Change is in the air.  There isn’t a huge gust of change, but I feel the breeze.  Here’s what’s up…

It’s my birthday week, so my age will change on Thursday.  Last year’s bday was a bit more exciting since I hit the quarter-century mark.  26?  Meh.  No biggie, but it’s still a reason to have a celebratory brewski.


I got a promotion at work, so I start my new job in a couple weeks.  This new role will allow me to work from home 4 days per week.  Since I’m not a big fan of commuting, dry cleaning my work clothes, or even just putting on makeup every day, this is huge.  I see lots of kitty snuggles in my future.


Kevin starts grad school soon.  As he studies, I hope to put a little more time into the blog.  I guess that means two changes, less party time but hopefully a blog makeover.  We’ll see how it goes.  Either way, there will be a more weekend dinners at home like the one from Friday.  (Don’t worry, I still got my party fix on Saturday.)


Lastly, summer hours are wrapping up at the office.  This means I only have one or two more Friday’s off from work.  (Waaaah!  No more Friday afternoons on the lake.)  On the bright side, I’ll be putting in slightly less hours M-Th.  My workouts will be back to normal soon.  I plan to start a workout very similar to this in September.  Wish me luck!


  • Any changes going in with you?

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20 Responses to Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. lindsay says:

    thats some awesome news!! work from home! and happy bday week youngin.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I am really jealous that you get to work from home. I have ALWAYS wanted to find a job where I could do that a few times a week.

    Summer is ended. Meaning my daughter is heading back to school. This means fighting to put her to bed, fighting to get her up, and fighting to make her turn off the tv and do her homework. HA! I’m just kidding, it’s not that bad. It’s amazing to see her learn! It is a lot of work for us though.

  3. congrats on the promotion! And yay for birthdays!

    The working from home thing is huge. I really want to start doing that in a few more months. It’s an option some people exercise, so after another month or two with the company, I plan to sneak it in…

  4. wow that is awesome :) I wish I could work from home!!! Maybe soon :) Happy birthday week :)

  5. Congrats on the promotion! I’d love to work from home.

    Changes can be scary. David is going back to school starting TOMORROW and our combined income is going to take a major hit! I’m also selling my car that I’ve had since 2005, to buy something newer and more economical. Oh, changes…

  6. Congratulations!!!

    you get summer Fridays?! Lucky duck!

  7. Congrats on the promotion!! Best of luck with working from home. I am totally with you on not liking to commute or wear real adult clothes, do my hair, make-up, etc. However, I also struggle to work from home. My pup, my kitchen and my bed (afternoon snooze?? why not!) often provide too much distraction and I find I need to be in the office to crank out some work! Excited to see how you manage it so I can steal some tips for the future!

  8. Happy birthday! Those look like awesome changes! I’m super jealous you’ll be able to work from home! I always think I’d be a lot more productive if I could work from home.

  9. Oh wow!! Congrats on the promotion!!

    Sounds like some pretty awesome changes happening in your life!!

    As of right now … no changes. I find out later this week if there will be one in my life, and I’m hoping and praying for a YES!

    Happy Birthday!

  10. Lots of good changes – especially working from home 4x per week, very jealous!! And happy early birthday!

  11. Congrats on the job change. That’s awesome. I’d love to be able to work from home even for just a few days a week. And I’m totally jealous of people who get summer hours. I don’t understand it and never heard about it until a few years ago. Happy early bday!

  12. All of these changes sound like awesome ones! I’d love to work from home!

  13. No way- my birthday is this week, too! Though, I’m a few years older than you…sigh. :) Congrats on the promotion! I’m jealous of your summer hours. They took ours away this year…whomp whomp.

  14. Congrats on the promotion! So exciting!

  15. Congrats!

    Can I have your job? I’d die to work at home four days per week!

  16. Jen says:

    i feel like my life is nothing but one big continual change. congratulations on your promotion! how exciting that you get to work from home more. i have that option with my job and i love it!

  17. Congrats to you girl…sounds awesome to be able to work from home – fun fun!!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  18. Congratulations on the promotion!! Thats awesome news! :)

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