Thinking Out Loud

So many thoughts.  One little brain.  Must be time for another Thinking Out Loud post with Amanda!  (errr… maybe typing out loud)

thinking out loud

1. Since we tore down that wall, put in new floors, and such, the place is looking pretty good – at least so far.  Three cheers for new furniture!


2. Spending money on furniture leaves little in the budget for bikinis.  Where can a girl find a cheap swimsuit that isn’t mom-ish but still covers my butt?

3. They say you have to crawl before you can walk, but apparently you have to face-plant before you can crawl.


4. The sugar detox is going well.  And by well, I mean I’ve stuck with it thus far but am kind of hating life.  This is definitely going to be just 7 days, or maybe less.

5. I had a mini surprise for Kevin last night – one of his fav meals! Greek lamb with artichokes. He surprised me by coming home from work a wee bit early.  Yay!


6. Kevin and I are planning both a tw0-night summer getaway this summer and a date night this weekend sans baby.  I love the little guy, but this is pretty exciting stuff!

  • Question of the day: see #2… for realz.
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Fruity WIAW & Power Bowl

Here’s a little tip for ya, don’t start an added-sugar detox as you start PMS week.  Just sayin’.  All I wanted to do yesterday was eat, eat, and eat some more.  It was a borderline hangry day, but at least I kept the sweet tooth at bay with fresh, wholesome fruit!


Thanks Jenn for the WIAW linkup party!  Be sure to swing by Peas & Crayons for other blogger eats n’ recipes.

Breakfast: non-protein oats (Whaaaa???  My protein has 2g sugar/scoop, so I skipped it.) oats, cinnamon, ginger, 1/2 banana, pecans


Snack: 1/2 banana & pb


Lunch: salad with broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, snap peas, goddess dressing, and hummus… followed not long after by a couple handfuls of tortilla chips


Snack: 1/2 cup plain non-fat Greek yogurt with strawberries and then 2 slices deli cheese later in the day (was sooooo wanting to grab a packaged granola bar!)


Dinner: Power Bowl (recipe below) – leftover from the night before


Dessert: watermelon (yum!!)


Power Bowl:

  1. Cook 1/2 onion and 1 small sliced parsnip with a spritz of olive oil in a large pan.
  2. Once softened, add lean ground turkey (1.3 lbs) and cook through.
  3. Pour in low-sodium chicken broth (about 3/4 cup maybe?) and start tearing and adding kale (about 3 cups, or as much as you can stand!).  Next, add can of rinsed, drained chickpeas.
  4. Toss in garlic powder (1/4 or 1/2 tsp) and dried rosemary (maybe 1 tsp).  Continue cooking, mostly covered with some stirring until kale is wilted.
  • Ever have fruit for dessert?
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Sugar Detox

Happy (Belated) Easter, Y’all!  I had a relatively pleasant Easter.  Kevin, Ethan, and I drove over to visit E’s great grandpa.  So cute!


I also baked yummy things (Dark Chocolate Dreams pb swirl blondies), enjoyed the weather, and hosted a small Easter dinner with my little fam and my parents.


But now I think it’s time for a detox.  This isn’t because I overdid it on the blondies (I was actually able to give most of them away), nor is it a weight-loss goal.  In fact, I’m pretty happy with the bod at the moment, which feels good.


My sugar cravings are a bit out of control.  Plus, cutting back on sugar will hopefully give me better energy with fewer crashes.  Just because I’m still a bit sleep deprived doesn’t mean I need to reach for chocolate in the afternoon or enjoy ice cream every night.

sunshineSo the deets on the detox:

  • 7, 10, or 12 days (we’ll see how it goes)
  • No added sugar (naturally occurring sugar, like in fruit, is A-OK)
  • No sugar substitutes (a crutch in my attempt to curb cravings)

Though it’s arguable, I think “calorie-free sweetness may also confuse the brain into craving more sugar.” (Source)  I think if you used it frequently, that would be true.  However, I don’t think a Diet Coke here and there is really going to throw you off.  Nevertheless, I’m avoiding the fake stuff too for the detox.

