Adam: 6 Months

Thanks for stopping by! I’m here today with Adam’s 6-month update. (There’s a link to Ethan’s here.) Happy Half-Birthday Sweetie!

adamThis kid is such a character; he is bursting with personality! (And poop. He also frequently bursts with poop.)

6 monthsSleep:

  • We’re finally not waking every two hours, but I really don’t want to jinx it.
  • A few weeks ago, I hired a sleep consultant. She recommended cry it out (CIO), which I wasn’t happy about but also wasn’t against. As expected, he slept through the night a few times after a few rough nights. However, now I’m back to getting up with him though once or twice per night.
  • After the rough nights, babies learn to eat more during the day, and they don’t need the night feedings (in theory). I’m not sure if it’s Adam’s belly or my boobs that didn’t get the memo, but one of them isn’t allowing for him to get enough calories during the day. He kept waking, so I mommy intuition said to throw in the towel and feed him.
  • I don’t mind one or two feedings per night so long as he doesn’t fall into old habits.
  • Naps are 2-3 per day. He’s a much better napper than his brother, though we get off schedule pretty easily. I find it’s hard to go out and about these days given the short windows between their naps, dinner time, breakfast, etc.


  • 5 milk meals & 2 solid meals, which occur shortly after milk
  • He is not a fan of his high chair or being spoon fed. I’m not terribly into baby-led weaning, but I’m dabbling in it since he hates purees so much.
  • His favorites so far include self-fed broccoli, self-fed avocado, and self-fed or pureed sweet potato, and pureed mango. Even if he likes it, he still only takes a few bites.
  • He hates green beans, peas, carrots, rice cereal, and banana, though he often hates anything if he’s just not in the mood.

avocadoFavorite Things:

  • Smiling! He’s a pretty happy guy most of the time.
  • Chewing on things.  Allllll things.
  • Sitting. He sits really well for his age and doesn’t need to prop himself up to do it.
  • Ethan & Leia. He loves watching his older brother do just about anything, and when he’s not around, he also finds the cat fascinating. Luckily she’s baby-proof and lets him pull her fur.


  • I’m hoping for a growth spurt.
  • Adam went from about 19 inches long and 6 lbs 10 oz at birth (one week early) to 26 inches long and 15 lbs 1.5 oz at 6 months.
  • He’s only in the 8th percentile for weight, and he’s in the 21st for height. I’m not trying to say there’s anything wrong with being small, but it’s unexpected given his brother’s size (consistently 86th percentile in height).
  • Ethan went from 18 or 19 inches long and 5 lb 14 oz at birth (one month premature) to 27 and 3/4 inches long and 16 lb 3.5 oz at 6 months, a serious growth spurt.

Ethan and I are doing well too. I’m enjoying being home with them… most days. I’m looking forward to Adam learning to sleep through the night, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the extra snuggles at least a tiny bit.

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A Day in the Life…

Hi Friends! Well, here I am ignoring my children in the middle of the afternoon. Ha… I’m sort of kidding. It hasn’t been a bad day, but sometimes mommy just needs a break. More on that below…

Right now I’m here to share a little “day in the life” action. Here we go!

We have recently been “sleep training” Adam. As with most babies, the first night or two was really really really hard. Like, really, y’all.

sleepFor some reason, I didn’t trust the wisdom of my mother, grandfather, and grown lady next door who has four kids of her own that now nannies for her grandbabies. Instead I decided to pay a stranger (more appropriately labeled a baby sleep consultant) a silly amount of money for her to tell me the same thing the “old timers” in my life already said. Just let him cry a couple nights.

The good news is, on night 4 he slept through the night, and despite some minor fussing last night, which was night 5, he slept again. Whew! Hopefully the “every two hours” nights are now finished!!

Anyway – so I woke up relatively well rested, did a quickie Blogilates ab workout on YouTube, made lactation protein oats, showered, and was ready for my boys.

adamAround 7am, Adam has milk. Then I get Ethan up. Feed Ethan while feeding Adam solids, which Adam is currently hating, and somehow I manage to clean them all up before Adam is too fussy for nap time. Adam goes down around 8:45am.

Since he has been sleeping better at night, he has been napping a little better too, but it’s a bit early to state that definitively yet. Adam slept from 9:15-11:15 today when I woke him.

