Power Pyramid Treadmill Workout

Helloooo!  I’ve got a quick post for you today.  Given the hand situation, typing isn’t really my friend at the moment.  So here it goes!

Yesterday’s treadmill workout: pp

Be sure to end with a cool down and stretches.  While walking, pump your arms, use good posture, squeeze that tush, and stand up straight to engage your abs.  Don’t hold onto the handles!  Of course, I bet y’all know that already…

Yesterday’s dinner:pork

So yummy!  It was sliced pork tenderloin, soy sauce, terriyaki, snap peas, baby corn, carrots, and bell pepper served over my favorite rice. Sorry I have no recipe, but it was approximately a pound of pork, 1 TBS olive oil, 2 TBS low sodium soy sauce, and 2 TBS low sodium terriyaki.

baby corn

Baby Corn!!!

Have good one!

  • Do you ever do walking treadmill workouts, or do you stick to running or other machines?

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13 Responses to Power Pyramid Treadmill Workout

  1. Since I can’t run because of my knee, I’ve been loving walking treadmill workouts! Walking on an incline is a surprisingly good workout and gets me pretty sweaty. Also I like that I can read a magazine while doing it. 😀

  2. I used to PREFER walking on treadmills, when I used to belong to a gym. Running on them always hurt my feet and knees. In fact, I need to do more power walking instead of running, even outside, as it just makes my legs feel so much better! I truly believe walking (really fasT) is better for us than running all the time.

  3. I love incline walking treadmill workouts! Sometimes it’s just a really great way to change things up, and even though I always think i’m doing an “easy one” because I’m not running, I’m always dripping in sweat by the end anyways.

  4. we have a top of the line treadmill at home…and it just sits there! i prefer running outside.

  5. Corey @ Learning Patience says:

    How’s the hand Tiff? I hope it’s getting better! I am finally able to get on the treadmill – today I walked a mile at 3 without the steel plate in my shoe – lol – slow and steady! Ill take it!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  6. I love those little baby corns!! 🙂

  7. I use the treadmill way more than I’d like to admit! Pyramid workouts are a staple.

  8. Isn’t baby corn just the cutest???

  9. I’ve been meaning to find some good pork tenderloin . . . . your dinner looks delicious!

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  11. Right now I am ALL about the walking workouts since well, you know I kinda can’t do anything else at the moment! Ugh… I surprised myself though yesterday and was able to kick up my pace to 3.5 AND manage a few inclines! Pretty good since when I first started I couldn’t do any incline and the fastest I could handle was like 1.8!! 😀

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