How Do You Heal a Bruised Ego?

I’ve been in denial. I’ve been thinking that if I just don’t run, my hips will heal. I’ve been wrong. The really sad part is, I know I’ve been wrong. After a pretty BA workout Monday (leg day – squats, jump rope, and lunges, etc. but no extended period of cardio)…


I felt it. My pain was back with a vengeance. Perhaps enough was just enough.

Later that night, I did light hip-focused yoga and iced. On Tuesday morning, I couldn’t make it to the gym. I did a longer hip-opening yoga sequence and completed my physical therapy exercises. (Yeah, that’s only a 1-lb dumbbell and a resistance band, but resourceful people find ways around buying things – like ankle weights.)

I was still feeling pain yesterday, so no gym for me. I contacted the doc again to see about some anti-inflammatory shots, and I have admitted to myself that I may need at least a month off from any lower body exercise – save for some yoga (maybe next week) and light hip strengthening.


Aleve is my friend… so is Leia.

In order to make myself feel better, I put on a cute outfit (love this skirt), leisurely enjoyed my coffee, and looked up other fitness freaks who have suffered an injury. I know that last one doesn’t sound positive, but misery loves company. We all need support, and I hope this post is supportive to anyone else who faces an injury in the future.


You’re not in it alone!


Ever had a workout injury?  How did you handle it mentally?


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30 Responses to How Do You Heal a Bruised Ego?

  1. Miz says:

    I was blessed with a weird injury I never figured out how it happened. It came out of the blue and I sooooo struggled.
    Still do at times 🙂
    It is humbling and frustrating.


  2. I’m sorry, babe. 🙁

    It really does suck SO bad to take a large amount of time off. But a few years ago, when I hurt my leg, I used the time to focus on other things like finding new things/ways to cook healthier, etc. It helped me not freak out so much…

  3. lindsay says:

    girl i feel ya. I worked out (kinda) for the first time in 9 weeks yesterday. OUCH. But it feels good to appreciate those muscles and be humbled. slow and steady.

  4. Girl – I’ve been dealing with some major pain too – PT for 3 months now. Have you been to the doctor yet?

  5. Allie says:

    I sprained my Achille’s tendon a few years ago…and NO, I did not handle it well mentally, haha. I kept trying to use it for a month before it reached a point where I couldn’t even walk–then I finally admitted I should go to a doc and just stay off it. The month of rest was pretty tough, but I just had to remind myself that rest means I can keep going in the future, while no rest means an even longer period of being unable to work your hardest/to your fullest.

    • Tiff says:

      I know it’s awful to say this, but thanks for sharing. It helps to know I’m not alone in my stubbornness!

  6. Cute outfit 🙂 Im so sorry your hips hurt so bad! I know what you are going through, after my car accident in July I was really out of it until about the end of December last year.. bleh

    You will get through it, and realize that if you dont allow it to heal the longer you will be out 🙁 I had to learn that the hard way too!

  7. i am sorry you’re going through this Tiff! Injuries truly do suck….but we all go through them and we all grow and become stronger because of them! You’ll get through this….and I am sure a break is just what your body needs right now!

  8. Various injuries (achilles tendonitis, torn shoulder muscle, PFS) have all taught me the important (and humbling) lesson that if it doesn’t feel good, rest it until it does.

  9. how did i not realize you were posting again girl?! keep your chin up!! i’m glad you’re going to rest!! 🙂 xoxo

  10. I’m really sorry, Tiff! Injuries suck 🙁 I hope you figure out something soon! And thanks for linking up to other blogs as well; I think we can probably all use a reminder that injuries shouldn’t be ignored!

    • Tiff says:

      It’s hard to talk yourself into taking time off, but seeing other fitnessistas doing it gave me some courage! Haha. Thanks Luv!

  11. I’m so sorry to hear that 🙁 It’s definitely frustrating getting injured, but taking time off for a little while will be better in the long run. Imagine if you had to take off a couple months!

  12. I’m so sorry girlie! But I think what you’re doing is necessary…I know haha. You can do it 😀

  13. I can’t remember – have you already gone to a sports doc? I hate doctors, but a sports doc might be what you need to really heal whatever is causing you pain. Injuries suck! 🙁

    • Tiff says:

      I did visit one, but I wasn’t crazy about the practice. I made an appointment today with another one next week. Wish me luck!

  14. Sounds like you are doing the right thing…no matter the frustration. I have a lingering hip issue too, so I have to take it easy from time to time, too. It’s very frustrating – I agree.
    Right now I’m taking some time back to let my entire body heal. I think I over did it lately – mentally and physically!

  15. hip is my current injury du jour … actually it’s a chronic injury that’s acting up right now because I just ran my first race and am also training for a long bike ride

    if you tie your resistance band around both legs and use your top leg to pull up that can work for strengthening as well

    either way – sorry about your injury I know it SUCKS 🙁

    • Tiff says:

      Thanks for the resistance band tip; I’ve got a few laying around in various closets. Happy healing to you too!

  16. I feel your pain… it is SO hard to take a break. With my knee I finally told myself hat the sooner I quite over-doing it, the sooner I’d be able to return to going full-force again.

  17. Heather says:

    Ugh. Last year was my year of injuries and I so know where you’re coming from. Just know that you’ll get through it eventually. Take care of yourself!

  18. I haven’t had an injury yet… (knowck on wood) but I do wish you the best in your recovery Tiff!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  19. Ugh. Injuries are the worst. The best advice is to make sure that you recover to 100%… a nagging injury that never heals is the worst. It will keep coming back and be the most frustrating thing in the world. Best wishes and a speedy recovery.

  20. Bummer about the injury 🙁

  21. I feel your pain and I’m so sorry that you’re injured. I’m recovering from knee surgery right now and can totally understand your frustration. But, what I keep trying to remind myself, is that my body will heal and that I will run/spin/swim/surf/do yoga again. It’s hard for sure but the time off will pay off in the longer term. Good luck!!

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