last night while my girlfriends and I went out for sushi. One of my dear friends (and old college roommate) was in town on a business trip, so I was lucky to get some time with her.

boys   mom

Apparently this is what I look like in real clothes when not holding a baby, except my arm is forever stuck in baby-holding position.

  • What’s on your race calendar? Want to run with me?!?!
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Happy Monday! Okay, so “happy” might be overdoing it a bit, but it’s certainly not a bad Monday, at least not on this end. It’s going to be a busy week for me, which is a pretty good thing. Other good things (or shall I say, marvelous) include events from the weekend.

MiMMOn Friday, Ethan and I briefly met friends at the park. I then had game night with the ladies.

parkWe were mostly on our own Saturday since Kevin was busy with class, but we enjoyed some retail therapy before he got home for dinner.

fondue daddy

I headed out for my long run on Sunday, and it was great. I expected to get rained on but stayed dry, except for the pouring sweat. I completed 8 miles in just under 1 hour and 10 minutes, which included a run into a grocery store for a quick drink from the water fountain.

run run

Instead of cleaning or being productive during E’s afternoon nap, I was definitely needing some ice – lots of ice! We wrapped p the weekend with some low-country boil… and ice cream. Of course.

ice dinner

  • How was your weekend?
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Happy Friday

Happy Friday! I’m happy it’s Friday, but since Kevin will be gone all day Saturday, it just feels like a regular week day. At least I’m getting out tonight though, which should be fun.

It’s game night (and probably wine night too) with a few of the neighborhood ladies, but I’m just happy to be getting out of the house. Kevin isn’t thrilled about babysitting, but since he was gone two nights this week, I need a break!

*Side note, I never understood why my mom friends called it “babysitting” when their husbands watched the baby. I mean, it’s his baby too, right??? Well, now I get it…

Anyway, before starting a quick yoga video (this one to be exact), I wanted to pop-in and share some of yesterday.

I got in a morning run, and Ethan and I made a successful (but expensive) trip to Babies R’ Us. There were fussy times, but I also got lots of smiles.

Dinner was pretty awesome. Pumpkin and bean enchiladas for the win!


We paired them with NoDa Brewing Co.’s Ghost Hop IPA. It’s definitely not my favorite beer of theirs, which is Hop, Drop, n’ Roll, but it paired well enough with the semi-spicy Mexican food.


All-in-all, ’twas a good day. Crossing my fingers that today goes as well. Have a great weekend!



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Grinds My Gears

Anyone catch the Family Guy reference? I don’t think I’ve watched that show in years, but I still use a quote or two now and then, especially “that really grinds my gears!”

Don’t let the post fool you, I’m actually in a great mood today. Kevin took the first 30 minutes of baby-duty this morning while I went for a quick run. (half-mile jog, 6 sprinting hill repeats, and half-mile back home) It felt great to be out without the stroller and before the heat and humidity laid claim on the gorgeous day.

Despite my cheery mood, I’m sharing a few things that grind my gears. I’ll be back later this week or the next with things I’m loving, so don’t write me off as a grouch just yet.

1. Pizza burn. Yeah, you know how pizza cheese turns to liquid hot magma and scorches the roof of your mouth. Of course, this isn’t all bad because it means I got to eat pizza last night. Ethan’s great grandparents visited and treated us to Mellow Mushroom.

great gramps2. Companies that want something for nothing. You wouldn’t believe how many big-name companies have contacted me recently requesting that I write posts for… you guessed it… free. Really?

3. The hidden costs of staying home. Ethan and I run an errand every day. It’s good for both of us to get out of the house, but frankly, it’s not good for my wallet. Without my extra income, the shopping Has.To.Stop. Oh, and it doesn’t help that we’re going to Babies R’ Us later today for a new car seat. ughhhhhhh (BTW, picked up that new toy this week at a consignment shop)

toy4. Short naps. ‘Nuff said.

5. Irregularity. Male readers, this one isn’t for you. Since having E, my cycle hasn’t been regular, and it’s kinda’ stressful when I’m a week or two late month after month. This oven isn’t ready for another bun!

ethan6. Baby proofing. This kid (like most all) is into everythinggggg. We put up cabinet locks recently, and they are soooo anoying! I think it’s deterring me from cleaning. Parent proofing? Do they make these for my wallet?

7. Certain mom blogs. I’ve seen a few mom blogs that like to dish out advice as if it’s the answer to every baby-related question known to man… er…. to mom. Maybe something worked for your baby. Maybe you got lucky. Maybe your baby is naturally a good sleeper/even tempered/whatever the heck else. Until you’ve raised 20 babies in 20 different style homes with 20 different hubby’s with different parenting styles, I don’t trust your experience. Frankly, if that has been your life, I don’t trust you anyway.

This isn’t to say there aren’t great mom blogs out there who offer helpful advice. It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.

8. Lists that don’t end at 3, 5, or 10.


  • What’s been grinding your gears lately? Go ahead – vent, it’s good for the soul!
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