Big Baby

Lately I’ve been a big baby about my growing baby.  Sure, I want him to hurry up and sleep through the night, and I’m happy whenever he reaches a new milestone.  However, like most mamas, it’s a little hard to watch him grow up so fast.


One minute he’s too small for most newborn clothes, but now I can’t find any jammies that fit him.  Really though, he’s outgrown some of his 6-9 month clothes even though he’s 6.5 months, and I’m having a dreadful time finding exactly what I want in 12-month size.


Why do 12-month clothes have to be mini-man clothes?  I want to keep him in baby clothes a little longer!  Wahhhhh

Anyway, it’s just one of those things.  I’ll get over it… maybe.

Side note – we actually had fish last night for dinner.  Neither Kevin nor I are really into fish, but we go for it now and then when the price is right because it’s good for us.


I made my version of tilapia veracruz, and it was pretty tasty.  I’m lucky to have found a fella’ who is equally crazy for olives.  Great minds think alike.


  • Fish, yay or nay?  Olives, yay or nay?
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Monday Musings

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Mine was nice, nothing fancy, but it was pleasant nonetheless.  Kevin didn’t have to work since his busy season has finally come to a close; Ethan and I enjoyed having him home.

On Friday, E and I hit the park.  The weather was fantastic all weekend, and I’m glad we got to enjoy it.

That evening.  We had another couple over for pizza night.  E was a bit of a beast, but I suppose that’s to be expected.


Saturday included mostly housework.  Dreadful as it was, it felt good to get things done.  Kevin, Ethan, and I also managed to squeeze in more outside time with a walk.


Sunday was typical – taking care of E, grocery shopping, a little cleaning, etc.  Food prep, on the other hand, was a little different.  I cooked a bunch of baby food instead of prepping meals for me.  (Dinner was sirloin kabobs and a sweet potato – yum!)


And so, here we are again at another Monday.  Time to re-start the engines.  Where’s my coffee?!?

  • What were you up to this weekend?
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Fit Friday

I haven’t been making it to the gym much lately, but I’ve still been getting a little sweaty.  Here are my workouts from the week, or at least what I tried to do until I came down with the plague.  I got in a few of them, and I expect to follow this routine next week too, perhaps even a week or two after that.

Monday: 40-Minute Full Body Workout by FitSugar (all you need are 5-10 lb dumbbells)

Tuesday: stroller run

Wednesday: 10 Pound Slimdown Xtreme Circuit (40 minutes, recommended by Courtney)

Thursday: stroller run

Friday: Fitness Blender Barre Workout Video (39 minutes)

Saturday: rest if needed or stroller walk/run

Easy, peasy – eh?  No gym needed, and minimal at-home equipment.  Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Do you work out on weekends?  What are your typical rest days?
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6 Months: Mom

As you may have noticed, I published a “6 Months: Ethan” post on Tuesday.  As a brief follow-up, I wanted to mention a bit about mama.


I said that it was a long and hard 6 months, and there are probably a billion little reasons why.  It isn’t something I want to dive too deeply into, but when I found similar admissions from other blogging mamas a few months ago, I knew I had to share some thoughts.


I know I’m blessed times a billion to have a beautiful, healthy, sweet boy, and I know I’m lucky not to have experienced a long, drawn-out TTC period.  With that said…

There were a LOT of tears.  Daily tears.  Mama and baby.  I was upset I couldn’t make my baby happy (partly colicky, partly cranky, partly reflux, partly inexperienced mommy).  I was upset about our breastfeeding issues.  I was upset about his naps and my inability to nap too; oh, and we can throw sleep deprivation in here while we’re at it.  I’m sure this was intensified by hormones, and there may have also been a bit of PPD.  I called my doc for PPD therapist references, but I could never follow-through with making an appointment.   Even with my extremely supportive network, I’d never felt more alone and ashamed for feeling the way I did.

All of this isn’t helped by the fact that babies don’t give back.  They don’t give back the friends you miss, the hours of sleep you’ll never get back, the confidence you had before you began questioning your every decision, etc.

However, they do eventually start to smile, miss you when you’re gone, and even show their love, but it takes time.  It all just takes time.  As I said in Ethan’s 6-month post, it all “clicks” for mommies at different ages.  For some it’s a couple weeks, for others a few months, but hang in there mamas, it does eventually click.  We still have our bad days, but he’s now my shadow, my buddy.  I can’t imagine a day without him.


  • I’m finally not so dang tired anymore, ha!
  • I’m back in all my jeans, even the skinny ones!  Don’t get me wrong; the button is still hanging on for dear life.
  • A note about getting back to pre-baby body – I’m not trying very hard, and it’s not a big stress to me.  I’m actually prepping this post while eating ice cream.  I try and run a couple days a week, and I try to do strength training as well, but I workout about a third (a half on a good week) of what I used to.
  • I’m still burning quite a few calories.  I counted calories for years, but I quit during pregnancy.  I think the extra fuel (aka: ice cream) I took in during that time helped boost my metabolism a bit.  Plus, toting around a 16-lb baby all day is tiring!



I know, I know – totally heartless, right?  Actually, don’t answer that.

Mamas, when did it click for you?

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Wimpy WIAW

I miss my little buddy!!!  Kevin and I have both come down with the plague, perhaps some sort of food poisoning, so Ethan is with my parents.  They came over Monday night to take care of him, and my dad spent the night to help.  Last night they brought him back to their place so that Kev and I could get some rest.  Waaaahhhhhhh, I miss him!

After not keeping anything down on Monday, I wasn’t really into food yet yesterday.  Nevertheless, here’s a quick WIAW; thank Jenn for the linkup party!


Breakfast – ginger ale and 1/3 of Ethan’s banana

Lunch – meatball Lean Pocket… definitely not the best choice

lean pocketDinner – almond butter and jelly sammich


Wow, that was not so exciting.  ha.  In other food news, Ethan tried pear for the first time yesterday.  That was a win.  Now let’s all hope he doesn’t get what his mommy and daddy have!

  • What are your go-to sick foods?
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