Hi Friends! I’m just popping in to share a bit of beach news. A lot has been going on around here, but I won’t smash it into one post. I guess that’s what happens when you keep busy but don’t stick to regular posting. Oh well – I’m just here to share a bit about our short beach getaway

I prepped Ethan for the beach by having beach themed activities the week prior. We checked out these books from the library. (All are great except for Beach.)

beachWe also made this crab art. We made Ethan’s hand prints with red paint. I painted  eyes on the crab before painting craft glue along the bottom. He shook sand (actually cornmeal) onto the glue with an empty spice shaker. It’s a little silly but very much adorable!

crabEthan also did a sorting activity by matching cut-out construction paper fish and matching colored Goldfish. It was a special snack for him that day.

goldfishI prepped my bod for the beach by eating slightly less cookies than usual and running slightly more. I only run about three days per week, and though I say I’m going to add in more strength training, I really just don’t have the time or energy. Maybe when Adam is sleeping through the night I’ll manage it. At any rate, I ran another race with a buddy of mine and got 2nd place for my age group. Yay!

raceSo how was the actual vacation? Hmmm… well it was good, but I wouldn’t call it much of a “vacation.” I enjoyed spending time with the boys and my mom, and I absolutely loved watching Ethan on the beach.

beachHowever, it turns out Adam is just as awful a traveler as Ethan was. He woke up hourly, which caused me to cut the trip short and come home a day early.

Not all babies do this, right? I think some parents can actually go places with their kids, like visiting distant family or friends and even Disney World, but it’s a mystery to me.

beachAnyway – like I said, it was fun except for the times it wasn’t. But at least giving it a shot was definitely worth the drive. Cheers to the beach!!

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Things I’m Loving Lately

Long time, no see, eh? I’m still here, and Adam is now 7 months old. Ethan is a whopping 2.5! Wow. He’s still cute though! Ethan is back on the potty training wagon, and Adam still hates most solid foods. Consider yourself caught up.

adamBefore I dive into things I’ve been loving, I have to share one thing I’m certainly not loving. I’m not loving nights when I make the baby his food, which he smashes everywhere and drops on the floor, while simultaneously trying to cook dinner for the rest of the family. The toddler eats two bites before calling it quits, and by the time I serve the toddler and get the baby cleaned up, my dinner is cold. Oh, and hubby doesn’t get home until after I’ve eaten and cleaned up the kids. So really – no one is getting a warm meal around here despite my efforts, my best efforts. Ugh – just the mom struggle over here – nothing newsworthy. I don’t know how single mamas do it!

**Side Note: Despite not being warm, my avocado-topped adobo chicken and peppers over quinoa was at least delicious, even cold.

Things I’m Loving!

1 – Beer. I’ve been on a wine kick lately, but the warmer weather has me heading to the breweries (and their patios) more often. I think a little outside time is good for everyone! *We headed outside shortly after snapping this adorable shot of Ethan & my mama.

brew2 – Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum – This stuff is like magic. It goes on white, and it matches your color. The foundation even lets my freckles come through, which I like! It’s a little pricey, but a little goes a long way – only half of what I used of my other foundation.

foundation3 – Half Caff K-cups – I hate that K-cups are a bit wasteful (environmentally and economically), but they’re just so.darn.easy. I was sticking to decaf for a long time due to breastfeeding, but I upgraded to half caff recent, and it’s wooooonderful.

half caff4 – CereVe – I’m currently enjoying the face wash, but I’m really loving the baby lotion. We tried a number of things on Adam’s eczema, but this has been the best by a long shot.

cereve5 – Ice Cream – Seeing how I’m no longer pregnant, and swimsuit season is around the corner, I really need to kick the ice cream habit. But I can’t. I won’t. I’m addicted. And I want everyone to know that today is Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s. You’re welcome!


