What I Ate (and ate and ate) Wednesday

Hump Day!! Does this week feel a little slow to anyone else? I think going out to eat Monday night threw me off. That’s usually a weekend thing in this house.

A little slow week isn’t necessarily a terrible week though. So far, so good, and I even went and picked up my little buddy early yesterday. More hugs for mama!

wiawBut enough of that, the point is that it’s Wednesday, and that calls for a What I Ate Wednesday (#WIAW) post. Be sure to check out other WIAW posts at Peas & Crayons!

Breakfast: smoothie! (spinach, milk, banana, blackberries, and Vega protein and greens) <– I just bought this for the first time. I like the ingredients but am not 100% sold on the taste. It’s fine in a smoothie, but it’s not working for me in my protein oats.

smoothieSnack: coffee and biscotti

coffeeLunch: egg and light Havarti on an English muffin with a side salad… followed not too long after by half a granola bar

egg sammichOn my lunch break, I was able to prep part of dinner by assembling the meatloaf. When Ethan gets home from school, he’s generally in a good mood if I can give him loads of attention. That’s fine for me, but it isn’t fine for dinner. I’ve been trying to make more slow cooker or baked meals that I can assemble before he gets home.

dinnerSnack: gala apple and TJ’s peppermint green tea (so good!)

Dinner: Italian turkey meatloaf, pasta, and carrots… I may have gotten seconds.

meatloafDessert: peppermint bark and a smidge of vanilla ice creaMmmmmmm


  • What’s your favorite holiday flavor? I love gingerbread, but I think peppermint and chocolate are my true loves. Eggnog = meh. What else is there?
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Terrific Tuesday

Hiiiya! For a Monday, yesterday was pretty good. I’m getting over a cold right now, so that isn’t so great. But everything else is peachy.

**Side note about that cold: I wish I could have breastfed Ethan longer, but I don’t think he would have gotten much more immunity from it if I had. I keep catching his colds from daycare. Of course, I might not get all of them if I didn’t kiss him so much, but his snuggles are worth a few sniffles and sneezes.


Aside from the abundance of boogers in the house, the day started pretty well. Ethan slept in a bit, and I got biscotti with breakfast. He also didn’t cry at drop-off. Yay yay yay yay yay!!!!!!

And though I didn’t feel up for a run on my lunch break, I did do this 30-minute low-impact cardio workout by Fitness Blender. Is it bad I’m resorting to some of the workouts I did during pregnancy? Ha, movement is movement, eh?


As if that wasn’t enough good stuff for the day, we had company for the evening. Ethan’s Great Grandpa and Oma came to visit.


We enjoyed a dinner out (the house chef was happy to take a night off), and we got to hear about their most recent trip to India. Ugh, the travel bug bit Kevin and I over the weekend, so we were both happy and jealous to hear about their trip. Kev and I are already starting to dream up the trip we want to take two years from now. Yeah, we’re planners.


Not a bad Monday, eh? Now let’s hope E is just as sweet when I drop him off this morning.

  • Do you ever eat out through the week, or is it a Friday/Saturday thing for you?
  • Travel – going anywhere interesting? Make me jealous!
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‘Tis the Season

It’s Monday, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be marvelous. I’m linking up with Katie for a Marvelous In My Monday (#MIMM) post. So what’s marvelous? For me, it’s the holiday season. Here are tidbits of it from my weekend.

MIMMFriday: ‘Tis the season for baking! I made my first batch of biscotti, and it was great.

biscottiI followed this recipe for dark chocolate cherry biscotti, and Kevin and I munched on it all weekend.

biscottiSaturday: ‘Tis the season to hit the mall. Okay, the mall was actually crazy, and I have no photographic evidence of that stupid decision. A better choice was making it to spin class in the morning. It was BYOB (Bring Your Own Burp-cloth because y gym doesn’t have towels.)

gymSunday: ‘Tis the season for gingerbread. I whipped up some gingerbread apple pancakes, and they were fantastic. I think I’ll have to write down the recipe so that I can share it soon.

gingerbread‘Tis the season for being cozy. I love our 3-mile family walks!

bundle‘Tis the season for more baking! I made these savory picadillo meat pies for dinner, and I’m definitely bookmarking that recipe.

empanadasIt was really good, but it took quite a lot of time. At least Ethan liked them!

beefAdd in a bunch of Ethan kisses, and that wraps up my weekend.

