Six for Saturday

Seeing as how I’m up at 6 a.m. to be a supportive wife as Kevin takes the GMAT exam today, I thought today’s a great day for Six for Saturday.  I had a few things I wanted to share with y’all before I baked and then got out to the lake to clean the boat, so let’s just got for list form, shall we?

1. I’m cardi-crazy.  A buddy made fun of me last weekend for wearing a cute dress out yet immediately aging myself 20 years by throwing on a loose cardigan over the dress.  I don’t care; they’re adorable.

pic 002pic 013

Left: New Tank w/ Old Cardi, Right: Jean Friday!

2. Best quote I’ve heard in a few weeks: “Hmmm… I haven’t had bourbon in forever… Mmmm, taste like football!”  Ha, as soon as my friend said that, I got all excited about football season.  I’m already planning out my fall calendar.

3. I ate too many veggies this week.  I tried avocado pasta again (sans lemon juice), and I liked it.  In fact, I liked all my meals, but sadly my belly didn’t.  By Friday, all I could stomach was simple carbs… and a glass of cabernet.

pic 014

Avocado “Cream” Sauce

4.  I still don’t let an arm/leg/foot/hand drape off the bed for fear that it will be eaten off. My extremities just feel so darn vulnerable.

5. I sometimes think of this when I put on my make up in the morning…

6. This was my Thursday grocery haul (plus one bottle of vanilla extract and 1 cup of oat flour I need for a recipe today).  Despite the frozen pizza, the pickles, and the peanut butter cereal, I promise I’m not preggers.

pic 015

Well, those are my six.  Gimme a couple of yours!

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6 Responses to Six for Saturday

  1. I’m a cardi freak, too! When I find them on sale I cannot resist.

  2. I love cardigans too! I wear them all the time and think they are pretty. I like layers anyway- would not wear a jumper because if it gets hot you are stuck, so cardi with tops underneath is the way to go (or over a dress too).
    My one- I have a make-up bag which I am using as a pencil case, because I basically never wear makeup (I think the last time I wore makeup was over a year ago at a wedding!)- but I love the case- it was a freebie with cherries all over it. 🙂

  3. You are such a good wife!
    That avocado pasta sounds super delicious.

  4. I love cardigans too – they’re a necessity for me because I’m always so cold all the time! 😛

    I really want to try avocado cream sauce! I’m obsessed with anything avocado, so I know I’d love it!

  5. Yes, I am also the one that immediately puts on the cardi. I just can’t help it!

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