Yipes – Gripes!

No, I’m not in a bummy mood. No, this is not supposed to be a Negative-Nelly type of post. There are 3 mini gripes and 1 major yippee that I really want to share. The yippee makes up for the gripes… I promise!

Gripe 1

While on the stationary bike yesterday, a commercial for a local plastic surgeon appeared. This ad put voluptuous, bra-clad bosoms in my face at 5:30 a.m. So while I’m busting my butt at the gym, you’re telling me I should look like that? Well guess what, Doc, I’m not buying into your tacky mind tricks. Those are not the boobs I am looking for. (Sorry for the Star Wars reference… sorta.)


Gripe 2

I saw a lot of articles yesterday about candy alternatives for Halloween. Ya’ll know I’m into health foods, and I try to follow a mostly all-natural diet. However… give the kid a Snickers! This is what I handed out to the kiddos, and I am not ashamed to admit it.


One night of candy won’t hurt anyone. My mom only let me have 2 pieces per night, and my bag of candy lasted me for months!

Grip 3

Toddlers and Tiaras has loads of backlash. I used to do beauty pageants, and I think I turned out OK. Pageants were like a second sport for me (first-place sport was soccer). I practiced. I traveled. I competed. I made pageant friends. Most importantly, I built confidence.


Honestly, I’m still not tooooo sure what to think about this, so it’s not a full gripe. In my day, we didn’t have fake hair, fake teeth, and fake tans. We did wear makeup, dresses, and smiles.

beauty queen

Like my frilly socks?


Kevin received a promotion of sorts last week. Yesterday was his first day at the new job. Woohoo! He’s such a corporate rockstar! To celebrate, I gave him the dram of 50 year-old whisky that I recently won from Master of Malt.

whisky man

He still prefers his 21-year Glenlivet, but he said this was pretty good too. (As a beer girl, all I could say was, “Ewwww… go away; I can smell it from here!”)

Where do you find confidence? What are your gripes?

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34 Responses to Yipes – Gripes!

  1. Alexandra says:

    Heck yes to gripe #2, I remember hating the houses that gave out toothbrushes and fruit haha One night of sugar overload won’t kill a kid! 🙂

    • Tiff says:

      I had a toothbrush house in my neighborhood too! I read some lady said she was giving out stickers. Really? Toothbrushes and stickers???

  2. lindsay says:

    oh you are too adorable. Cutie pie!! Feel free to gripe anyday, youre allowed three. just like three wishes. haha.

    COngrats to hubs! Huge celebration!!

  3. Brittany says:

    HAHA that star wars costume is unreal!! I gave out LOADS of Reese’s and Butterfingers to the children so you are not alone!! There are some things that just should not be messed with and CANDY is one of those things!

  4. You were such a cute little girl!

    I think kid pageants today take it too far – it’s really exploiting in my opinion, making the girls appear older and more sexual than they are.I think pageants are fine when you are old enough to make the decision to do it and you truly do enjoy it. But that’s my opinion!

    Andy loves his whiskey too! I much prefer beer and vodka myself 🙂

    And YES candy on Halloween is a must!!

  5. Hooray for the promotion! And I am WITH you on the candy for kids thing…I mean, my goodness. I think it’s just another case of people feeling like parents don’t know how to do their job or something.

  6. Krissie J says:

    I can’t stand seeing those ads on TVs at the gym, or splashed in the back of my magazines. It’s annoying. Love the scrunchie! LOL

    • Tiff says:

      haha, in my defense, it’s actually a bow – but now that I think of it, it looks kinda like a scrunchie from that angle. Very circa 1991 😀

  7. Congrats on the promotion. Very exciting stuff! 🙂

  8. Dorsa says:

    I loved frilly socks 🙂 I used to wear them with everything.