  • What have you been loving lately?
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Baby Gear: Frugal to Fancy

Hi Friends! I completed my 5k this weekend, and I had a blast doing it. Oh, and there was also this little thing going on called Easter, but really, the big news is the run. Ha. I’m kidding… but if you want pics of my cuties and their eggs, just check Instagram.

easterI decided to leave Kevin and Adam home since the race interfered with A’s nap time, and I brought the original running buddy. Ethan was fantastic, and I even got him to say, “Go Mommy Go” on a couple of the hills.

pre raceI came in about 30 seconds slower than I did 2 years ago on this same course. This time I had a heavier child, and I started near the back of the pack. Weaving around walkers with a stroller isn’t easy! However, I borrowed my friend’s BOB, and it pushed a bit easier than my Graco Jogger.

runAnd that last part there about the stroller got me thinking about the other half of this post. Here is some of my favorite baby gear, from cheap to pricey.


These are the best two toys for babies (Sassy Links & Baby Einstein Take Along Music Player). My guys also looooooved their black and white mobile I made myself.

sassy   music


Get yourself a baby swing if you have the money. I wish we’d sprung for one when Ethan was itty bitty! (This may not be the best swing out there, but it’s the one I bought, which I got used off Craigslist.)

lambI also recommend a jumperoo/exersauser. We received one as a gift, and though it takes baby a while to grow into it, you’ll appreciate it eventually.


BOB – I know I said before that I loved my Graco jogger, and I do. However, if you’re got the extra funds, which I don’t, get yourself a Bob. (I bought a double Bob used on Craigslist, and so far I’m happy with my purchase.)

Air purifiers – These are definitely not necessary, but I love them. Airflow is one of the suspected causes of SIDS (though the jury is still out on this one), so we were very firm on not letting the boys sleep with a blanket or stuffed animals until well over one year old. Ethan still doesn’t have a pillow, and he’s 2.5! We also didn’t use crib liners/bumpers. I think leaving a fan on in a newborn’s room might irritate their sensitive nasal passages, but the light air movement (and white noise) of an air purifier seemed like a good idea. Like I said, it’s definitely not necessary, but it helped me feel better.

blueairAnd lastly, here’s a little dose of cute. I couldn’t help myself.


  • Have you run any races lately?
  • Moms, what are your cheap or pricey favs?
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Adam: 6 Months

Thanks for stopping by! I’m here today with Adam’s 6-month update. (There’s a link to Ethan’s here.) Happy Half-Birthday Sweetie!

adamThis kid is such a character; he is bursting with personality! (And poop. He also frequently bursts with poop.)

6 monthsSleep:

  • We’re finally not waking every two hours, but I really don’t want to jinx it.
  • A few weeks ago, I hired a sleep consultant. She recommended cry it out (CIO), which I wasn’t happy about but also wasn’t against. As expected, he slept through the night a few times after a few rough nights. However, now I’m back to getting up with him though once or twice per night.
  • After the rough nights, babies learn to eat more during the day, and they don’t need the night feedings (in theory). I’m not sure if it’s Adam’s belly or my boobs that didn’t get the memo, but one of them isn’t allowing for him to get enough calories during the day. He kept waking, so I mommy intuition said to throw in the towel and feed him.
  • I don’t mind one or two feedings per night so long as he doesn’t fall into old habits.
  • Naps are 2-3 per day. He’s a much better napper than his brother, though we get off schedule pretty easily. I find it’s hard to go out and about these days given the short windows between their naps, dinner time, breakfast, etc.


  • 5 milk meals & 2 solid meals, which occur shortly after milk
  • He is not a fan of his high chair or being spoon fed. I’m not terribly into baby-led weaning, but I’m dabbling in it since he hates purees so much.
  • His favorites so far include self-fed broccoli, self-fed avocado, and self-fed or pureed sweet potato, and pureed mango. Even if he likes it, he still only takes a few bites.
  • He hates green beans, peas, carrots, rice cereal, and banana, though he often hates anything if he’s just not in the mood.

avocadoFavorite Things:

  • Smiling! He’s a pretty happy guy most of the time.
  • Chewing on things.  Allllll things.
  • Sitting. He sits really well for his age and doesn’t need to prop himself up to do it.
  • Ethan & Leia. He loves watching his older brother do just about anything, and when he’s not around, he also finds the cat fascinating. Luckily she’s baby-proof and lets him pull her fur.