Sadly, we missed library story time, but I did get a lot of quality play time in the is morning with my E-man. “Come on Mom! Play more?” was what I heard on repeat. Thank goodness I was feeling more well rested! We even played with cooked and dyed colorful spaghetti on the kitchen floor for a while.

chicfilaWake baby, feed baby, and wonder what to do about an outing for the day. We usually are out after A’s nap and return home before lunch, but today we’re out later than normal. We’d have to eat lunch out, and as stated, we already missed story time. Chic-fil-a to the rescue!

I know fast food isn’t very exciting, but I’m pretty impressed with the service, indoor play area, disposable kiddie place mats, and sanitizing hand wipes near the play area. There is also a kids’ meal with grilled nuggets, fruit, and milk.

We headed home after lunch and play, but I think Ethan was wound up from being out too close to nap time. He only napped 15 minutes! Adam was up not too long after. Ugh… I only had time to bake quick brownies, so I held Adam while doing some cleaning and Ethan watched an episode of Mickey Mouse.

boysAfter cleaning and snack time (brownies for the win), I packed up for the gym…. even though I’m not working out. I’m here writing a blog post, using their Internet while Ethan plays outside on their toddler-friendly playground because I put a lot of value on outside time. (Nope, I’m not even the only mom sitting here doing this!) Anyway… it’s time to get Adam, feed him, cuddle him, and then pack us all up to head home.

This leaves me time to cook dinner, eat dinner, say Hi to Kevin who has been getting home after dinner, and get the kiddos to bed before ice cream o’clock… or wine thirty.

We’re usually home all afternoon, but as I said before, Ethan had a short nap, and sometimes mommy just needs a break. : )

  • What have you been up to lately?
  • When is the last time you baked brownies? (Seriously, so good!!)
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Milk Fuel – Lactation Oatmeal

Hi friends! Thanks for the kind words on the last post. As I mentioned, I’ve been saving this recipe for a while. I haven’t had time to actually measure what I do in the morning, though I make it at least 3 days per week.

My running fuel is typically banana and pb on toast, or just pb on a rice cake for a shorter run. But nursing mamas need to fuel for more than runs. This is my milk fuel, or boob fuel, really.

oatsI’m not going to say it will solve all of your supply issues if you’ve already been experiencing trouble with that. (More on that below) However, I think this helps with supply maintenance.

If you’re not nursing, just leave out the brewer’s yeast for a filling and delicious bowl of protein and fiber!

Milk Fuel Protein Oats
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1 serving
  • ½ cup old fashioned oats
  • ½ cup berries (I use frozen "cherry berry" blend most often.)
  • ⅔ (slightly less) cup of water
  • ¾ scoop vanilla whey protein (whey really works best)
  • ⅛-1/4 tsp brewer's yeast
  • ½ tsp ground flax (optional)
  1. Pour oats, berries, and water in a microwave-safe bowl in that order. Do not mix.
  2. Microwave for 1 min 30 sec, or 1 min if using fresh berries.
  3. Remove from microwave, stir in whey, yeast, and flax. Stir well, and return to microwave for 1 min.
  4. Allow the oats to cool and rest 5 minutes or more before enjoying.

Oats and brewer’s yeast are supposed to help with supply. Brewer’s yeast is what is commonly found in lactation cookies. I guess you could call this “lactation oatmeal.” I use this kind from Swanson’s Vitamins since that’s also where I buy my probiotics.

proatsSome say healthy fats help too, so that’s where the flax comes into play. I rarely take the time to add it. Berries are just good for you, and the protein helps keep you full longer. Nursing burns crazy calories, so we don’t want to be hungry!

For more info on supply, I recommend KellyMom. It’s a great resource. Fenugreek worked for me with Adam but not with Ethan. Pumping a little extra might be helping too, but it’s hard to tell. Staying hydrated is also really helpful since your milk is largely water. And sadly, no, drinking milk won’t help you make more milk… I wish it did though because I love milk!

  • What has been your go-to breakfast lately?
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The Beginning of the End

It’s usually hard to think of a title for a post, but tonight I had about 5 from which to choose. There’s a lot rattling around in my brain these days, and that’s going to lead to a very scatterbrained post. My apologies.

I think this is the beginning of the end for my little corner of the world wide web. Time is my main excuse (sleep > blogging). But that’s not the whole of it.