    I ate my fair share of halloween candy yesterday 🙂

  9. I’m with ya on #2, healthy handouts have no place on Halloween!
    Oh frilly socks…brings me back to Easter’s and Church on Sunday in my youth 🙂

  10. Love that you were in pagents!! I was a dancer and growing up, watching my moves in the mirror taught me a lot about self confidence, to love what I have. I also met so many people from competing and such!

    Congrats to Kevin on the promotion! How exciting!!

  11. Allie says:

    I will share in griping about “healthy alternatives” for kids–good lord, Halloween is dying fast enough as it is, let’s not ruin one night of sugary goodness for KIDS, who really shouldn’t be thinking about food choices to heavily yet. Let the parents make good choices for ’em 90% of the time, and let them have their Snickers and Poptarts the rest…

    And your Star Wars reference cracked me up…brilliant. I, too, will pass on the fakes. They just look uncomfortable…

  12. I have to say, I agree with all your gripes and can understand them completely.

  13. Klh says:

    Aww little beauty queen! I hate seeing those types of ads anytime. Congrats to the hubs!
    Katie : )

  14. AmandaRunsNY says:

    If you ask me, those parents who exploit their kids for all this reality television are doing way more damage than anything a little makeup is going to do. I spent my childhood in dance costumes and swim suits as a kid, and really is that any worse than frilly dresses? Just found your blog!

  15. Give me Twix bars or GIVE ME DEATH!!

    (creamy creamy crunchy creamy)

  16. I totally agree with the Halloween candy thing! One night is not going to hurt anyone and the more you try to keep kids shielded from bad foods, the more they are going to want them!

  17. I’m with you on #2! Healthy eating is great, but come on– give a girl some candy! I wasn’t like you though in making it last. I pretty much downed my stash in one day.

    Whoops 🙂

  18. Hahahah!! Loved this post!! Ok, I ate a LOT of “naughty” chocolate yesterday….shame on me 😉

    Also, I kinda might be interested in the hot boobs….sigh a nice pair always looks great 😉


  19. Love your gripes! I got in a debate yesterday about the pros and cons of Halloween candy and I’m with you all the way. A little candy never hurt anyone! This is coming from the girl who had a Reese’s for breakfast because there’s a plethora of candy still circulating around my office, but still – everything in moderation! 🙂

  20. Gripe: why does everyone care SO much about the end of a Kardashian marriage? Makes me sad for our world, haha

  21. I love that picture of you when you were young.. so cute!!! and i couldn’t agree more with the candy thing.. it’s halloween.. there should be no candy alternatives! I’m gonna go have a reeses.

  22. I loved loved my frilly socks like that when I was a kid! I can’t stand the smell of scotch or whiskey. And of course my hubby loves it. Let’s see, one of my biggest gripes is when perfectly healthy people refuse to take the stairs even one flight. It’s like the person driving around the parking lot for 15 mins for the closest spot when they could have already been in the store and almost done shopping….

    • Tiff says:

      Haha, I have a friend who does that in parking lots. It takes her three times as long to find as spot as it would for her to just walk in for a bit further out.

  23. I agree! Let the kids have some fun and eat sugar for the day!!

  24. I definitely think it’s ok for the kids to have their candy and eat it, too!

    I really admire how your parents taught you to moderate and eat just a few pieces a night. Pretty sure I overdosed on it for an entire week before it was gone… sigh…

  25. Lee says:

    Totally agree about the candy. Last year, I remember seeing bagged baby carrots at Kroger that were marketed as “Scarrots”. Umm, whoever gives out Scarrots is totally getting a trick played on them!

  26. Emily faliLV says:

    I am all for pagents if your kid wants to do them. I am NOT okay with letting your child dress like a hooker (Aka Julie Robert’s costume from them movie thigh high boots and all), or forcing red bull and pixie sticks on your kid. That is what makes T&T awful to me.

    New to your blog – won’t be the last time I stop by! Congrats on your hubs promotion!

    • Tiff says:

      Red bull & pixie sticks sounds like a dangerous combination! Yipes!

      Welcome – I’m glad you dropped by the site. 🙂

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