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Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday! Want to know what’s better than Friday? The Friday before a three-day weekend, that’s what!

Perhaps this will be a true “Labor Day” weekend for us. I’ll be sure to let you know on Monday. 😉

But speaking of labor and pregnancy stuff, I realized there were some prenatal products I mentioned during this pregnancy or the last that I never actually took the time to review. Here are my thoughts on a few of those things.

1 – Tracy Anderson DVDs: I like that it focuses mostly on toning and body weight movements. I also like that there are 9 DVDs, one for every month of pregnancy. I hate that she says dumb things, and I found them a little boring. I also hate that some DVDs are longer than others, making it hard to plan your workouts. These ended up being horrible for my pelvic pain, so I did them during my first pregnancy but hardly at all during my second. If you don’t have pelvic pain, maybe you’d be fine.

tracy anderson2 – Belli Skin Care: I like the elasticity oil for stretch mark prevention. I used it regularly and didn’t get marks, though I think stretch marks are more due to genetics than any products you decide to try. It sure smells good though! I also tried the acne spot treatment and face wash. I think they might work for someone with light acne, like the girl who never gets pimples but then freaks out about getting two upon becoming pregnant. However, if you have serious skin issues, as I do, it’s not going to solve your problems.

belli3 – Belly Bandit: I didn’t wear this much after having Ethan. I liked the idea of it, but if you’re constantly trying to nurse/pump/rest/do housework (as all new moms are), I found wearing it frequently to be nearly impossible. I wouldn’t purchase it again, though I did find it helpful to suck it all in a time or two when I wanted to wear a fitted dress.

belly bandit4 – Probiotics: During my first pregnancy I used Good Belly juice drink regularly, and it worked quite well. However, that gets expensive. This time I tried these probiotics from Swanson’s Vitamins, and I could tell a HUGE difference. Go buy these, even if you’re not pregnant!

5 – Physical Therapy for Pelvic Pain: The jury is still out on this one. I’m not sure that it helped or not. I eventually threw in the towel on the exercises, and I didn’t notice much difference. I think what helped more wasn’t what I was doing for the pain but what I wasn’t doing. No stair climber, no side lunges, no leg lifts, almost no core work… basically nothing where your legs are splitting in either direction or you’re working your abs. Squats felt okay, as did bridge lifts for a while. Easy prenatal cardio, bike, some elliptical, a little walking, and definitely pool walking were okay. Since the baby has dropped, I’ve actually had a lot less pelvic pain than before and am able to walk more frequently.

walkSide Note: I have not tried a Snoogle pregnancy pillow, but I’ve heard really good things about them. I just used a body pillow, which left a lot to be desired but was much better than nothing.

Now in the spirit of former “Friday Fitness” posts, here’s a bit about my activity for the week:

  • Sunday – 2 mi walk
  • Monday – 2 mi walk and Tone It Up Bikini Arms (2014 Bikini Series)
  • Tuesday – 30 minutes of prenatal yoga
  • Wednesday – 20 mi walk
  • Thursday – Prenatal Pilates
  • Friday – Rest (ha – as if keeping Ethan all day was restful)
  • Saturday – Planned 2 mi walk

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

  • What are you up to this weekend?
  • Got any great products you want to rave about?
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Almost Two!

Oh hi, September! Look at you sneaking up on me. Today we’re exactly one month away from Ethan’s birthday. How is my little boy almost two? Better question – how is my baby almost two?? I know I’m going to have another baby, but let’s face it, E’s still my baby too.

kitchenHe’s nearly two, and while he can tantrum, kick, and scream with the best of them, he’s not at all terrible. He blows kisses and gives hugs, wrestles with his daddy, and is always on the move!

Ethan’s Favorite Books

  • Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site
  • Go Dog Go
  • The King, The Mice, & The Cheese (one of my favs growing up)
  • Pete the Cat (series)
  • That’s Not My… (board book series)
  • Something about a llama that his teacher mentioned???

