Adam: 10 Months

Hi friends! It has been a while since the last update, but rather than include a rundown of everything that’s been going on, I’ll mostly stick to a baby update.

lakeWe’ve certainly been busy around here. I did extra cleaning (and obviously packing) the week before vacation. Then we visited family in NH the week before last. And finally last week we played catch-up with life (pool, library, gym, the usual suspects).

ggpaThe trip was good. I enjoyed seeing family, and more so, I enjoyed watching the boys see family, experience boat rides, plane rides, and other vacation fun. Sadly, the baby didn’t sleep and the toddler didn’t eat for what felt like the entire trip. The weather wasn’t so great either. As you can imagine, this leads to a very irritable mommy.

But like I said, on the whole, I think the whole family was very happy for the vacation.

nhMy only take-away tip for traveling with kids: do extra cleaning before you leave. Everyone came home to clean sheets. I was so exhausted after our trip, that I didn’t hardly clean anything for the entire first week we were back. The mountains of laundry were plenty to keep me busy.

travelSo back to my little 10 month-old. (He’s 10.5 months now, but who’s counting?!)


  • He finally seems into eating. Yay! His favorites are berries, cheese, and bread.
  • Adam has been drinking a teenie tiny bit from a sippy cup as well. Another Yay! We’ll keep practicing.


  • He’s still belly crawling, but he has gotten a little quicker.
  • He can pull up from sitting, but he can’t seem to sit himself up without help.
  • Adam has just started taking some baby steps while holding my hands.
  • He splashes in the pool and the bath.


  • Adam says “Mama” sometimes, and he has said “Dada” and “Uh-oh” a time or two as well.
  • Sometimes Adam just starts laughing at seemingly nothing. Ethan and I will be playing cars, and Adam is on the other side of the room scooting around doing his own thing, and then he’ll just start laughing. He is a happy baby!!

I hope y’all are doing well. Enjoy the summer sunshine!!

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Meaty Monday

Ethan and I have been frequenting the pool, and I love it. I’m a pool enthusiast, and I’d be there every day if I thought the boys would put up with it.

While we were there on Friday, I saw a little girl playing with a Little Mermaid doll in the water. I kind of wanted to slip back to my 8 year-old self and play too. Who else still has a girl crush on Ariel?

ariel, the little mermaid, girl crush, gif

Later I saw a few moms lounging on chairs in the sun, and I wanted to be my future 40 year-old self relaxing with my boys playing in water… preferably with chilled glass of sauvignon blanc.

But then Ethan pulled me back to reality – “MOMMY! MOMMY! Hold my HAAAAND!” He needs to hold my hand while going down the water slides. I wish pool time were a bit more relaxing, but it’s good to feel needed. I guess I’m just right where I need to be.

splashBut back to the title of this post – Meaty Monday:

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Meatless Monday. With a catchy alliteration like that, what’s not to love? Well I’m here to tell you.

My family almost never has meat for breakfast or snacks, and we rarely have meat for lunch. We do eat meat at dinner time a few times a week, usually early in the week. Like many Americans, we do a big grocery trip on Sunday, so the meat is freshest on Sunday and Monday.

It’s always a Meaty Monday!

I’ve been trying to cut back on our meat consumption though, limiting it to Sunday and Monday only.

Over time, documentaries like Food Inc, WHO reports on meat and cancer, the known mistreatment of animals, and most recently this episode of Vise (below) have heavily influenced my decision. *The episode to which I am referring talks not about our health but rather what meat consumption is doing to the planet.

Kevin agrees with this decision, and Ethan doesn’t care. (He’s on a serious pb&j kick right now anyway.) Sadly, Adam looooooves meat and cheese, but since I often make him his own organic chicken breast anyway, it’s not a huge deal.

adamVegetarian protein can be hard for me because my stomach doesn’t always handle beans very well. It isn’t like we’re going full-on vegan or anything, but it makes recipe searching a little more difficult. I’m trying to buy more local/organic/cage-free meats/eggs/dairy when possible, which is also pretty pricey. In short – wish us luck!

  • Meat – yay or nay?
  • Are you ready for the long weekend???
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Seeing Green

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there! In my childhood home hung a quote that read, “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy.” I loved it as a kid, and I still love it now!

dadMoving on… we’ve been seeing green around here: green in the face, green activities, and green food!

The boys and I started off the week with a 24-hour stomach bug. Yuck – that’s where the green in the face comes into play. No further details needed!

After battling the bug, we resumed normal activities. For Ethan and I, it was frog week. We got these books from the library. All were good, but they’d be better for a slightly older child.

frog booksWe also went on a couple walks to find nearby tadpoles and crafted this paper plate frog face.

frog craftEarlier today, we jumped like a frog to numbered lily pads drawn with sidewalk chalk.

jumpNow as for the green food – we tried to enjoy pear/avocado popsicles, but they were a fail for us. I also made a batch of broccoli cheese bites and chocolate-chip zucchini muffins. I had leftover grated zucchini, so I threw a cup into tonight’s meatloaf. Fathers day = meatloaf, green beans, and mashed cauli-taters.

foodGreen green green! Not that I’m complaining.

