I’ve made a lot of decisions in my life, as we all have. Sassy dress or LBD? Soccer or cross country? Travel or buy new furniture? The list continues.

Some decisions are winners. Others – not so much.

clemsonIf I could do it all again, I would have prepared for that one interview back in college and would (in my mind) be working my dream job right now. I might have also chosen another major. I might have not eaten so much banana pudding last weekend.

I think we often get caught up in the woulda-coulda-shouldas and forget about the decisions we’ve made that were actually good. Like, really good.

kevThere’s one decision in particular that comes to mind.

If I could do it all again, I would still marry my husband. He’s a keeper.


I know we tied the knot when we were young, but I think that growing together has only strengthened our bond. I mean, finishing each others’ sentences like an old married couple before the age of 30 is kinda cool.

babyI may not be the best mom, and heck – he may not be the best dad. But we’re a pretty good team, and that counts for something.

Don’t be so caught up in your dating checklist that you’re blinded to that hot guy in freshman calculus… (Isn’t that right, Kev?) I’m glad I found him, and I’m glad he my baby daddy.

  • Do you forget the good decisions? Made any big decisions so well that you’d make the same choice again?
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Restless Weekend

Wow, what a weekend!  Looking back on it is both exhausting and marvelous! (Thanks Katie for hosting another MIMM linkup!)

MiMMThis was a busy weekend for sure. Kevin’s parents visited us Friday night. It was lovely seeing them and going out for dinner. Stay at home moms loooooove going out for dinner… or drinks, or shopping, or just about anything out of the house.

tacosWe went to Cantina 1511, and I had the best tacos! The “Marco Polo” shrimp tacos were especially fabulous.

On Saturday, I enjoyed a great 7-mile run without the stroller. I finished in 62 minutes, 31 minutes out and 31 minutes back during E’s first nap. (sweat much???)

sweatyI could have used a rest after that, but it was time to shower, clean, take care of E, make potato salad, and whip up some banana pudding.

puddingThe banana pudding was amazing! I used this recipe and totally recommend it. I think I ate my weight in pudding…

puddingWe hosted a BBQ, and that may have been the first time I’ve seen 30 people in this house. Granted, about 10, maybe 13?, of those were babies or toddlers, but it was like a freaking tornado hit the place.

summerWe served brats/dogs, potato salad, watermelon, pudding, beer, lemonade, and sangria. Guests brought other sides, drinks, and desserts. There was plenty of food to say the least.

I don’t think I sat down until after E went to bed that day. Talk about rest-less! (Totally worth it though)

  • What’s making your Monday marvelous?
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Fit Friday

Hellooooo Friday! Boy, have we all missed you! It has been a pretty good week here, so I have no complaints. That doesn’t mean I’m not still looking for a tall cold one.

Well… there was this one complaint. Ethan will no longer be going with me to the gym. Frankly, he hadn’t been in weeks since they changed staff. His old buddy is gone, and he doesn’t like the new personnel. Frankly, neither do I.

ethanAfter being called to come get my crying child 20 minutes into my workout for three workouts in a row, which spanned the course of a month or so, I decided to give the one last chance. When I brought him in Wednesday, the lady couldn’t hold him, because she was sick. What??? Perhaps the gym should have better employee leave policies. I didn’t want my E around sick caregivers, so we left immediately and suspended his membership.

Long story short, I’ve created a new at-home routine. Woohoo!

Most of my non-plan half-marathon plan has me running on Mon, Wed, and Sat. Tues and Thurs are often strength, and Friday is yoga. Tuesday will be dumbbell arm work, pushups, and pilates.

Thursday is therefore booty day! (at least for the time being)

booty**Last exercise is probably more commonly known as “quad sweep” and can be found here with photos/description.

I actually recorded a video of the circuit part and the last move, but I’m too lazy to edit, upload to YouTube, and insert the link. If I get questions about it via comments or email, I have no problem doing so this weekend.

I think that strong glutes, strong hips, yoga, swimming, and pilates can all help with running. That’s just my two cents. Have a great weekend, and let me know if you try the workout!

  • What helps your running?
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Productivity & Produce

Don’t you love those days when you feel productive? You know, not just busy, but like you actually got stuff accomplished.

Yesterday was one of those days – well, except for those 2 hours between 4 and 6am. E has been waking early, and I don’t know if it’s a sleep regression, growth spurt, or something else. All I know is that he wants a bottle and doesn’t want to go back to sleep unless it’s in my arms. That’s adorable and all, but mama needs sleep too!

Anyway, back to the productivity and produce. Cleaning, laundry, a mall trip, and a little workout were all completed. Woohoo! As for the workout, I did 4 sets of 20 pushups, some dumbbell front raises, and this Blogilates pilates workout (12-ish minutes on YouTube) during E’s first nap.

wiawNow onto the eats, which as the name suggests, includes a lot of produce. I think Mama Peas & Crayons and her little chickpea would approve.

Breakfast: this smoothie-juice-thing with a scoop of Barlean’s superfood greens… oh, and coffee, lots of coffee

breakfastSnack: post-workout Chobani and half a Quest cookies n’ cream bar later at the mall

snackLunch: cherries and a really simple but really tasty smoothie (frozen banana, skim milk, and 3/4 scoop Optimum Nutrition Natural Vanilla Whey <– great for smoothies, not great in protein oats)

cherriesSnack: Kashi cereal and skim milk

kashiDinner: this beast of a Greek salad, yum!

saladDessert: a bit of mommy juice (that’s like produce too, right?) and extra-dark chocolate

wineI know, when’s the last time I didn’t mention ice cream?!?! BTW, in World Cup news, prost to Germany! Sorry Brazil, I was cheering for you being the home team and all.

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Easiest Guacamole Recipe

I guess this is to be expected, but E is already into everything. The boy finally figures out how to scoot around the house, and his toys are no longer interesting.

The first thing he went for? Dumbbells. Next? Curtain rods that are waiting to be hung and apparently weren’t hidden quite well enough. Finally, my Garmin watch and the outlet into which I had it plugged.

Well… at least he’s still slow.

picoGiven my time constraints these days, I’m all about some easy-peasy recipes. My checklist for a good recipe:

  • Is it worth my time? (some things are worth a little extra effort, most aren’t)
  • Is it healthy? (at least most of the time)
  • Does it have a reasonable ingredient list (ie: not a mile-long list)?
  • Does it look yummy? (duh)

This dish is all of these, well, if you like guacamole.

pico de galloIngredients: two avocados, 12 oz packaged pico de gallo (Trader Joe’s spicy pico worked great), half a lime (very optional)

Directions: Peel and mash avocados; add about 9-10 oz pico. If you have half a lime on hand, squeeze its juices into the mix. Serve immediately, or at least relatively soon.

I brought this out to a friend’s place last weekend with tortilla chips, and I brought it to another friend’s house the weekend before that. Such an easy crowd pleaser!


  • Guac, yay or nay?
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