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Workouts & Why I’m Not Running

Whew!  It’s Thursday, and we’re over the hump.  Thank goodness!  I know I haven’t been sharing much about my workouts lately, but sharing too much might have given away my secret too early.  Now that the cat’s outta’ the bag, … Continue reading

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Fit in My Living Room

Seeing as how I’m still sniffling, plowing through tissues, and waking myself up at night coughing, I haven’t been hitting the gym this week. I feel a lot better, but my sinuses and lethargy are still keeping me down. I’ve … Continue reading

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Salad & Salad

You know how I mentioned yesterday that I didn’t know if my willpower would give out on me at lunch?  It did!  My inner cheerleader is doing cartwheels right now.  The company brought in Mexican, and I made this little … Continue reading

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Mozart Schmozart

Happy Football Day!  I’ll be making chili and hopefully homemade cheeze-its for lunch (Recipe from Dish & Tell) because we will be having friends over to watch the game. Kev and I usually like to party it up a bit … Continue reading

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All in the name of good times…

Busy busy busy! I am actually up at 5:15 in the morning! Being this busy on a Saturday would normally be a bummer, but since it’s all for the sake of good times, I’m not complaining. Here was last night’s … Continue reading

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