WIAW: Parfaits, Pumpkin, & Potatoes

Thanks for checking out my What I Ate Wednesday post.  Did you know this is the last WIAW before Christmas?  Squeeeeeee!  If you haven’t already, check out Peas & Crayons for other WIAW posts.


Breakfast: 1st Breakfast, a lil’ pb on a rice cake, 2nd Breakfast: Greek yogurt parfait with blackberries

breakfast     parfait

Lunch: Leftovers of Monday night’s dinner (it was worth repeating) with a slice of bread


Snack: Two packages arrived today.  I got a new vacuum, which is good except that now I actually have to use it, and I got a Christmas delivery of Harry & David pears.  So pretty!  I ate one with a handful of chips.  (whoops)

vacuum     pears

Dinner & Dessert: jerk turkey burgers, sweet potato “fries” and green beans, followed by a pumpkin muffin

dinner     muffin

Side Note: I had a good 3-mile run and a ballin’ leg session yesterday at the gym.  I also went for a 1-mile walk after work for fun.
Extra Side Note: The “first breakfast” and “second breakfast” labels mean a little more to me now that I’m reading The Hobbit.  Elevensies?
  • Got plans to read/watch The Hobbit?  Already seen/read it?
  • Getting excited for Christmas?  Honestly, it’s too warm here to feel like Christmas, but I’m excited to see my family soon.

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9 Responses to WIAW: Parfaits, Pumpkin, & Potatoes

  1. To be honest, that’s my favorite part about the holidays….seeing family and friends. I never thought I’d say the former, but it’s true!
    Your breakfast is the same as mine (although I add unsweetened cocoa powder and truvia to mine, for extra deliciousness!)

  2. I thought the Hobit was just a book? Clearly I am missing something.

    that jerk burger sounds so good! Need to make some more jerk seasoning and get on that!

  3. The Hobbit has been one of my favorite books since I was little, and I seriously can’t wait to see the movie. Oh, and I definitely know what you mean about not being able to get into the Christmas spirit when it’s so warm outside… I completely forgot it was close to Christmas when I was in Vegas because there was no snow on the ground.

  4. I just watched The Hobbit, and I’m hoping to read the book soon. Totally know what you mean about first and second breakfast 🙂 It just makes everything sound cooler instead of breakfast and “snack.” Haha.

  5. Mmm I LOVE Harry & David pears! Can’t beat them! My husband is so psyched to see The Hobbit… He’s a huge fan of the Lord of the Ring movies.

  6. I’ve always want to try a Harry & David pear – looks delicious! Enjoy!

  7. It’s a lot harder to be in the Christmas mood when it’s so warm out. I’m trying though! I haven’t seen The Hobbit yet, but hopefully soon!

  8. I love the first breakfast and second breakfast! I might have to start incorporating that into my daily meals since I love breakfast! It has been freezing here so I’m jealous of your warm temperatures. We don’t get snow, just freezing cold temperatures!

  9. Those turkey burgers look delicious!

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