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Happy Days

Does anyone remember that show, Happy Days? I vaguely do. It was part of that TV Land lineup that I recall watching a few times growing up. It wasn’t my favorite, but who can forget the “Ayyyyyyyyyy!” Anywho – not … Continue reading

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What I Ate The Day Before Halloween

Happy Halloween! As of yet, I have not dug into my stash of Halloween candy. The goal is to open it for the first trick-or-treater and have exactly 49 little ghouls/goblins/witches/supermen come to the door so that I have only … Continue reading

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Yipes ā€“ Gripes!

No, Iā€™m not in a bummy mood. No, this is not supposed to be a Negative-Nelly type of post. There are 3 mini gripes and 1 major yippee that I really want to share. The yippee makes up for the … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloweeen! I am not too happy that trick-or-treaters will be coming by my house tonight. I mean really, Monday? Ugh. Oh well… I have candy; I’ll put on my big-girl pants and share it. Today’s post is all about … Continue reading

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