Best Food Blogs to Follow In 2016

With little over a month left to welcome the New Year, the party time is just about to start. You will be exploring for unique recipes that will enable you to prepare some exquisite preparations for the Christmas as well as on the New Year’s Eve. Let’s explore the best food blogs for 2016.

Minimalist Baker

Going as per the nomenclature, this blog specializes in serving those recipes that require the least of ingredients and takes the minimal cooking time. Hence, this blog has been the first choice of the working women who require working in and outside their homes.  This blog serves some delightful recipes from all categories of cuisines. The blogger emphasizes on serving healthy foods that offer a heavenly taste.

Food Heaven made easy

If foods can be heavenly, you will surely get the recipes of heavenly foods visiting this blog. One of the most popular food blogs for the last few years, this blog has put an impeccable performance in the ongoing year as well. In addition to serving delightful recipes, the blogger offers effective cooking tips and suggestions on healthy eating habits.

101 Cookbooks

Even if the nomenclature states 101, the blog serves inexhaustible food recipes. The specialty of this blog lies in serving recipes that involve natural ingredients. Thus, you can stand assured that you will get suggestions on the healthiest and the tastiest foods. If it is your perception that healthy foods are inevitably tasteless, visit this blog to explore the fusion between these aspects. No doubt, this blog have been one of the most popular food blogs in 2016. The blogger, Heidi Swanson, shares some her traveling experiences, in addition to the blogs. Thus, visiting this blog, you can explore the global culinary culture.

Green Kitchen Stories

This blog is the initiative of a family of globetrotters and passionate foodies. Through this blog, the bloggers share their traveling experiences and bring an inexhaustible collection of global cuisines. Following this blog, you can know about the culinary culture in various continents. You can even explore some foreign recipes that will offer you a unique taste. You can even write to the bloggers, should you have any question related to recipes or cooking topics. Expect to get a reply from the bloggers within a short while. This blog has been one of the most coveted and frequently visited food blogs in the year.

The Full Helping

Launched just a year back, this blog just rocketed to the mid-heaven of popularity. This became possible as the blogger shared some unique recipes that were never published elsewhere. The blogger is a certified nutritionist and hence, is an expert to guide the mass on healthy diets and eating habits.

These blogs have been the most frequently visited food blogs for the year and it stands assured that these blogs will retain its respective popularity in the years to come. Hence, if you have missed these blogs in 2016, you can certainly welcome the New Year, it makes sense trying a few exquisite recipes from these blogs.