Duckworth’s Grill & Taphouse

Happy Saturday!  There are leaves on the ground that need raking, and there’s some college football that needs watching.  However, first I want to tell you about the new restaurant Kev n’ I tried last night.  I know I don’t usually do restaurant reviews, but since this is a new place, I figured I’d throw in my 2 cents.

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We met up with Adam who works near the new Duckworth’s Grill & Taphouse.  The place just opened earlier this week, so it was pretty busy.  Kev called ahead to find out the beer special(s) of the night.  They have select $3 pints every day!  On the phone, we heard Great Lakes Dortmunder and Highland Oatmeal Porter were on special.

mmm... porter

Love Me 'Sum Porter

We met Adam at the bar.  The bartender told us the special was only Heavy Seas Gold Ale, so that’s what Kevin ordered.  I ordered a Highland Oatmeal Porter hoping it was special too.  I like that the extensive beer list (click HERE for list) has a lot of local beers, but I hate that so many of their beers have high ABVs.

After chatting with Adam, we closed our bar tab and got our table.  Sadly, both beers rang up at full price.  I guess this was just a new-restaurant quirk.  The bartender made a mistake, which he shoudl have corrected, but he was a really friendly guy who at least offered prompt service.


Mmmm... French Fries

The food was surprisingly good.  (The other Duckworth’s location in Charlotte has terrible food.)  This, on the other hand, was much better.  My burger was a bit greasy, but it was juicy.  The fries were perfect.  Kev got the sweet potato fries with his bacon burger.  He was upset about their two-patty system, but I prefer that to one giant patty.

Bacon Burger

We checked with our server on the beer specials before ordering our next round.  The specials were in-fact the Great Lakes and Highland beers.  We mentioned that we paid full-price for Highland already, so he told the manager.  (By the way, the server was fantastic!)

The manager came to our table, admitted a mix-up, but did not offer to comp anything.  Wow.  What a jerk.  We will still probably come back to this restaurant, but I hope I never see this manager again.


Is this Chuck E Cheese?

On a side note, the bar was mature and stays open until 2 a.m., but the dining area was full of little children.  Just FYI…

Been anywhere good to eat lately?  Had any really awesome or really terrible service?

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8 Responses to Duckworth’s Grill & Taphouse

  1. Alexandra says:

    What a cool place! Those sweet potato fries look delicious 🙂 I haven’t been out to eat to a new place in forever…maybe this weekend I’ll go somewhere new haha

  2. mmmm sweet potato fries! nothing beats them!!!

  3. They really should have at least corrected the tab or comped something or perhaps offered a free something or other on the next visit. There was one place we went to in FL once. out of 6 of us at the table only 5 cents was left as a tip. It was THAT bad and that was even after talking with the manager. Hands down worst experience ever.

  4. I just had an amazing chocolate stout and thought of you – FoodBuzz was beer heaven.

  5. Chris macmurdo says:

    So I had to comment…I think the food at the Charlotte location is delicious as bar food goes. I mustve eaten there somewhere on the number of 30-35 times and don’t ever remember being disappointed.

    Second, you have to get to mac’s to try the heavy seas siren noire. DELICIOUS. It tastes like an amazing dark chocolate candy bar. Hope y’all are doing well

  6. Chris macmurdo says:

    And if you are a foodie you have to try out Soul in plaza midwood. I know it’s out the way for y’all, but trust me, well worth it. Also the liberty on east and south is awesome. Try the caramel budino for dessert…soo good

  7. Wow, I am shocked he didn’t comp you the beer or something. That is pretty surprising!!
    Your fries do look pretty darn delicious!! Yum!

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