Oh man – who caught that game? Better question – who didn’t catch that game? The US Men’s National Team (#USMNT) played well, but goalkeeper Howard had the game of his life. So many saves!!! Clearly he couldn’t save the team since we lost by one in overtime, but I’m still proud of the fellas.

wiawRight, so onto the WIAW food…

Breakfast: unpictured banana protein oats (meh… not loving my protein right now)

Snack: the other half of my breakfast banana and a non-fat cappuccino (the cappuccino quest I mentioned last week continues)

coffeeLunch: summer lunch bowl

lunchSnack: part-skim Swiss cheese and an apple… along with a few too many of Kevin’s chips

appleWe headed out at 3:15 to get a table for the 4pm USA game. Major fail. We stood at the bar for a while with the baby before the hostess took pity and bumped us up on the list. Ethan decided he didn’t like the cheering crowds, so we tried the restaurant next door. He was on-edge and fussy, so we watched the second half at home with another beer and a frozen pizza.

usaDinner: frozen pizza… not pictured

Dessert: I found a little ice cream laying around and had to drown my sorrows for the loss…

  • Did you watch?

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13 Responses to USA WIAW

  1. I watched bits and pieces of it at work! Haha I think I’m like Ethan, not a huge fan of the crowds though 😉

  2. Cappuccinos are one of my favourite coffee drinks as well. I used to love the ones from Starbucks, but I’ve been super disappointed the last couple of times I’ve had them so I’m thinking I need to do a little bit of coffee shop exploring myself. Sucks since Bux is basically 100 ft. from my front door 😆

  3. I love cappuccinos! Always get mine as nonfat as well. Every new coffee place I go, I have to try their capps.
    Didn’t watch the game 🙁

  4. marjorie724 says:

    Ethan sure is a cutie pie! Happy WIAW!

  5. I’m probably the only one reading this and not knowing the result of the game. Then again I really only watch the German games but I could probably ask my roommate who watches every game she can. Probably looking more for hot players than the actual game’s result 😉 .
    Wait for it. soon enough Ethan will hog up the TV whenever a soccer game is one keeping you from watching your favourite shows, haha.

  6. Probably the only way you could get me to watch soccer would be in a crowded bar…just so I could feed off their energy and actually get enthusiastic about it 😉 I guess Ethan and I are different in that prospect! :-p

    • Tiff says:

      He does well with crowds but totally freaked when they cheered. Hopefully if we keep taking him out he’ll eventually get it. 😉

  7. I didn’t have to watch… people were posting about it on Facebook ad nauseaum. 😉

  8. I watched the US game and I was so sad that they lost. The keeper did an amazing job though!

  9. Ohh, I was sad to see the US eliminated…I really would have loved to see them go far. And this is coming from a Canadian, so that says a lot 😉
    Sadly, all the world cup games are played around 2am Australia time, so I’m having to rely on highlights for most games!!! Brave of you to take the little guy…we’ve tried a few times for sports games, but it’s typically been a failure every time since he’s been 6 months old!

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