  • What’s marvelous in your Monday?
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Thinking Out Loud

So many thoughts. So little time. Thank goodness for Amanda‘s Thinking Out Loud linkup! (and her chocolate chip gingerbread muffins, a post from earlier this week that you should totally check out… and then bake… and then mail directly to me)

thinking out loudThese start off as Ethan-overload, so if you’re not as E-crazy as I am (and who isn’t??? joking) then hang in there.

1. I had to pick E up early from school yesterday because he fell and got a cut. (He’s fine.) Working from home with a toddler ain’t easy, folks. I found myself thinking, “If Kevin loved me, he’d come home with a pizza. And wine. Since he’s cheap, I bet he’d get the wine at Trader Joe’s. As long as he’s at TJs anyway, he should also pick up some Candy Cane Joe Joe’s.” None of this happened, but that’s a peek into how my brain works.

toddler  ethan

2. Backup to yesterday morning – after Ethan’s THIRD tantrum of the day BEFORE we even left for school (not school related tantrums, just random), I was needing some coffee. His tantrums are almost comical because he has to cry where I can see him. He waits until I look toward him before throwing himself on the ground to scream. He’s like an angry fainting goat.

fainting goats3. But he’s so sweet at night. He giggles and plays from the minute we get home until the minute he gets out of the bath. Me peeking around daddy was giggle-worthy the other night, and last night opening and shutting a door was downright hilarious.

2 minutes until I can leave to pick up this silly monkey!!!

A video posted by Tiffany (@lovesweatbeers) on

4. I want to bake. A lot. There are 4 recipes I’ve emailed myself that are just waiting to be tested. I really hope I find the time to make one of them soon because peppermint, chocolate, and sugar/flour/butter mixtures aren’t going to eat bake themselves.

5. Yesterday’s workout was enjoyable. I wanted to run on my lunch break, but with Ethan home with me, I didn’t get a lunch break. We instead went for a 3-mile stroller walk as soon as I got off from work, and it was really nice.


  • Have you baked any Christmas treats? Are you going to?
  • Anyone else want a pet goat? I think they’re adorable.


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The Return of WIAW

I’m back with The Return of the Jedi WIAW. It may not be a full-on comeback, but these are always fun, right? This one has a little extra day-in-the-life because apparently I’m not familiar with the idea of TMI. If you’re into WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) posts, be sure to check out Peas & Crayons for the full linkup.

wiaw6am – quick at-home upper-body workout and shower before Ethan is up

7am – breakfast (not pictured, but a slice of toast with pb and half a banana)

8am – drop E off at “school” and as soon as I return home, I clean up breakfast, grab coffee, and sometimes grab another snack, which in this case was a white chocolate covered Oreo (addicted), before starting work

12pm – errands! I made it to the gas station, dropped off stuff at Goodwill, and returned stuff to the mall all in my lunch break. #winning

1pm – lunch of chicken tender with Asian veggies and quinoa, mixed with some of my favorite curry sauce (Trader Joe’s red curry sauce in a jar, not to be confused with simmer sauce)

stir fry2pm – laundry, a side perk of working from home is fitting in your laundry at “the office” and one Nature Valley bar (which I had been saving to go with yogurt… oops)

nature valley3pm – snack attack (not my fav Greek yogurt) with decaf chai tea

yogurt5pm – Ethan is picked up and we swing by the doc to get his flu shot

6pm – dinner! chicken breasts in the crock pot with potatoes, carrots, zucchini, a little onion and celery with low-sodium chicken broth and a bit of garlic powder (super simple) – oh, and a beer because I was jealous that Kevin was out at happy hour without me (Troegs’ Perpetual IPA)

dinner chicken8pm – My little ball of energy is finally asleep, so I thoroughly enjoy the last of the white chocolate covered Oreos (side note, don’t buy these again, too addicting but soooo good)


  • Are there any treats you find addicting these days?
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