How Not to Run a Race

I hope all of your daddies had fantastic Father’s Days. I think mine did. Kevin and I brought Ethan over to my parents’ place for brunch. Nope, it wasn’t healthy, but frankly, nothing about my weekend was particularly healthy. It was definitely a “diet starts Monday” kind of weekend. Ha – it happens, eh?

So back to today’s post… while recapping my 6k, I wanted to share how notto run a race.

Don’t hit the brewery the night before the race. In my defense, that’s where they were holding packet-pickup. I had 1.5 at the brewery and 1 more at dinner with the fam. (Kev went out of town with his buddies Friday night.)

beerDon’t sign up for a summer race in the South that doesn’t start until 11:30 am. It was hot!!

Don’t start your race thirsty. I tried to drink enough water that morning, but I was still thirsty at the start. Oh, and don’t forget a warmup or at least some dynamic stretching. Oops!

raceDon’t sprint around folks during that first mile, or at least not much. The trail was very narrow with serious bottlenecks, which lead to a bit of walking in the first mile. It was frustrating, but I should have just gone with the flow instead of stressing and tiring myself out early.

white waterDon’t finish your race and omit the stretching/cooling down process. What can I say, it was time to feed E.

ethanDon’t skip eating/refueling for the next 4 hours, especially if you’re rehydrating with beer. Whoops! The race at the US National White Water Center was followed by a large beer tasting, and the beer was fantastic! Mostly local breweries came out (NC has great beer), but Terrapin, Lagunitas, Sweetwater, and Stone made appearances as well.

Despite all the “don’t”s, I was actually happy enough with my time. I was shooting for 31:30, but I got 34:02. Not too bad for my first trail race since high school cross country. I also wasn’t sore or anything the next day. Bottom Line: I had fun getting out and about with E & friends.

  • How was your weekend? Run any races? Eat any brunches?

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13 Responses to How Not to Run a Race

  1. Ha, I loved these what-not-to-do’s. It’s so easy to forget to refuel, and I totally would have forgotten if I had a beer in my hand. Looks like the 6k totally knocked E right out!

  2. Just blame the race organizers for all the ‘woops’ moments by luring you in with a race that couldn’t have been more appropriately named for your blog ;). Other than that we only learn from mistakes and as long as they’re centered around something you like… And hey, you still had a fun weekend so that’s what matters. Cheers to that. (:

  3. Tina Muir says:

    ooooffffff Tiff! That does not sound fun, and a little piece of me just died reading that. Not really, but I would not be able to walk the next day with a few of those…..especially the not refueling. That is the #1 thing I make sure to do after a race. It is okay, you had an excuse though, hopefully that was a good lesson not to do it again. Have a wonderful week friend!

    • Tiff says:

      Nah, I wasn’t exactly taking it that seriously. I was totally fine – it’s not like I consider myself a serious runner. 🙂

  4. Carla says:


  5. No races or brunches for me…just lots of sunshine and time spent with my future husband 🙂

  6. I think you did awesome, especially considering that it was a trail race! Our usual ‘run’ in high school gym class was a trail, and it definitely made things more difficult. Congrats!

  7. No brunches for this girl, but BBQs! And congrats on your race, lady! I’d probably be looking like E after I was done running 😉

  8. no races here but I do a brunch marathon every weekend so that’s gotta count for something amIright?!?! Congrats lady!

  9. Oh man… having a number pick up at a brewery is just cruel!

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