There are popular misconceptions about drinking beer and staying fit, what is the right lifestyle?

Generally, the popular misconception about beer and wine is that drinking beverages of this kind can boost health to a certain extent. While there are quite a few benefits genuinely, in drinking beer and wine, these are not something that can permit you to drink them in adequate quantities. For any normal person who is not doing strenuous work outs and eating normal diet, to drink beer or wine in the recommended levels as prescribed by the physicians would not be sufficient to get any kick. It means you will not be getting any enjoyment of drinking alcohol, when you are drinking in the optimal amounts. Other than that, the intake is sure to increase over a period, when your body gets used to the levels of alcohol content intake. It means you are sure to ruin your health for no good reason. Therefore, it is good to stay away from drinking beer rather than inviting trouble. Occasionally, you can have a can of beer or so, which would not harm you much, though. Totally abstaining from drinking wine or beer is not necessary. Stick to your limits. There are people who try to make it up with the active life style they do maintain. Eating diet and doing strenuous work outs on a daily basis along with the habit of drinking beer, can be acceptable, only based on the right diet that you maintain, and the right work outs that you do with optimal consumptions of alcohol.

Beer has many calories.

There is no encouragement for imbibing at any given day. You must not take it as a motivation but there are quite a few benefits in drinking beer. Before that, there are only empty calories in any alcoholic beverage. It means you have to burn them with strain but there is no contribution to the muscles building comes from these beverages.

Beer, Cheers the spirit by softening the temper. Yes, it can promote health to when taken in optimal quantity. There are no added preservatives in beer. It is natural. It is preserved by the alcohol contained in it without the need for any preservatives to store for long time.

Is beer a best bet to water in some places?

Yes, absolutely. So many instants can be quoted for that. There are varied localities in this part of the world where there is a huge demand for good water to drink. Even the bottled water is not good to rely on safely in that way. To the contrary, beer is well boiled during the brewing process and then maintained in a clean environ all until capping and sealing done in the industrial plants.

What is the best Life style practice to follow?

Counting on all the valid points, to be a drunk or to be a teetotaler, is not as better as being a person who drinks wisely.