Food of the Weekend

Hellooooo! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Mine was good, nothing extraordinary. Since I plan to share the meal plan for the week (What is this, Meal Plan Monday #12 or something?), I’m sprinkling this post with the food pics from the weekend. Sure, there was a little bit of sweat, but it’s more fun to talk about the food.

treadmillFriday night was date night, but not the romantic kind. Date nights always include Ethan, not that I’m complaining, so our little family went out for pizza. Ethan decided that he still hates pizza and threw a fit. At least we paid the check before having to run out the door.

pizzaOn Saturday I met a friend and her toddler for brunch. Biscuits and gravy really hit the spot, but after such an indulgence, I was craving vegetables. Saturday night called for semi-Asian fusion salad. (lettuce, yellow bell pepper, chickpeas, cucumber, broccoli, snap peas, carrots, and Newman’s Own Lite Sesame Ginger dressing)

saladOn Sunday we had fish tacos with corn, cabbage, avocado, and jalapeno salsa.

fish tacosGet this, the kid hates pizza but loved his tilapia. He kept asking for more!

tilapiaHungry yet? If not, maybe this will do it. Here’s what’s on the menu for the week.

  • Sunday: fish tacos
  • Monday: spicy chicken curry with cabbage and peas (not spicy for Ethan)
  • Tuesday: beef tacos with bell pepper and cheese with a side salad
  • Wednesday: grilled chicken wraps with roast Brussels sprouts
  • Thursday: lean ground turkey mac n’ cheese with chopped broccoli
  • Friday: no idea, but hopefully out and about somewhere!

Hmmm, yup. Now I’m hungry. May you all have a great week with tasty food!

  • How was your weekend?
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Friyay! I have a dreadful case of cabin fever, so I’m going to try my best to get out a little this weekend. Ethan seems to be feeling well (knock on wood, cross your fingers, etc etc), so hopefully we can play.

ethanI took a couple days off from blogging, but I’ve been plenty busy. E was home Mon, Tues, and Wed, which made working from home… umm… interesting. It went really well though. He was such an angel playing with his toys when I had urgent matters in need of my attention. Of course we played together a lot too, and it helped that he gave me great naps.

ethanTo catch up on things, let’s do a fun little Friday Five, eh?

1. Workouts: Workouts haven’t been going all that well, but they aren’t terrible either. I’m back in the groove from being sick last week, but it was hard to get things done with Ethan home. Yesterday I did this Jillian Michaels workout, and today I hope to scoot out to the gym on my lunch break.

2. Food. Sometimes I question if Ethan is actually my son. Last weekend I made a really good lasagna, and he wouldn’t even try it. Two days ago I made my first alfredo sauce from scratch and served it over tortellini, broccoli, and a little kale. He didn’t like it either, not even the pasta. This kid is nuts. (The chicken tagine from last night went over very well though!)

tagine3. Relax. Kevin and I just borrowed the season 4 Game of Thrones DVDs from a friend. Wow. I’m such an addict. That show just sucks me in. Don’t expect me to blog much until we finish the season.

game of thrones meme4. Salt. I’m normally all about the sweets, but lately I want nothing but salty, savory goodness. It’s a shame, really, because I can eat a lot more pizza and sesame chicken than I can ice cream (note, not together!). This is going to be a battle; I can tell. Hopefully I kick it soon, but until then, at least there’s popcorn.

popcorn5. Funnies!


sexy beast

  •  What are you getting into this weekend?
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Toddler Activities

Hiya! Yesterday was a good day. It was great having the day off from work to spend time with Ethan. I’ve been a little activity-crazy lately (more info on that below), so we started our day at the children’s science museum.

science museum     bears

He was really overwhelmed at first, but he warmed up to it. Well, he never warmed up to the water section, but I think his favorite part was seeing all the other kids.

waterEven though he slept on the drive to and from the museum, he still took a decent afternoon nap after lunch. I was able to get some cleaning done and bake some muffins. Mmmmmuffinsssss!

muffinsAlthough we didn’t get the snow I was hoping to get, we did see a tiny bit of ice. All in all, it was a good day.

iceBut back to those toddler activities. I have been trying to find fun learning activities for young toddlers, but I haven’t had much luck yet. Everything is ridiculously messy, has the kids playing with choking hazards, or takes about an hour to set up though he’ll only spend about 2 minutes playing with it.

paintI tried this one last weekend. He didn’t care for it. In fact, the picture below is him walking away. I’m not saying it’s a bad activity, which is why I’m linking up to it as #1 below, but other kids might like it better. You just put paint in zip baggies, seal the baggies, and then tape them to the floor. No mess! (but I’d still recommend washable paint)

paintHere are three of the things I’ve found, though I’ve only tried two of them so far.

#1 – Mess-Free Finger Painting

#2 – Toddler Pom-Pom Drop

#3 – Rainbow Spaghetti

#4 – Homemade Play Dough (no link because the one I tried only came out okay, not great – he hated it anyway though)

  • Got any good activity ideas?
  • Have you seen snow this year?
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I Like Presents

I like presents. Who doesn’t? There were lots of goodies shared around this house this weekend, and it was marvelous!

MiMMWe had to cancel our plans on Friday because Ethan was sick. (story of my life) Instead of going out, our little family stayed home and did a little Valentine’s Day celebrating early. I made Kevin biscotti in the morning, the chocolate and cherry kind he likes.

biscottiAnd then I made a really good pan of lasagna for dinner. It was really good y’all. These were special treats for Kevin, but I obviously benefited too.

lasagnaOn Saturday I got the goodies. I made myself a hair appointment, which went well.

hair    hair

And then we went out to eat as a family for dinner. Thai food for the win!

thaiEven after receiving all these wonderful goodies (flowers from Kevin, chocolates from myself, and a footprint Valentine from Ethan and his teachers), I was in a funk on Sunday. I headed out to the gym for this Treadmill Toner workout, and made a huge difference.

valentine'sIt’s amazing what a little sweat can do! Sadly, Ethan is still sick, but at least he has been in a good mood. Let’s hope our day together is fun fun fun! (Oh, and by the way, Leia loves the present we got her this weekend. So cute!)


  • Do you have the day off today?
  • Did you get any presents for Valentine’s Day? gifts you bought yourself totally count
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Five for Friday

Happy Friday Friends! I am looking forward to this weekend. Kevin and I don’t have anything romantic planned, but I’m at least going to make a yummy pan of lasagna. I don’t know who decided Italian food was date-night food, but I’m not going to argue it.

We also have a little shindig to attend tonight, so that should be fun. I’m happy Ethan is well enough for us to go. It seems we keep having to cancel our plans on account of his illnesses, and when you work from home, the last thing you want is to be stuck home all weekend too!

But enough of that, onto the five!

1. Tasty dinners. I made this pasta and bean soup on Wednesday (recipe coming soon) and this rice bowl last night (short grain brown rice, edamame, chopped broccoli, carrots, and soy sauce). Ethan hasn’t been loving meat lately, but he’s happy with vegetarian protein options.

soup rice bowl

2. Legally Pink. I need to remember not to wear pink when I carry my laptop bag to the office. I feel like Elle Woods.

pink3. Office Perks. Yup, I had to go into the office yesterday. But at least there are perks to doing so, at least when you work in magazines.

magazine4. Presidents’ Day. While in the office, my boss informed me that employees have Monday off from work. Whaaaat? Now that’s a pleasant surprise!

5. Snow Hopes. They’re calling for snow early next week, which will be our first snow of the year. I don’t know that it will actually happen, but maybe it will be fun!


  • What are you up to this weekend?
  • What should Ethan and I go and do on Monday?
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