I leave you with a couple fun links:

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Munchkin’s Meals

Ethan is really getting the hang of solid foods… when he feels like it. He had been a good little eater up until this week.  While he’s had some good meals, he’s also been quite stubborn and screamy about others. Win some, lose some. Here’s what I’ve found that helps:

  • Solid meals when he’s in a good mood, like after a nap or when daddy gets home
  • Bottles during cranky times
  • Don’t expect him to eat much of a new veggie (I can’t blame the kid for preferring fruit)
  • Foods that are yummy (if he doesn’t like it, don’t push it)


Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • Started solids around 5.5 months, so he’s been at it a month or so now
  • Began with rice in the bottle early for reflux, so I don’t count that as a “solid”
  • Purchased baby food purees to see the ideal consistency before making my own
  • Followed the 3-day rule (some say 4 days, some say zero days, we go with 3) between the introduction of any new foods to make sure there aren’t allergic reactions
  • Thrown out the rest of the food he didn’t eat, like you do with a half-used bottle


Here’s what we’ve tried in order (if I remember correctly):

  • Baby oatmeal (loves), carrots (loves), sweet potato, banana, butternut squash, avocado, green beans (hates), pears (loves), peas, summer squash (hates), apple
  • I’ve prepared the banana, avocado, some of the sweet potato, butternut squash, summer squash, and apple; the others have been packaged.



How to make baby butternut squash:

  1. Wash squash, dry, cut in half, and remove seeds.  Preheat oven to 375 F.
  2. Bake squash cut-side down for about an hour.  Baking brings out sweetness.
  3. Allow squash to cool slightly, then puree in food processor.
  4. Freeze in individual containers (or the ice tray method).
  5. Defrost in microwave when ready for use, and thin with water.


How to make baby apples:  *on my first and only attempt, I used 3 gala, not too tart*

  1. Wash, dry, peel, and core apples. (I recommend organic per the “dirty dozen” list.)
  2. Cut into cubes and place in pot. Add enough water to pot to almost cover cubes.
  3. Boil/steam for about 10 minutes, stirring and covering regularly.
  4. Drain most of the water, allow to cool slightly, and puree in food processor.
  5. Freeze in individual containers (or ice tray method).
  6. Defrost in microwave.  Add water and/or baby oatmeal to thin if necessary and to take out the tart flavor if cooking didn’t bring out enough sweetness.  Apples can also be baked.

I’m obviously spoon-feeding the little guy instead of following baby lead weaning techniques. I see benefits to BLW, but mamas been feeding babies with spoons a long time. Plus, choking hazards seem higher with BLW, which freaks me out. While I’m certainly not against BLW, I don’t see any reason for me to reinvent the wheel.

  • Mamas, what did your baby like? Did you DIY baby food?
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Ice Cream-less WIAW

A house without ice cream is not a home. Ha, perhaps just a slight exaggeration… Nevertheless, I think Kevin and I would both prefer if I restocked sooner than later. Here’s another WIAW; the party must go on!


Breakfast: I had a smoothie (1/2 banana strawberries, milk, protein), and Ethan had baby oatmeal.


Snack: I had a post-workout almond butter smothered rice cake, and E got a bottle.

rice cake

Lunch: Lunch included a tuna and hummus sandwich with sprouts; E got another bottle (too fussy for more solid food).


Snack: I enjoyed a sweet n’ salty Nature Valley bar (oh man, so yum) and a square of dark chocolate, and Ethan got carrots.

nature valley

Dinner: I cooked a frittata with kale, onion, sundried tomatoes and parm cheese for Kevin and myself, and I whipped up butternut squash for E.

frittata   frittata

Dessert: Not ice cream - a hearty serving of Crispix cereal for me, and Ethan got a bedtime bottle

  • Do you eat after dinner?  Got any fav foods or perhaps a cut-off time for eats?
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