The early posts don’t fully reflect the me that I am today. (Any other bloggers out there cringe when you read your old stuff?) People change, evolve, grow, and I guess blogs do too. The thing is, I’m not sure where this one would be going.

Love, Sweat, & Beers started as my creative outlet for sharing my love of health/fitness and beer too, on occasion. I was in a pretty good place for most of LS&B’s lifespan, but there were some hard parts.

tiffI already shed most of my disordered eating habits by the time I began blogging, but there was still an underlying unhealthy relationship with food, maybe fitness, but definitely with MYSELF.

I’ve been getting down on myself lately about feeling a little fat. (OMG  – yes, I just dropped the F-bomb.) I may weight the same as pre-preg, but it has… ummm… redistributed itself.

runSo here’s what went through the brain:

  • “I could just start counting calories again.” And I immediately remembered how trapped I felt about my obsessive counting days. Womp womp.
  • “I weigh the same, so maybe I’m okay. I’ll go pick up a fitness magazine to remind myself of what I’m supposed to look like.” OMG, I can’t believe that actually popped in my head, but it honestly did. Sad.
  • Talked to the hubby. He said as long as I don’t get fat, it’s cool with him. To which I replied, “That’s not what you’re supposed to say!” (I respect his honesty; we’re both horrible liars.)
  • “But I really like cookies, and frankly, I just don’t really care as much anymore.” This one really makes me wonder about the direction of the blog. More below…

Can you have a health/fitness blog if you’re only kinda’ into it? I know balance is important, but who wants to read about the eats/workouts of an only sorta’ healthy living blog? Is that even a thing?

**Side Note: I heard you have a greater appreciation for your body after having children. Yes, yes, and yes. It gave me two beautiful babies. It’s pretty cool.

The boys keep me a little too busy to be testing out my own sugar-free/gluten-free/Paleo/Whole30/LiveFit/vegan/whole grain recipes on the regular, especially since Kevin and Ethan have been enjoying my new style of cooking. (Did I mention I made more cookies the weekend before last and a pan of lasagna this past weekend?? I make healthy stuff too, but so so so yum!)

ethan    adam

So I’m still eating my vegetables, and I just signed up for another 5k. I’ll also be back to share Adam’s 6-month update and perhaps one more recipe, which I’ve been meaning to share for at least a month. But it’s the beginning of the end for LS&B.

**Plus, I feel like I mainly have “mom stuff” to say now, and generally speaking, I’m not really into “mom blogs.”

Of course, if you follow on Twitter and/or IG, I’ll be sure to let you know if anything changes! I’ve taken blog breaks before, and I always come back sooner than expected. I already miss you guys!

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5-Month Update

Hello! I’m popping in to bring you a little update on my little(est) man. On Friday, he turned 5 months old. Time flies, doesn’t it?!


  • He eats 6x per day and 3x per night (He dropped to 2x night this week, so let’s hope that continues!)
  • Adam still refuses a bottle, so I’ve been there for every.single.feeding thus far.
  • He seems extra hungry and is always reaching for my food, so we started solids yesterday. Dr suggested we might start a little before 6 months since he’s so small (not skinny, just small). He just got two mini servings of rice cereal (image above from breakfast). So far, so good!


  • He takes 3 or 4 naps per day depending on length.
  • A good morning nap makes my day because it gives me some time to play with Ethan.
  • Night sleep is so crazy. He’s often up just two hours after I put him down a night, but sometimes he will give a 4-hour stretch. You never know what to expect!


  • He loves his mommy, daddy, and big brother. He finds Ethan fascinating.
  • Adam also likes rolling, which he has been doing a few weeks now, and has been working hard at sitting up.
  • Adam hates baths sometimes, but I think it’s often just because he is a little hungry for his bedtime feeding.
  • He loves chewing on anything that he can get in his mouth.
  • Adam hates his late nap, but I can often get him to sleep a little bit in his carrier while I cook dinner.
  • Adam really enjoys getting undressed, and it often makes him giggle.

adamOh, and big brother is dong well too. I’ve lost my temper with him a couple times recently, which CANNOT continue. Two year-olds can be a lot to take at times. Generally speaking though, he is a big softy. My sweet Ethan is great about hugging his mama, but he’s also kind to other kids, including his little brother.

  • Give me an update on you!
  • Did you watch the entire game last night?
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