You may be green with envy to discover that PopSugar kindly sent me a PopSugar #MustHaveBox to try.

boxAdam helped me open it. (so cute!) There was a bottle opener, sriracha pretzels, a sarong, a mirror, nail polish, a game I can’t wait to play (like a party game with questions), and underarm deodorant wipes. Thanks PopSugar!!

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I’ll Take the Judgement on the Side, Please

I’m not pointing fingers, nor am I asking for trolls. I’m just opening up a little today to share a little perspective. (I can’t say that without thinking of the food critic in the movie, Ratatouille, but that’s beside the point.)

ratatouille linguini food critic

As a mama, I request that we hold back on the judgement. Just put it on the side, will ya? I’m mentioning this in light of recent events, but please do keep it in mind for future events as well.

I’m talking about the gorilla. The alligator. The sweet little children. Their grief-stricken parents.

I wasn’t going to read it, but I did. I read an article about what happened with the boy and the gorilla, and I read another one today about the two year-old down in Orlando.

This is rare for me because reading any stories relating to children is darn-near impossible. They weigh too heavily on the heart.

I’m not trying to take the severity and heartache away from these stories, only the judgement. Because you know what? Life happens. You know what else? Toddlers happen.

zooLet me tell you about a recent trip to the zoo. Ethan was by my side the entire day, but in the aquarium area, he vanished. He was seriously right beside me just one second prior. My Little Houdini still has me stumped on this one, especially because he’s pretty well behaved… for a toddler. (And I like to think I’m a pretty responsible parent, but I’m biased on that one.)

fishAs luck would have it, I quickly spotted him with a group of children getting their photo taken. It was a group of first graders on a field trip, and he was standing there smiling at the camera, just wanting to be like one of the “big” kids.

Accidents only have to happen once, and it only takes a matter of minutes, seconds even, for disaster. How often does a child slip away for a second at the park/mall/grocery store/etc.?

And trust me, you can’t trust a toddler’s logic to keep them out of trouble.

Here’s some toddler logic for ya. Just this morning Ethan requested a waffle. Five minutes later he got screamy because he didn’t want breakfast. Ten minutes later, he comes in the kitchen arguing that he isn’t going to eat his waffle. When I explain to him that I didn’t make him a waffle, he’s back to screams because I never made it.

Guess what. 30 minutes later he’s so hungry that he requests (and eats) two waffles.

This happens on the regular. My kid isn’t abnormal. He’s two. Now imagine that toddler logic when he or she is excited about being at the zoo/at Disney/anywhere fun and new.

zooBeing a parent is hard. Being a kid is hard. Heck – just keeping on keeping on isn’t so easy some days for all of us. Let’s just cut the parents a little slack by holding back on our judgement and replacing it with an extra dose of compassion.

My heart breaks for the parents of the child who was attacked by the alligator. Please send prayers their way.

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A Camping Spree with E & Me

Hi Friends! What a busy weekend! I need an extra day to recover – along with a maid and nanny for a few hours. Is that so much to ask?

Busy or not, it was a good weekend. The boys and I went to the park Friday morning and met friends in the pool in the afternoon. Then on Saturday, we brought Kevin with us to another pool in the morning, and I later went to a baby shower while the boys napped. We skipped out on a gender reveal party that afternoon/evening in favor of “camping” out at home. Sunday included a morning run and errands followed by a cookout at a friend’s house later that afternoon/evening. I feel like we’re normally the entertainers, so it was nice getting out for events (and not having to clean up a mess)!

poolWhew… and here we are, looking at Monday again. Maybe the boys and I will just hang out at home in our pajamas all day. Hmm… maybe not.

This past week Ethan and I talked about camping. It was really fun to introduce him to the concept.

booksWe read these books. He liked Biscuit Goes Camping, but it’s a dull read for parents. Just Me & My Dad is one we already owned and didn’t borrow from the library. The real star of the show is A Camping Spree with Me & Magee. Magee is an adorable story with fun pictures. The rhymes roll of the tongue as easily and melodically as The Night Before Christmas.

campingEarlier in the week, Ethan and I made a tent in the yard with rope and a bed sheet , and he helped me pack a bag of camping supplies, including binoculars, a flash light, a page we pulled from a coloring book of Cookie Monster camping, and of course, a couple cookies. Then this Saturday we roasted marshmallows like they do in the McGee book with a borrowed fire pit. It was a lot of fun!

We didn’t do any “real” camping overnight. Camping in 98-degree weather with a baby and a toddler sounds like some form of hell, and you couldn’t pay me to do it. However, one day Kevin and I will certainly take the boys on camping trips when they’re ready, or maybe I should say, when I’m ready!

  • Camping – yay or nay?
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