Body After Baby: Month One

Starbucks red cups, shopping center wreaths, and frozen turkeys on sale – yup, it must be November.  Okay, I’ll admit it.  I’ve already had my first red cup of the year.

My mom brought me a skinny peppermint latte before taking me out for a pedicure on Saturday.  It was sooooo nice to get out of the house!

Speaking of skinny, I guess it’s about time for a “body after baby” post.  I can’t say I’m really going for skinny, but I’m certainly going for a slim-down.

bodyHere’s a run-down of what has happened:

  • Total pregnancy weight gain – 26 lbs (Remember, Ethan came early.)
  • One week weigh-in – down 12 lbs (12 total)
  • One month weigh-in – down 5 lbs (17 total)
  • Remaining – 8 or 9 lbs to go!
  • Goal Date – January 1 (This depends on holiday indulgences!)

bodyHere’s the plan going forward:

  • 1st Month – I ate mostly junk and did no exercise.
  • 2nd Month – I’m now boosting veggies and watching portions, though I’m still not counting calories.  I’m not cleared for exercise yet, but I want to go back to my Tracy Anderson pregnancy DVD and some walking as soon as the doc approves.
  • 3rd Month – I hope to start jogging while continuing walks.  I also want to throw in more high-intensity body-weight workouts that I can do at home, like the David Kirsch plan I used before my wedding.

Side note, it was kind of neat having Ethan’s due date come and go this weekend.  To be honest, I feel a little cheated.  I feel cheated out of having the childbirth I planned, and I feel cheated out of that last month of pregnancy.

babyKevin thinks I’m crazy, but I was actually looking forward to the last month.  I didn’t cash in on enough back rubs, preg parking spots, and belly pics.  Oh well, less belly just means there has been extra time for baby snuggles.  Can’t complain about that!

  • Got any tips to share for getting back in shape?
  • BTW – Ethan is up to a healthy weight and is doing well.  Yay!

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23 Responses to Body After Baby: Month One

  1. Michelle says:

    Aww you look great! And you will only continue to shrink.

    I can understand where you are coming from on feeling like you missed out on that last month of pregnancy. It’s a really tough month, but it kind of preps you a little more for the arrival of the baby. Ethan is adorable and so teeny. I already miss that stage! Smush him for me, OK?

  2. I can’t believe it has already been a month!! Also, you look great!!

  3. Wow, you look great! And, so happy to hear that Ethan is doing so well!

  4. So happy to hear Ethan is doing well and is up to a healthy weight. He sure is precious!
    And you look absolutely fantastic! I like that your goal date is further down the road and you’ve made it a loose goal for holiday indulgences!
    I think you should have a few back rub coupons that haven’t expired yet. Cash them in!

  5. Glad to hear baby and momma are doing well! And can I just say you look amazing?!?! I hope I look that good after a month!

  6. You look fantastic, Ashley! You can tell you stayed active and healthy throughout your pregnancy. I think the number one thing for getting back into pre-baby shape is the idea of just letting go of expectations for our bodies. Having goals and a “plan” is very important, but I find that girls get so let down when they aren’t exactly where they thought they would be. Every body reacts so differently to pregnancy and postpartum! For me, I’m finding that it’s been a slow and steady process. Even though I was back to pre-pregnancy weight in about 6-8 weeks, I still don’t have my core muscle tone back yet!

  7. You look awesome lady! I gained at least 5 lbs the last month, something i would not have minded being cheated out of! 🙂 I think the most important thing is to listen to your body and move as much as you can. If you can only move to the bathroom and changing table that day, it’s okay! I feel like I probably did a little too much in the beginning because I didn’t take time to stop and listen to my needs. You will get there in no time!

  8. You look amazing, Tiff, and I’m so happy to hear that you and little Ethan are doing well.

    Side note… I went to Bux the other day hoping to get a red cup and they didn’t even have them yet. So rude.

  9. Ashley says:

    You look incredible!!!

  10. WOAH! You look back to normal already! It’s amazing how fast some people bounce back! But don’t rush it girl! Take your time and focus on staying healthy for Ethan!

  11. Great news that Ethan is at a healthy weight! And mama, you’re looking fantastic!

  12. Looking good! So glad you got to get out of the house for a pedi! And a red cup!

  13. Corinne M says:

    You are looking absolutely gorgeous! I hope I look this good after having a baby 🙂 January sounds like a reasonable goal date for 8 or 9lbs. I don’t think you’re crazy – I would probably think the same if my bubs came a month early.

  14. Wow, time flies Tiff! Congrats on almost being back to normal – you look fantastic btw…. Ethan is a cutie and God obviously couldn’t wait for you to see him any longer, so he came into the world early! How is your cat doing w/the new baby?

    xoxo from Houston

  15. A month already?!? Wow! So glad your little one is doing well. And you look amazing – I’m hoping I’m able to bounce back like you!

  16. My tips? Just listen to your body, continue to eat well, and move, but don’t stress about it. Your body is smart, and one thing I’ve learned from other mommy friends is that if you cut back on calories, you can lose your milk supply. You’re looking AMAZING for one month! So glad little Ethan is doing so well too! 🙂

  17. You’re looking GREAT!! I love your plan to get moving again – very realistic. Enjoy those extra snuggles, I hear that last month kinda sucks anyway. 🙂

  18. awwww, you look great! Ethan is adorable!!! 🙂

  19. You look great! I Think you can still cash in on all the new mom back rubs!

  20. You look great!
    And I swear, it goes by so fast, I know everybody says that but it’s true! Before you know it they are 3 and don’t want to cuddle any more :)!

  21. It’s okay, I was pregnant for longer for you! hah 😉

    You look fab! And your plan looks reasonable & awesome.

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