Ethan’s Favorite Toys

  • Cars and Trucks- Right now Matchbox cars are doing well because they fit on his new car/train table.
  • Outside- Okay, “outside” isn’t really a toy, but he just loooooves being outdoors!
  • Pots & Pans
  • Crayons
  • Little People- We have a school bus, a farm, and a pirate ship that he really likes.

Ethan’s Favorite Foods

  • Salmon
  • Bratwurst- like mama, like son
  • Pasta
  • Berries
  • Bananas & PB
  • Mac & Cheese
  • Curry (The butter chicken I made this week was a big hit.)
  • Yogurt (We mainly do various flavors of Chobani.)


  • He loves the pool, and he doesn’t mind if his face gets wet. He’s also good about kicking in the water, so I hope he takes to some swimming next summer.
  • Ethan is talking but not much. He can do one sound of a word, but he’s not into very many multi-syllable words yet. He still seems far from stringing words together. (ie: Many things are like “Ck” for “truck,” “T” for “gate,” and “Doo” for “door.”)
  • It still amazes me how quickly he learns. He watches me do something once, and then a week or two later I’ll see him try it. I’m like, “How did you notice that, and how did you remember it???”
  • He is also getting close to learning all his colors.

Ethan’s Least Favorites

  • Green beans
  • Bedtime 
  • Strider push/balance bike

Potty Training

  • I didn’t want to potty train this soon, but we got him a potty seat when he showed interest and woke up from a few naps dry.
  • He goes #1 and #2 in the potty just fine, but he generally doesn’t tell me yet when he has to go. I just have to know his schedule.
  • Ethan gets a sticker or chocolate chip for a successful pee in the potty, but he gets half a cookie for a poo. The kid is cookie crazy… but so am I.
  • It’s going to be a long road, and I fully understand this process might take 6 months, especially since school isn’t doing me any favors.


My son’s phone is a raisin. 😝 This kid cracks me up.

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And here are some extra non-toddler related links that I’ve enjoyed this week:

Leave me an interesting link!

What are some of your favorite books as of late?

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Sweet Thing

Hey Sweet Thing! Sweets – that’s what yesterday was all about. I’ll recap it with a What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) post.

Ethan and I started our day on the right side of the bed. I got him dressed and fed, pottied, and teeth brushed without any fussing. It’s a miracle, y’all. Any one of those events is tantrum-worthy in this house. But speaking of fed…

Breakfast: two eggs on over-toasted toast & prenatal vitamins (side cheesy egg for Ethan)

eggSnack: very hearty spoonful of peanut butter

Lunch: salad (blueberries, 1/2 peach, chickpeas, walnuts, zucchini, and Panera’s poppyseed dressing over romaine)

saladSnack: two cookies and lemonade (Stress eating at it’s finest, eh? My dr appointment went well, but it could have been a little better. My belly is still measuring a little small, but dr said it’s nothing to worry about. Ugh – of course I’m going to worry a little; I’m a mom!)

lemonadSnack: later snack of a sunflower seed butter and jelly sandwich

snackDinner: shepherds pie (Recycled photo – it didn’t quite look that nice) made with leftover cauliflower mashed potatoes from Sunday

shepherds pieDessert: When a little stressed, you bust out the big guns. B&J for the win.

b&jThough it was a busy work day, I was happy to squeeze in a little prenatal yoga and hugs from my boys.

  • Are you a bit of a stress eater too?
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2 More Weeks!

I realize that babies have timelines of their own, but we’re roughly 2 weeks away from D day. Wow, that’s exciting! (and slightly terrifying…)

Since I’m attempting a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), my dr won’t let me go much past 40 weeks due to the increased risk of “uterine rupture.” (OMG – Doesn’t reading that just give you the creeps?) So while I’d rather have the little man come when he’s ready, we’re a little pressed for time.

