One Awesome Weekend

This weekend (mainly Saturday) was so fun that I can’t even begin to describe it.  Okay – I actually could describe it, but let’s face it, pictures are more fun.  Here are pics from my three-year anniversary celebration.

After I got in a little morning yoga, we hiked 4 miles in Pisgah National Forest.  I found out about the hike from Jen’s post at Peanut Butter Runner.

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The foliage was gorgeous!  We were so impressed with the views and the trail itself.

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After our hike, we went straight to Highland Brewery for a tour.  Kevin was even nice enough to buy me a present!

anniversary 035anniversary 037anniversary 039

We finally checked into the Lion & the Rose B&B.  This place was a real gem.  The owners cooked an incredible breakfast.  Seriously – eggs with Asiago cheese and truffle oil over Cajun hash, whole-wheat toast, turkey sausage and fruit salad – tell me that doesn’t sound delicious!

Before coming home to our kitties and chores, we stopped in at the Asheville Farmer’s Market.  Kevin bought me another present – a peck of mix n’ match apples.  He knows me so well…


What was the best thing you did this weekend?  What three things would make your weekend complete?

For me, the three things were clearly hiking, craft beer, and chillin’ with my best friend.

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21 Responses to One Awesome Weekend

  1. Katie says:

    My three things: A long run, a delicious glass or glasses of red wine, and a fun night out! The best thing I did all weekend was have brunch with my Mom and a delicious NJ diner. You can’t beat them. 🙂 Plus, it was good to just catch up and gossip with Mom. That breakfast looks KILLER!

  2. Alexandra says:

    What an amazing weekend! Looks like it was so much fun 🙂
    Best thing I did this weekend was finish my technical writing project woo!

  3. Wow, so glad you had a wonderful weekend Tiff! That B&B breakfast sounded awesome! 🙂 hmm…the 3 things that made my weekend — 1)putting my husband thru a crazy double workout yesterday 2)A big Thanksgiving dinner yesterday 3) Hosting a super fun HH lime for 20 of our friends on Friday!
    Happy Monday!
    xoxo from Trinidad

  4. Krissie J says:

    That looks like an awesome weekend! The three things that WOULD have made this past weekend complete would have been good beer (check), a Phillies win (uhh…), and an Eagles win (d’oh). Oh well. I baked yummy stuff to make up for it. 😉

  5. Sounds like such a fun weekend!!! Glad you enjoyed yourselves!

  6. My bf was here this weekend and the three things that would and did make mine complete are: my bf, dessert, and wine 🙂

  7. hiking, beer and time with the husband sounds like an amazing weekend!!
    Happy Anniversary!

  8. Awesome weekend! Your hike looks way cooler than mine 😉
    My 3 things would be food, wine, anything outdoors.

  9. Dorsa says:

    Sounds like an awesome weekend! Happy anniversary weekend!

  10. I love Asheville! And Highland beer. They are always at food event in Atlanta, so I’m lucky to get many tastings. 🙂

    My weekend was a little sad because I had to come back from Italy… reality is such a shock to my system!

  11. Errign says:

    Yaaaay Asheville 🙂 I love the farmer’s markets here, and I totally bought a 1/4 peck of mixed apples & peaches there this weekend too!

  12. Klh says:

    What a beautiful wknd! Happy anniversary week! Three things…chill time, girl time catch-up time : )
    Happy Monday!

  13. tiff! congrats on the switch! i’m thinking about doing that myself! it sure looks like you had a fabulous weekend! that B&B looks amazing ~ so comforting and the food = so delicious!!
    xo ~ ks

  14. Brittany says:

    Oh my goodness this sounds like the most amazing weekend! I would have to say hiking, good food and good company would make my weekend perfect too! OH and your wedding pictures on the previous post..AMAZING!

  15. My favorite part of the my weekend was going out to eat with all my friends, sharing pizza and bottles of wine, and just being around good people. It was perfect.
    A hike, a night out at a bar with friends, and cooking a comforting meal on sunday night with my roommates… would make for a complete weekend. I’m lucky that I get to do all that many weekends 🙂

  16. Lindsay says:

    ummmm can we trade weekends? Yours looks like it was amazing. While all I did was just sit around or shop. Yay for the big switcheroo to hosting. That is awesome.

  17. I’ve never been to a bed and breakfast! They always look like so much fun… glad to hear it was a successful weekend! 🙂

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  19. What a fun getaway. I’ve never stayed in a B&B.

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