Happy 2 Months Adam!

Happy 2 Months to My Little(est) Man!

adamYou love to eat, smile, and coo. You’ve rolled over a few times from your tummy to your back, and you don’t mind being carted around to the park, the gym, and library story time so that your brother can get some toddler interaction.

adam2You do mind sleep. What’s up with that? You give me a good 4-hour stretch at first (9pm-1am), but then you’re up hourly after that 95% of the time. Trust me, I enjoy your company too, but you can wait until morning to see mommy!!

adam smileIn other news….

The play date I hosted Monday was a success. There were a couple cancellations, but the three toddlers and their three baby siblings who made it had a great time.

toddlerI asked each mom to bring a batch of healthy snacks for the kids. Instead of a cookie exchange, like those that are so popular around the holidays, we swapped kid-friendly snacks. I made these homemade Larabars, which Ethan loves. (Though I had to add more dates to the food processor this time. Just FYI.)

If you’re not a mama, you could totally do this with girlfriends too. Have them over for wine, and trade healthy snacks with them. I mean, who doesn’t love snacks? – especially when some of us grow tired of eating the same ol’ stuff.

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Happy Days

Does anyone remember that show, Happy Days? I vaguely do. It was part of that TV Land lineup that I recall watching a few times growing up. It wasn’t my favorite, but who can forget the “Ayyyyyyyyyy!”

Anywho – not to fear, this post isn’t about that Happy Days. It’s just a little recap of some happy times we’ve been having here lately.

I quit my gym and joined a new one with very friendly childcare options. It’s much better for child safety and child engagement, so I’m pretty pumped about that. I’m going for my first workout later today. Yay!

walkI’ve also been walking with the boys every day. We borrowed a friend’s stroller on Saturday so that Kevin and I could both push. This allowed us to walk a little further since I can only go so far with Ethan in the stroller while Adam’s in the baby carrier. Plus, the carrier makes me pretty slow. Hopefully Adam will grow into the double Bob soon, even though I won’t run with him until he’s about 5 or 6 months old.

halloweenHalloween was fun though. Ethan was really into it, and he loved his firefighter costume. Luckily he has already forgotten about his candy. I break off a tiny piece for him if he uses the potty. Yeah… we’re sort of back on the potty training wagon… I stress “sort of.”

hummusI brought this pumpkin-themed humus plate

to a family-friendly Halloween party.

Adam’s doing great too. Though it certainly isn’t the norm, he only got me up once last night. Woohoo!!! Fingers crossed for more of that good sleep! Now if only Ethan could figure out that time change, we’d be golden.

adamWe had a great play date yesterday. I’ll be back later this week to share more on that. It was a fun little theme I came up with that I think many of my mom readers would enjoy.

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Fall Tree Craft

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this picture I posted yesterday.

Leaf walk!! I see crafts in our future

A photo posted by Tiffany (@tiffanywolffclt) on

During our morning walk, I picked up some of the colorful leaves for Ethan to hold. I figured we’d make something out of them, but I wasn’t sure what we’d create.

Behold – the cheapest and possibly easiest fall leaf craft you’ll ever find!

treeObviously the paper towels ran out that morning, so there was the inspiration. Just get a paper towel roll, glue, and leaves to make your own fall tree. Of course, it also helps if you have the creativity of a child – the type of mind that will allow you to see this as a tree…

017ebf1ba170c07d389f2e0093308a0291e205cef7I highly recommend the liquid gold of crafting, aka: Mod Podge. I’m not even a crafter, and I own this stuff. So if you’re even moderately into crafting, getchoo’sum.

leafI was hoping that if I painted the Mod Podge on to the roll, Ethan would enjoy sticking the leaves onto the “tree.” I was mistaken. He was more into his blocks yesterday, but maybe he’d be into it another time. I ended up making this myself because I had already pasted the roll, and we had already gathered the leaves.

Mama gets an A+.

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Groupon Pages

This weekend flew by so quickly! I bet it did for everyone, not just me. My little family and I had a pretty good weekend. Chill. Simple. But good.

truckFriday was just pizza night at the house, but that’s fine by me! On Saturday, Ethan got to explore some trucks, which was a very big deal. After his nap we met a friend at a brewery. The weather was perfect for some al fresco beer drinking.

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A Little of This, A Little of That

Today I accomplished a little cleaning, a little nap, and a little showering. I’m actually in makeup, and my hair is washed. Miracles happen. I also got in a little shopping this morning with Adam because Ethan really needed some new cold weather accessories for our morning walks. Mission accomplished.

I’m on a roll, so why not throw in a little blogging?

Ethan is at school. He only has two days left after today until he’s home with me allllllll the time. Adam is napping. Actually, Adam has been napping most of the afternoon. I don’t know why he’s so tired today, but I do know he’s probably going to keep me up a lot tonight. Sigh…

adamHere’s what’s been going on in these parts…

I’ve learned that Ethan’s tantrums aren’t as bad when he’s home with Adam and I. I think he enjoys school or having company, but both of which easily overstimulate him.

Kevin had a “staycation” last week. It was really nice to have company since I get super lonely at home with the boys, but I think we had just about had enough of each other by the week’s end. (I blame the stress of kiddos.)

kevin and adamWe visited one of our favorite breweries (Triple C) last weekend, and we plan to visit another this weekend. It seems that Charlotte gets a new brewery every week! (Ethan enjoys the time outdoors, the music, and the other patrons’ dogs.)

brewIn other news, I kind of quit my job. Perhaps this is the last elevator selfie we’ll see. (It’s proof that I own more than yoga pants.)

makeupI am going to work the month of December, but I have officially told my boss that I will be throwing in the towel after that. I’m happy to be home with my boys, but for me it’s 100x harder than working my old “real” job. Say a little prayer for us. haha This should be interesting but hopefully also lots of fun.

And lastly, I started a family potluck group of neighborhood parents of babies. We had our first meetup this past weekend, and it went really well. Yay!

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