I’m still walking and working out a little, and I think next week I’ll try to add in some pineapple, prenatal yoga, and pressure point massages from Kevin. Yesterday, I even booked an acupuncture session with someone my friend used before her VBAC, but that appointment isn’t for another two weeks.

stripesHow far along? 38 weeks (95% of babies are born within 2 weeks of due date.)

Baby’s size? Almost 7 lbs and over 19.6 inches long – He’s pretty much done developing everything he really needs right now, like organs and such, so he’s just hanging out and getting more plump.

Total Weight Gain: About 24 lbs

What are you loving this week? Walks outside. Air conditioning. I’m also really into warm showers. Standing in the shower with the water hitting my lower back is heaven!

Sleep: I get angry just thinking about this. Skip…

Best moment this week: Playing with Ethan and Kevin on Saturday night

Miss Anything?  Sleeeeeeep

Movement: Yes, but he’s rolling and shifting more than kicking and punching.

Food cravings: Water/drinks. I guess it’s not really a craving, but I’m just thirsty all the freaking time. This is particularly annoying since I also have to pee all the freaking time.

Gender: Another handsome fella’

Labor Signs: Not really. I get braxton hicks contractions from time to time, but they aren’t getting stronger or any more frequent. I’m not sure that I’m “progressing” very much.

Symptoms: lethargy, acne, hyper-pigmentation of the skin, unusual appetite, and forgetfulness (Pregnancy brain is no joke. I drove to the wrong restaurant for my friend’s baby shower this weekend. Doh!)

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy

Looking forward to: The three-day weekend this weekend

Okay, so I know I said I’m looking forward to the three-day weekend, but we don’t have much planned. We can’t travel, and I can’t handle too much exploring (ie: hiking, zoo, etc.). We also aren’t getting many calls from friends right now, which is understandable.

footballThis pic was posted on LS&B exactly one year ago!

But Kevin and I are working to pull some things together. After all, it’s the kickoff of college football. Go Tigers! And it’s the last weekend to hit the pool. Plus, the jalapeno burgers I like so much are on sale at the grocery store. (It’s the little things, y’all.) Lastly, there’s more time with my little family of three, and that’s certainly something to look forward to.

  • Got natural labor induction tips for me?
  • What are you most looking forward to these days?
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Why I Became A Parent & MPM

This is a bit of a kitchen sink kinda’ post; it has a little bit of everything. I’m starting off with a bit of weekend recap and ending with some Meal Plan Monday.

On Friday, I kept Ethan home with me. We had fun. He tired me the heck out, but we still had fun. I worked from my parents’ place in the morning so that we could hit the pool on my lunch break. We left just before lunch so that he wouldn’t nap in the car…

pool    car seat

Clearly, that plan didn’t’ work so well. He slept about 10 minutes in the car and refused to go down the rest of the day. That made working a little hard, but he was pleasant enough for me not to really mind.

walkSaturday included a family walk and then a visit to the park before I left for a friend’s baby shower. It was a lovely shower, and the cake was fantastic.

cakeThe night was a perfect example of why I became a parent. We had a yummy ravioli dinner, played with E on our bed for a long time, played more in the bath, and read books before bed. He didn’t fuss a bit and was generous with his hugs.

This isn’t to say I don’t like newborn snuggles, but Saturday night is more of my thing. This has been a great age, and I’m trying to soak it up.

Sunday was typical, another walk, grocery shopping, and some more pool fun. I made this yumminess for dinner.

salmonAnd speaking of dinner, here are the meals for the week, or at least most of it.

  • Sunday: honey dijon salmon, green beans, & cauliflower mashed potatoes
  • Monday: butter chicken with peas, zucchini, and rice
  • Tuesday: shepherd’s pie (topped with leftover cauliflower mashed potatoes)
  • Wednesday: brats, roast brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes
  • Thursday: non-fried rice (with mixed veggies and egg)
  • Weekend: ???

Did you have a good weekend?

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