Recommended Beer Blogs

Beer blogs share impressive information for the beer lovers in a significant way. They inform you about the best brands and great quality beers that you can enjoy. Beer blogs give you an insight about all the options that you can explore if you are a beer lover. You just have to read these blogs and you will get all the information that you need.

Here are some recommended beer blogs that you can look forward to


This blog is running since 8 years. You can trust it for the beer information that it will provide. You will get the latest news on this blog as soon as it hits the market. It gives around 15 posts in a week. This gives important information on breweries such as Stone brewing, Sierra Nevada brewing, Russian River and many more. It has more than 90,000
Twitter followers.


This blog will give you craft beer related news. Various events related to beer are covered in this blog. It gives some very important reviews. It gives up to date beer news and never disappoints its followers. You will find around 27 posts in a week on this blog. It has more than 80,000 followers on twitter.


This beer blog is also comes in the form of magazine named as All About Beer magazine and is very famous in America. All the important news related to beer is covered in this blog. It truly celebrates the world of beer in a significant way and gives you all the possible details.


It is also based on the famous magazine in America which is about beer and all the things associated with it. In the form of magazine it is available in the name of draft. It has more than 80,000 followers and has about 8 posts in a week.


This blog is purely dedicated for the beer lovers and is truly passionate about the craft beer community. It highlights the stories and work of America’s small scale craft brewers who are trying to establish independent identity. You can find here 22 posts in a week.


It stands for the American home brewers association. This is a nonprofit organization. You can find information on their blog that will be related to home brewing and the best beer that they produce. The number of posts is limited to 5 in a week.


Beer street journal extensively covers beer culture. You can find some really good posts on this blog. It highlights the achievements of craft beer industry and has total of around 35 posts per week.


It gives some important news and business related information to the members of craft beer industry. You can find information about the new products, new features in the distributorship pattern very easily on this blog and it covers all the important events related to beer industry.

There are a number of blogs that you can find on the internet related to beer. The blogs mentioned above give some very exclusive and important information that is of special importance for the beer lovers and for the people who are related to the beer industry. You will for sure get a good stuff to read on beer if you follow these blogs regularly.