Healthy on a Budget: The Roundup

Since last week’s Healthy on a Budget post focused primarily on what not to do, I want to end the series on a more positive note.  I’ve thrown together a little roundup to wind down the series.

Before getting to the links, I want to share a couple of yesterday’s meals.  Dinner was affordable, healthy, and super tasty.  I was cooking for one, so I just threw together some things I had in the house.


Pasta (a pantry staple), frozen spinach (a freezer staple), pasta sauce (a fridge staple), and leftover sliced pepper and onion I had in the fridge.  I added some 99% lean ground turkey, which was on sale at the grocery store for $4.99/lb this week.  So easy!


It was a bit crazy at the office yesterday, so the company provided lunch from Panera – moderately healthy, incredibly good, and ridiculously cheap (at least for the employees).

My Healthy on a Budget Links:

Excellent Free Workout Links:

Helpful Budget Recipe Links:

Random Extras for Frugal Fitnessistas:


Got any good links to add?

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13 Responses to Healthy on a Budget: The Roundup

  1. Ah Panera… it’s my favorite thing to visit when my friends and I meet up in STL. Which would be this saturday. SO freakin’ excited. lol

    • Tiff says:

      I thought of you the other day. I’m starting to plan a trip to STL for a wedding. If we go a day or two early to check out the city, I’ll need suggestions and tips!

  2. Thank you for the links! (And the series!)

    I don’t know why, but I just have a hard time with frozen spinach. (Maybe it’s the whole getting the excess water out that annoys me!) I do buy a fresh bag about once a week, though. Still, I know it’s not as cheap as just buying a bunch (not bagged).

    • Tiff says:

      I know exactly what you mean! Squeezing/draining it is such a pain, but with certain dishes (like this one), I can add it frozen and just cook the water off. I’m all about making it easy! haha

  3. Such a great idea for a series…and thanks for the share! I need to go back and check out your chocolate chip muffins…

  4. Kacy says:

    Gotta love free food 😉

  5. I’ve yet to experience the wonderfulness that I hear Panera is… We don’t have one up here and I never end up making it to one when I’m down in the States… Chipotle kind of owns my heart, so I make a beeline for that 😀

  6. We always have frozen chopped spinach in our freezer too. I love the Trader Joe’s now carries frozen kale. That’s in the freezer too!

  7. We had a free lunch today too 🙂 Love when the company foots the bill.

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