  • I’m hoping for a growth spurt.
  • Adam went from about 19 inches long and 6 lbs 10 oz at birth (one week early) to 26 inches long and 15 lbs 1.5 oz at 6 months.
  • He’s only in the 8th percentile for weight, and he’s in the 21st for height. I’m not trying to say there’s anything wrong with being small, but it’s unexpected given his brother’s size (consistently 86th percentile in height).
  • Ethan went from 18 or 19 inches long and 5 lb 14 oz at birth (one month premature) to 27 and 3/4 inches long and 16 lb 3.5 oz at 6 months, a serious growth spurt.

Ethan and I are doing well too. I’m enjoying being home with them… most days. I’m looking forward to Adam learning to sleep through the night, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy the extra snuggles at least a tiny bit.

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A Day in the Life…

Hi Friends! Well, here I am ignoring my children in the middle of the afternoon. Ha… I’m sort of kidding. It hasn’t been a bad day, but sometimes mommy just needs a break. More on that below…

Right now I’m here to share a little “day in the life” action. Here we go!

We have recently been “sleep training” Adam. As with most babies, the first night or two was really really really hard. Like, really, y’all.

sleepFor some reason, I didn’t trust the wisdom of my mother, grandfather, and grown lady next door who has four kids of her own that now nannies for her grandbabies. Instead I decided to pay a stranger (more appropriately labeled a baby sleep consultant) a silly amount of money for her to tell me the same thing the “old timers” in my life already said. Just let him cry a couple nights.

The good news is, on night 4 he slept through the night, and despite some minor fussing last night, which was night 5, he slept again. Whew! Hopefully the “every two hours” nights are now finished!!

Anyway – so I woke up relatively well rested, did a quickie Blogilates ab workout on YouTube, made lactation protein oats, showered, and was ready for my boys.

adamAround 7am, Adam has milk. Then I get Ethan up. Feed Ethan while feeding Adam solids, which Adam is currently hating, and somehow I manage to clean them all up before Adam is too fussy for nap time. Adam goes down around 8:45am.

Since he has been sleeping better at night, he has been napping a little better too, but it’s a bit early to state that definitively yet. Adam slept from 9:15-11:15 today when I woke him.

Sadly, we missed library story time, but I did get a lot of quality play time in the is morning with my E-man. “Come on Mom! Play more?” was what I heard on repeat. Thank goodness I was feeling more well rested! We even played with cooked and dyed colorful spaghetti on the kitchen floor for a while.

chicfilaWake baby, feed baby, and wonder what to do about an outing for the day. We usually are out after A’s nap and return home before lunch, but today we’re out later than normal. We’d have to eat lunch out, and as stated, we already missed story time. Chic-fil-a to the rescue!

I know fast food isn’t very exciting, but I’m pretty impressed with the service, indoor play area, disposable kiddie place mats, and sanitizing hand wipes near the play area. There is also a kids’ meal with grilled nuggets, fruit, and milk.

We headed home after lunch and play, but I think Ethan was wound up from being out too close to nap time. He only napped 15 minutes! Adam was up not too long after. Ugh… I only had time to bake quick brownies, so I held Adam while doing some cleaning and Ethan watched an episode of Mickey Mouse.

boysAfter cleaning and snack time (brownies for the win), I packed up for the gym…. even though I’m not working out. I’m here writing a blog post, using their Internet while Ethan plays outside on their toddler-friendly playground because I put a lot of value on outside time. (Nope, I’m not even the only mom sitting here doing this!) Anyway… it’s time to get Adam, feed him, cuddle him, and then pack us all up to head home.

This leaves me time to cook dinner, eat dinner, say Hi to Kevin who has been getting home after dinner, and get the kiddos to bed before ice cream o’clock… or wine thirty.

We’re usually home all afternoon, but as I said before, Ethan had a short nap, and sometimes mommy just needs a break. : )

  • What have you been up to lately?
  • When is the last time you baked brownies? (Seriously, so good!!)
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