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Pain Relief with Melt Method

Happy Saturday! Thank goodness for the weekend. That first week back from vacation/holidays is always rough. How have you all been adjusting back to the daily grind? As regular readers know, I work from home. This means I’m as comfy … Continue reading

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My New Lifting Belt… Sort Of

Good Morning! Though I’m talking fitness today, I’m also sprinkling in some pictures from this weekend. Yeah… I can multitask. As I promised in yesterday’s bumpdate, I have a new workout to share. I followed this for most of it … Continue reading

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Signs You’re Overtraining

I’ve mentioned comfort and rest a few times lately.  I’ve still been pushing myself pretty hard some days, but I’m trying to focus on quality rest on others.  I don’t think I quite reached overtraining, but I could tell I … Continue reading

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Sesamoid Smeshamoid

I’ve hurt myself… again.  I know, total fail, right?  I wanted to run another half mary in the spring, so for now, I just wanted to make running 3 times per week feel comfortable.  Around 10 miles per week would … Continue reading

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How Do You Heal a Bruised Ego?

I’ve been in denial. I’ve been thinking that if I just don’t run, my hips will heal. I’ve been wrong. The really sad part is, I know I’ve been wrong. After a pretty BA workout Monday (leg day – squats, … Continue reading

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