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Good Things

Hello again! I’m back with some good things. When you’re really sleep deprived, thinking about good things helps you from biting your family members’ heads off. (Adam is still getting up multiple times per night, so if anyone has baby … Continue reading

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Thoughts of Prenatal Workouts {& a Bumpdate}

Hi Friends! I hope that Monday was kind to all of you, no spilled coffee, missed deadlines, or bad hair days. After having E home with me for three days in a row, drop-off was hard. I’m sure he had … Continue reading

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Workouts & Why I’m Not Running

Whew!  It’s Thursday, and we’re over the hump.  Thank goodness!  I know I haven’t been sharing much about my workouts lately, but sharing too much might have given away my secret too early.  Now that the cat’s outta’ the bag, … Continue reading

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Fit in My Living Room

Seeing as how I’m still sniffling, plowing through tissues, and waking myself up at night coughing, I haven’t been hitting the gym this week. I feel a lot better, but my sinuses and lethargy are still keeping me down. I’ve … Continue reading

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Salad & Salad

You know how I mentioned yesterday that I didn’t know if my willpower would give out on me at lunch?  It did!  My inner cheerleader is doing cartwheels right now.  The company brought in Mexican, and I made this little … Continue reading

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