WIAW: Smooth Valentine’s Day

It’s WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) time again.  Here are my eats from yesterday.  Truth be told, I’m having the exact same thing today, or at least close to it.  I’m especially excited to make my oh-so-smooth breakfast again!

First Breakfast – Rice Cake (not pictured)

Second Breakfast – Tree-Hugger Smoothie (an antioxidant packed and fiber rich bowl of goodness)

wiaw 006

Recipe Coming Soon! 

First Snack – 7 Raw Almonds (not pictured)

Lunch – Small Potato, 2 Servings Brussels Sprouts, 1 Boca Veggie Burger (sorry it’s so ugly)


Second Snack – Apple & TJ’s Plain Fat-Free Greek Yogurt (yogurt not pictured)

it's beautiful

Dinner – Romaine & Cabbage Salad + Hearty Portion of Veggie Lasagna**


**My lasagna is normally much better.  However, the fat-free ricotta cheese I had just purchased on Monday night had already grown mold.  Ewwww.  So this is ricotta-less lasagna, which still wasn’t bad.

Third Snack – Kashi Cookie (okay okay… it was actually 2 cookies)

wiaw 011

Isn’t it cool that Jenn at Peas & Crayons is having a special “love veggies” theme for this month’s WIAWs? Isn’t it extra cool that it happens to coincide with my “love animals” month?  Yeah, I thought so too.

  • I’m loving the smoothies I’m making for breakfast all week.  What are your breakfasts this week?
  • Can you enjoy a good smoothie despite the cold weather?

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31 Responses to WIAW: Smooth Valentine’s Day

  1. That smoothie looks delicious! It certainly has good things in it!

  2. I am craving a spinach smoothie sooo bad. I usually only eat smoothies in the Summer, except on rare occasions (after a long run). I have been sticking to Starbucks oatmeal and overnight oats since I have been in the UK simply for convenience. Happy Belated Valentines Day!

  3. Miz says:

    ooooh it is SMOOTHIE TIME HERE.

  4. How do you get your smoothie so thick?! Mine never turn out that way. :P Yours looks amazing!

  5. Alex says:

    Smoothie lovers unite!! :D Sometimes I think I enjoy cold smoothies in winter even more than in summer haha Yours looks so thick and tasty!

  6. Ok that smoothie….yum. Looks so vibrant and rich.

  7. Mmm I could go for a baked potato right now! I just got my wisdom teeth out so I will be eating a ton of mashed potatoes over the next few days…gotta go pick some of those up!!

  8. Although I’m seasonal with my wine choices, when it comes to food, I know no season. Give me soup in the summer and smoothies in the winter; pumpkin tastes just fine in June and berries are perfect in a snowstorm. [Man, this sounds like a blog post waiting to happen.]

    Never trust fat-free ricotta.

    Just saying.

    • Tiff says:

      Ha, I’m the same way about season drinking vs seasonal eating.

      And yes, the hubby agrees with you on the fat-free nature of the ricotta cheese.

  9. I loooove ricotta cheese but I hate how quickly it goes bad! :( Your lasagna still looks tasty to me!

  10. We have frozen fruit in the freezer that I reeeeeeeeally want to make into smoothies, but we haven’t really had the time. I am all about cereal this week. I might change it up next week with whole grain English muffin, PB and banana :)

  11. Awesome eats! Your breakfast smoothie looks so awesome, I love the color! I cant wait for the recipe. :)

  12. I’ve been having a green smoothie during the week despite cold temperatures. I also have a small bowl of oatmeal too. :) It’s such a delicious breakfast that keeps me full for hours.

  13. I had a smoothie for breakfast today – I have no problems enjoying them in cold or hot weather, they are just so delicious! I’ve had a few smoothies this week, donuts yesterday (for Valentine’s day), and thinking of oatmeal for tomorrow.

  14. That smoothie looks AMAZING!!

    I tend to avoid smoothies for breakfast because they never seems to fill me up … even when I add protein in there. I do, however, enjoy them as a snack every now and then!

    And yes … I love this love veggies month and it’s awesome it coincides with your love animals month!

  15. That smoothie is such a pretty colour :) I have loads of pink frozen fruits (well, cherries and raspberries) and keep meaning to have a smoothie, but it is soooooo cold still!

  16. i don’t crave smoothies nearly as much during the colder months, but every once in awhile after a good sweaty workout i crave one! lately it’s been getting a little warmer, so i’ve been having them more often.

  17. I still eat overnight oats even when it’s chilly out. If I had enough time in the morning to make hot oatmeal, I would, but overnight oats are so quick and easy!

  18. The smoothie is so pretty! I’m a sucker for pink food. :) Too bad about the ricotta- I would’ve taken it back to the store to return!

  19. I love smoothies! I made the best smoothie this am… Starwberries, blueberries, flax seed meal, egg whites, oj, water and a bit of vanilla ice cream – SO yummy!

    xoxo from Trinidad

  20. Greek yogurt and an apple is my absolute favorite snack, topped with cinnamon of course! :)
    Can’t wait for that smoothie recipe!!

  21. I’m all about warm breakfasts! Oatmeal please :)

  22. I’ve had a smoothie or chia pudding every day this week. There are not enough beet smoothies in the world for me right now!

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