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Oh man – who caught that game? Better question – who didn’t catch that game? The US Men’s National Team (#USMNT) played well, but goalkeeper Howard had the game of his life. So many saves!!! Clearly he couldn’t save the … Continue reading

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WIAW: Too Tired for a Catchy Title

Yawn. Yesterday I was up with Ethan from 3:40 am until bedtime. He hasn’t gotten back into his sleep schedule since our travels over the weekend, and it’s exhausting! Rather than put you to sleep with talk of sleep, or … Continue reading

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Moderate Exercise WIAW

Happy WIAW! I had a bunch of food pictures to share, but iCloud decided to misplace half of them.  Womp Womp.  Oh well, here we go! Breakfast: coffee (x’s 100000), English muffin, pb, blueberries Snack: ThinkThin protein bar on the … Continue reading

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WIAW: Not Cinco de Mayo

Happy Wednesday!  It sure is a happy Wednesday here.  Remember all those weekends Kevin worked in the late winter/early spring?  Well he’s making up for part of it by taking today-Friday off.  Woohoo!  Ethan’s great and all, but he’s not … Continue reading

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Fruity WIAW & Power Bowl

Here’s a little tip for ya, don’t start an added-sugar detox as you start PMS week.  Just sayin’.  All I wanted to do yesterday was eat, eat, and eat some more.  It was a borderline hangry day, but at least I … Continue reading

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