It’s in the Bag, Baby!

Working out?  It’s in the bag!  Well, not exactly, but they’re surely getting a bit easier.

Yesterday I finally bit the bullet and dropped Ethan off at the gym nursery.  The nice fella’ at the front desk is letting me try it out for a few days for free, but since it’s only an extra $10 per month, I have a feeling I’m going for it.


In other fit news, Ethan has mastered yoga’s happy baby pose.

The lady watching him was sooooo nice, and when I dropped him off, he was the only kid there.  I was a little worried, so I skipped cardio in order to get back to him.  However, it still felt really (and I mean really) good to lift heavy stuff and put it back down… repeatedly.

aperaAs if a good sweat wasn’t enough, I was also pumped about my new gym bag.  Check out the “Performance Duffel” that Apera sent me.  So far, I love it!


It has a washable liner, a ton of pockets, and a shoulder strap.  It even has antimicrobial fabric (less stankystank).


Apera didn’t pay me to review these; I just needed a new gym bag and agreed to give it a whirl.  (Seriously, my other one was falling apart and had a hole in one of the pockets!)  Gotta love new gear!

  • How are you keeping up your fitness motivation these days?
  • Mamas, share you thoughts on gym nursery/childcare!

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8 Responses to It’s in the Bag, Baby!

  1. omg Ethan in Happy Baby is the best thing ever!! If we lived close I’d be your babysitter for free! Can you tell I’m baby crazy?!

  2. hehehe…love those pics of Ethan! I would have definitely felt hesitant too about the gym babysitter, but at least it all went well.

  3. I had a bad experience with my gym nursery, and it was such a bummer (especially since I work there!), but I will probably give it another go when Joseph gets a little older and doesn’t need as much attention. Glad you got to get your workout on and lift some heavy stuff! 🙂

  4. Cutest yogi ever! 🙂 Love the looks of that bag!

  5. Ramana hannigan says:

    The Y has free child care 😉

  6. Katie says:

    Really like the gym bag! I’ve been on the hunt for a new one!

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