Happy, Sad, & Hangry WIAW

Ummm… lemme’ just come out and say it.  Yesterday was a pretty darn good day. I hope it was good for you all too.  Despite the sad and hangry parts, there were enough happy parts to go ’round.

Thanks Jenn for another #WIAW linkup!

Breakfast: After sleeping all night for the fourth time (but who’s counting), I started the day with black coffee and almond butter & banana toast. (no pic)

After E’s first short nap, we headed immediately to the gym.  I only had time for a 3-mile run and some stretches before heading home, but at least I caught my runner’s high.

runHere’s the happy part.  When I dropped the little guy off with my fav nursery lady, he cried.  He actually missed me!  For once, he actually preferred me!  This is HUGE!  In the beginning, babies don’t miss you when you’re gone.  They may appreciate you when you’re present, but it’s sort of an “out of sight, out of mind” kind of thing.

Of course, I was a little sad because he was sad.  We both got over it pretty quickly though.

Snack: post-run half a ThinkThin protein bar


Ethan woke from his second nap screaming; I could tell Little Man was hangry!  Though it hadn’t been that long since his last meal, and he’s only getting one meal with solid food right now, I gave him a bit of baby oatmeal to last him until his next bottle.  I guess that’s what happens when you skip a nighttime feeding.

Lunch: TJ’s garlic & spinach chicken sausage, TJ’s low-carb tortilla, and a grapefruit


Snack: the other half of the protein bar and a 100-cal Chobani a few hours later


Dinner: a few crackers, side salad, and chicken with garlic & rosemary leeks


Dessert: TJ’s cowboy bark (aka: the cure to PMS.  little bits of toffee, almonds, and broken pretzel on top of dark chocolate… droooool)


  • What’s your favorite chocolate pairing?  I’d usually say peanut butter, but pretzels have a good thing going.

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14 Responses to Happy, Sad, & Hangry WIAW

  1. Kait says:

    TJ’s chicken sausage is the best ever :

  2. Can I say my favourite pairing is chocolate and my face? 😀 Because really… chocolate makes anything taste good. But okay, okay… In the interest of playing along, I’m going to go ahead and say chocolate and almond butter… It’s the kind of thing dreams are made of.

  3. Oh how I love chocolate! My #1 favorite is peanut butter and chocolate, but I also like pretzels and chocolate too!

  4. chocolate and peanut butter definitely makes me happy…but so do chocolate and pretzels 😉

  5. E on the counter!!!! Ahhh I want himmmmm! I like peanut butter on its own, but chocolate pb is by far the bomb!

  6. GIMME that cowboy bark. Holy crap that’s everything I love in one thing!

  7. I’m loving those simply 100 chobanis! And Think Thin bars are my favorite type of protein bar. I think the peanut butter ones ALMOST Taste like a candy bar!

  8. sailoraquila says:

    This bark made it into my cart this week too! Damn you sample man! So good!

  9. Chocolate and peanut butter. It’s my life. It’s perfect. And I can’t wait for the weather to ACTUALLY warm up so I can start to enjoy some grapefruit and cold snacks again!

  10. ranchcookie says:

    I am going to have to agree with everyone with the chocolate and peanut butter combo! But toffee is amazing too! And chocolate covered raisins have my heart as well 🙂

  11. I can see myself getting all over that cowboy bark!!

  12. Coco says:

    I am still loving everything salted chocolate caramel.

  13. Jess says:

    Did you like the Think Thin protein bars? Somebody was asking me about them the other day, but I’m not really a bar connoisseur.

    • Tiff says:

      I’m a fan, but they’re definitely protein-ish. I’d prefer if they had half sizes, or perhaps I just need to control myself better. 😉

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