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Happy Friday Eve! I’m so happy that it’s almost Friday. This hasn’t been a bad week, but it really hasn’t been too spectacular either. Let’s just say tomorrow’s date night will be a great way to wine-down the week. Oh, did I say wine? I meant wind-down the week, but I think you see where this is going…

food 004

Today I wanted to share a few things I think I like. I’m not a specialist in these things, but I’m sharing them anyway.

Sports Bras

I haven’t tried many different sports bras, and it’s not like I need something fancy, like Lululemon’s popular “Ta-Ta Tamer.” I began using Champion cotton bras back in middle school, and I refuse to try anything different.

The old kind with the circle in the back is hard to find, but I recently scored a deal on Amazon. Woohoo!


I’m no granola junkie. I like it, but I don’t love it. Sure, it’s great fuel… if you’re hiking… the Appalachian Trial… for months. With that said, there’s still one kind I absolutely love.

Nature’s Path Organic Pumpkin Flax Plus Omega 3s Granola: It was love at first bite.

Overnight Oats

Before this week, I had only tried overnight oats a couple times. I hated them. There’s something about cold, soggy oats that just doesn’t make me jump out of bed in the morning. But then I tried these…

food 005

I can eat it right after the gym before I begin my hour-long commute to work. I can prep them at night. I can eat them without a microwave. I can eat them on a train. I can eat them in the rain. These aren’t green eggs & ham; they’re pumpkin overnight oats.

food 006

· Ingredients: 1/3 cup oats, ½ can pure pumpkin, 1 TBS chopped walnuts, 1-2 tsp pumpkin pie spice, 1-2 TBS milk (skim, 2%, almond, soy, rice, or maybe even cream)

· Directions: mix together, seal with lid, place in fridge, eat in morning (real complicated stuff here)


Also, just FYI… yesterday’s workout was 50 hard minutes on the bike (RPMS between 80 and 100 and heart rate between 150 and 170 the entire time, except for the beginning when I was getting my heart rate up to 150). I also wanted to do some leg work at home in the evening, but I didn’t have time.

  • If you’re an expert or at least slightly knowledgeable in the above categories (ie: granola, sports bra, etc.), let me know if you have different favorite. Fill me in on what I’m missing!

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30 Responses to Things I Think I Like

  1. I seriously need to try overnight oats!

    My fave sports bra (which i got cheaper on Amazon too, hehe) is the Fiona Moving Comfort. Comfy and boobs stay in place 😉

  2. Alexandra says:

    Pumpkin overnight oats are the best! I always like mixing in some whey in the morning, it adds a great flavor and a boost! 🙂

  3. Unfortunately, I’m not an expert in any of those fields…though I do love the sports bras from Target. My favorite are the ones that they first created, but they have since changed the design. They’re relatively inexpensive which is always a plus!

  4. I actually reheat my overnight oats. Is that weird? I can’t stand them to be cold and soggy.

  5. Corinne says:

    Have you tried Special K low-fat granola? It’s so yummy and perfect on top of yogurt when u just need a kittle extra crunch. Do you work out every morning? I try to most days before work but couldn’t get up today – I feel more tired when i don’t work out before work than when I do. Weird!

    • Tiff says:

      I haven’t tried that one, but I think the hubs said he liked it. And yep, I’m a morning worker outer. I just can’t get motivated after a long day at work!

  6. Lee says:

    I have those Champion sports bras too. I sort of would like to try an expensive one to see if there’s a big difference. I ran on a treadmill in front of a window recently and was surprised at how bouncy my boobs looked. I guess I’m just used to it but it’s probably not the best thing.

  7. Allie says:

    That’s my favorite granola, too! Mmm, they know what they’re doing, apparently! My favorite sports bra is champion brand, too, but it’s the nylon/racerback style available at Target…and in fabulous neon colors.

  8. I have that exact same sports bra from high school AND I love it!

  9. I loooooove overnight oats! These look awesome. I hated them the first time I tried them too but the next time I loved them.
    I just did 1/3 C. oats, 1/3 C. Yogurt, 1/3 C. Almond Milk and chia seeds. Perfecttt

  10. Dorsa says:

    I am a HUGE fan of Bear Naked granola 🙂 it is oh so yummy. I love to mix it into my Chobani 🙂

    I am with you on the sports bra front, I like under armor and champion… refuse to change it up. The under armor ones are expensive but they are reversible haha.. so its like have 2 bras in one, if you get bored with the color you are wearing? I don’t really know, they were a gift haha.

  11. I’m totally on a hunt for new sports bras. Thanks for posting the amazon link!

  12. 7 Deadly Zins is one of my favorite wines – you have good taste!

    I started out with the Champion and Danskin sports bras that I found at Walmart/Target, but have grown to love the Old Navy Active line of sportsbras too!

    Pumpkin Pie overnight oats are my absolute favorite variation on the OO’s to date, but I add whipped cream. Deeelish!

  13. I’m a big fan of Champion sports bras too! They’re comfortable, cute, and affordable!

  14. I’m not an expert on any of those, but when I find a sports bra I like, I stick to it and never turn back … and then I tried one of the lululemon ones. It’s my new favorite. Typical.

  15. I’m not an expert in any of those fields, but I love this one particular Nike bra. It’s so comfy and I can usually get a good price on them on Zappos.

    I also love Whole Foods Honey Almond granola…addicting!

  16. I like the champion sports bras from target, usually they’re around $12.99 but when they go on sale I try and snag at least 2. I’m slowing phasing out my paper thin bras from 2008-ish that have more holes than swiss cheese.
    And I too have tasted that granola and it is glorious.

  17. If you like granola, try swiss museli. OMG. So good.

  18. Krissie J says:

    I only wear Moving Comfort bras. I discovered them a little over a year ago and haven’t looked back since. For a busty lady like me, they really do provide great support (without looking like granny bras).

    I made overnight oats a few times and was okay with it. I may revisit it, but honestly bagels and I have a pretty sweet thing going right now.

  19. Love the idea for pumpkin overnight oats!! Yum!!
    I really like my sports bra from lululemon. Those babies don’t move when I wear it. Since they are pricey, I only own one I got on sale.

  20. I don;t use fancy sports bras either! The cheaper the better LOL!

  21. lindsay says:

    well its my friday here and i could really go for that bottle of zin with some pizza. ya?

  22. I love overnight oats, but only in the summer. I have to have them HOT in the winter months. I also like chia pudding a lot (or adding chia to my oats) – I make a banana flavor that tasted like banana pudding when you head it.

  23. I’m actually eating that granola as we speak 🙂

  24. I rarely eat oatmeal and since my husband has a werid cereal phobia, I never eat granola. I wish I could help you out! Also, most of my sports bras are champion brand from Target and I love them!

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