Good Coffee, A Simple Pleasure

There are many things I love about weekends. One of the small pleasures is my homebrewed coffee. Sometimes I opt for regular joe, and sometimes I go for espresso. No matter the choice, it’s still a nice change from the tea I usually drink at work. (Office coffee = Bitter mud)

This simple pleasure just got 10x better. I went out and purchased one of these babies, a milk frother.

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My espresso machine is supposed to have a built-in steamer, but neither Kevin nor I have been able to get it to work. Luckily the espresso part is still alive and kicking.

weekend 002

Yeah… it’s that good.

weekend 003

Even if you lack espresso, you can make a “misto” or “café au lait” with steamed (or in this case, frothed) milk and regular coffee. I guess you could make a lot of things, but I’m a regular cappuccino/latte kind of girl.

weekend 005

Starbucks better watch herself.

  • What’s a simple weekend thing/activity that makes you smile?

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21 Responses to Good Coffee, A Simple Pleasure

  1. There are few things in life that beat a good cup of coffee!

  2. Alexandra says:

    Milk frother for the win! :D

  3. Sounds so good right now! Funny because we had a espresso machine and could never get the steamer thing to work??
    I have to get a milk frother!!

  4. I love being able to nap on the weekends. It is a simple pleasure I never get to take advantage of.

  5. I have one of those milk frothers that I completely forgot about it. I really need to dust that baby off… and I’m totally with you on the bitter mud comment. That is why I bought a mini Keurig for my office.

  6. I love a good espresso, but I haven’t had one in a while – really because we are out of beans and keep forgetting to pick up our favorite Illy beans. I am a very big espresso snob, but don’t really drink regular coffee! =)

  7. The fact that I got to read for seriously HOURS yesterday. I never do that. It was lovely.

  8. mmm i totally agree, coffee truly is life’s simplest pleasures! i’d love to try out one of those frother things! i just love the down time that weekends often bring… it’s nice to feel like we don’t have to rush around every minute of the day.

  9. Love my weekend french press coffee. We add frothed milk and call it a Faux Latte. :)

  10. I love making a proper pot of tea with loose leaf tea- so much nicer than a teabag. I have a little milk frother too and I love to make a tea latte with it too :)

  11. honestly.. sleeping in is the best on the weekends :) :) I love it!

  12. Skiing, Naps and Patriots football are my current weekend things making me happy! :-)

  13. Nichole says:

    OOOH does my french press need a girlfriend? I liiike!

  14. Lanae says:

    I am all about the coffee too. When it’s good, there is nothing like it. Such a simple pleasure!

  15. now i’ve been considering buying a milk frother for a little bit now. i call this post one for the ‘buy it soon’ side!

  16. I literally wake up in the morning because I can’t wait to have coffee. I think I need to invest in a frother – it looks so good!

  17. I’ve been loving my Keurig lately!

  18. I am a coffee addict. This looks sooo good!

  19. klh says:

    Sleeping in and naps are my loves of the weekend!
    I wish I lliked coffee at times!

    Katie :)

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