Foods That Harms Your Health Without Your Knowledge

Nobody can blame that people are not health conscious nowadays. The racks of the supermarket are full of ‘organic’, ‘sugarless’, ‘low or free’ foods from top to bottom and people are buying them, following the instructions on various health blogs and magazines. But are all foods we think healthy really so?

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Foods That Harms Your Health Without Your Knowledge

Here is an insight into some of the treats we eat without the guilt, but they actually backstab us all this time:

1. Margarine

Margarine is largely sold in the market as the fat-free, plant version of butter. While it is the only option for vegans, those who are using it for the purpose of going ‘organic’ should know that it is nothing but chemically solidified oil. While butter is actually a more or less natural substance, margarine is made by steaming, hydrogenating, emulsifying and bleaching vegetable oil and filled with synthetic vitamins and colours.

2. Canned Soups

You would not expect soups to be problematic, but they are. In each bowl of powdered soup, there is an overdose of sodium to flavour the soup and also to keep it fresh. Moreover, you are probably emptying the content straight out of a lined can which has BPA an organic synthetic compound.

3. Skimmed Milk Or Yogurt

People go a long way to include fatless substances in their diet, but they do not really contribute much. Skimmed milk or does have less fat, but they are also stripped the natural nutrients like calcium, protein and essential vitamins in the skimming process and are added later synthetically. So what is even the point?

4. Flavoured Oat Meal

Cereals are itself not a very good option for breakfast, even though it is a very convenient option for everyone. They contain high amounts of added sugar, thus increasing your calorie intake anyway. Over and above that, it can leave you hungry for the rest of the day. You should pick a wholesome toast, milk and eggs any day over a delusional bowl of cereal.

5. Packaged Fruit Juice And Sport Drinks

The packaged juices sure taste like but are not so. Both the energy sports drinks and fruit juices are stuffed with added sugar and synthetic flavours which does nothing for your body. Real fruits serve both their purposes, and with the actual skin and flesh, fibre gets into your body along with real vitamins and minerals.

Keep an eye out for such foods and always do your research on the food you are about to eat.