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Happy Friday!  Little Man and I had a pretty darn good week.

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Since my feeding decision last week, I’ve had a little more time and a lot less stress.  An extra 45 minutes per feeding gives me snuggle and play time with my sweetie, and I absolutely love it!  He’s just starting to smile at me, so I’m really happy about that play time despite lingering guilt.

I want to share a few products that I really did and really didn’t like.  Some are feeding related, and though I’m obviously not a breastfeeding pro, I do have trial and error experience with lots of tips and tricks… mostly error.

Hands-free Pumping Bra - I wish I had gotten this earlier.  This was provided to me free of charge, but it’s not a paid review.  Like all reviews, the opinions are purely my own, and I have to say that this was a big help.  It didn’t solve all my pumping problems, but it definitely helped me interact a little with Ethan while getting the job done.

My Brest Friend – I actually didn’t like this all that much.  There are a TON of reviews singing its praises, but perhaps you need bigger boobs, a more willing baby, or a bigger belly to rest this on.  For whatever reason, it didn’t help us much.

Belly Bandit - Yes, I actually shelled out $50 for this thing.  No, I cannot say if it has helped or not. The truth is that I hardly ever wear it.  I didn’t like doing feedings in it, which was a huge part of my day.  Perhaps I’ll try it again now that feedings are shorter.  I like how it flattens my front, but you definitely see it poking through most tops/dresses.

Medela Nipple Shields - These helped Ethan latch, but he could never latch without them.  Okay okay, he could hardly latch with them too, but you get the idea.  I actually do NOT recommend these.  Nurses encouraged me to use them in the hospital to get him going, but I think they initiated bad nursing habits.

Lactation Consultants – Find one.  Use one.  Soak in her wisdom.  It’s wrong to stereotype employees of an entire line of work, but I’m going to anyway.  These ladies are gentle, kind, and there to help you!  Though they’re not doctors, they do have wisdom from both books and experience.

Now that I’ve written a blog post with an embarrassing number of “nipple” and “breast” mentions, I think I’m signing off for the day.  Nothing like having a baby to make you not give a fudge about modesty… Ha!

Have a great weekend, and in case you missed it, yesterday was my “Body After Baby: Month Two” post.  Hopefully I’ll be back next week for a more detailed workout plan.

  • Whatcha’ up to this weekend?
  • Mamas, any postpartum products you love or love to hate?
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3 Responses to Mom Approved

  1. Filling this away for an eventual future ;-) I hope you and Ethan have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Oh my goodness! I also have the belly bandit after being recommended it by several girlfriends. I think I only wore it 3 times. It was just so inconvenient, and when you are feeding 8-12 times a day in the first month or two, it’s just too uncomfortable and then you completely forget about it. Maybe next time ;)

  3. Ashley says:

    Totally agree with you on the nipple shields! I think they’re overused these days and encouraged WAY too quickly by nurses just to “release” you. Frustrating! And yes, if you pump a lot, most definitely the hands free pumping bra is the way to go!

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