Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Isn’t it great that Halloween is on a Friday this year? Of course, back in the day it was great mid-week. That meant you could party the weekend before, the day of, and then the weekend after the holiday too. Who says that costume only gets worn once?!

But this year neither Kevin nor I have costumes. Times change, my friends. That doesn’t mean I didn’t buy a costume at all though. I was sure to pick something up for Ethan!

ethanMy little pumpkin!

ethanI just couldn’t wait to share how cute he is. I also wanted to share last night’s dinner, which was pretty amazing.

lasagnaThe little guy likes lasagna. Who doesn’t?!

ethanOkay, that’s all for now. Happy hauntings my friends!

  • What are you dressing up as this year?
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Mom Guilt

Mom guilt. Hate it. Can’t avoid it. It’s been in overdrive over here, which is what has been stressing me out lately.

Not even yesterday’s workout of repeatedly picking up really heavy things and running some treadmill sprints could shake the funk.

It’s time to let the cat out of the bag. I’m going back to work, like, full time and everything. Ethan will be starting daycare on Monday.

Taken shortly before the last day of my old job

I’m so not ready! (except for those times when I kinda’ am… like when he’s refused a nap three days in a row… it’s a mess)

Readers who have been around a while may remember that I never planned on being at home with Ethan, but that’s what happens when you’re laid off at 7 months pregnant. I liked the idea of being a home mommy, but I didn’t think we could afford it.

I went on a few interviews after having Ethan, but nothing really sounded like a good fit. By February, I pretty much quit looking. Though the baby-mommy dynamic got better when he was around 6 months old, I finally felt more settled at home with him around or just before August.

My buddy around 6 months old

My old boss called a week or two ago asking if I wanted my old job back. Long story short (okay, not short, but shorter), I have been running around like a chicken with her head cut off ever since. Oh, and I said yes, after much internal debate. In a way, I’m quite lucky to have had a year off with an option to return to the same job.

Do I really want to go back? Sometimes. Do I think Ethan would be better of with me all day instead of daycare? Not really. Could we use the money? Certainly.

So what’s the problem?

I’m just scared to miss any moments with him. They grow up so fast, and I get sad thinking I’ll miss a second of it. I also feel guilty sending him to “school” already. Let’s face it, school kinda’ sucks. I just hope he has fun there with the other kids.

It’s been real, kid.

I could let this opportunity slide by me and wait for something when I’m ready, but when will I ever be ready? As I said, we could use the money. This is at least a work-from-home gig that never requires overtime or travel, so I’d feel silly passing on it.

Am I excited? No. Am I making a bigger deal out of this than I should? Probably. So many thoughts, so little time!

I foresee another crappy night of sleep in my future, and perhaps some more treadmill sprints tomorrow…

  • No questions today, just a penny for your thoughts. (Actually, no pennies, daycare is $*@&$&# expensive.)
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What My Toddler Ate Wednesday

Okay, I know I skipped some posts last week, and I missed one yesterday. I’ve been terribly busy. We’ve all been there, right?

So I’ll be keeping today’s post short n’ sweet, though not as sweet as the smiling little face you see in the pictures. Ain’t nothin’ that sweet, well, except for the ice cream I got into last night. Mmmmm…

what i ate wednesday fall

I plan to share what I’ve been getting myself into later this week, hopefully tomorrow, but for now, let’s stick to a fun take on WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday). Here are Ethan’s eats!

Breakfast: 4 oz whole milk upon waking, followed not long after by half a banana and some almond butter sandwiched between Cheerios (Joe’s O’s, actually)

breakfastSnack: water and Plum Organics teething crackers (about 1.5 crackers on our way to Target)

toddlerLunch: 4 oz whole milk, half a chicken tender, peas, and butternut squash, which isn’t pictured because he gobbled it up too fast, along with a wee bit of my cheese and a couple Happy Family puffs (He usually has a vegetarian lunch, but since he’s been refusing yogurt lately, he’s been having more meat. He still likes yogurt, but he wants to feed himself.)

peasSnack: water and 4 strawberries with a little cheese

berriesDinner: 4 oz whole milk, beef stew (beef, potato, carrots for him) with leftover peas from lunch. Apparently the kid loves beef stew, and I need to photograph faster!

milkDessert: 6 oz whole milk before bed. I know it’s time to ditch the bedtime bottle, but he loves it. He really loves it. He’s not ready. I’m not ready. We’ll get there when we get there.

  • What was your dessert yesterday? I hear it was national chocolate day, or something like that, right?
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Meal Plan Monday #3

Happy Monday! I wrapped up a pretty good week, and though I’m sad to see it go, I’m still excited for the week ahead.

While Kevin was off on his hunting trip, my mom kept me company. Ethan was a beast last week (too many full-blown tantrums to count), so it was so nice having backup! It was also nice having a sitter for an important meeting. (meetings call for elevator selfies, duh)

selfie   beer

We played a lot. Drank good beer. Ate good food. Triple C Brewing had a release of The Dude Imbibes, a milk stout aged in rum barrels (not my thing, but it made for a good crowd). And we enjoyed a dinner at Cafe Monte, a place that never lets me down.

playBut now we’re back to Monday. Monday doesn’t seem so rough this week because now Kevin’s home. Not a bad trade. So that brings us to the meal plan:

  • Sunday: butternut squash mac with bacon (oh yes, I went there, it was OMGooood)
  • Monday: pita pizzas and side salad
  • Tuesday: beef stew (I hate beef stew, but my boys will like it.)
  • Wednesday: baked chicken with broccoli and rice pilaf
  • Thursday: leftovers
  • Friday: turkey and black bean chili (Chili on Halloween is tradition around here.)

beerAnd for the other meals (not including random snacks, things I steal from Ethan’s plate, and dessert):

  • Breakfast: oatmeal with banana, walnuts, and spices
  • Lunch: quinoa with kale, basil, and white beans
  • Snack: apple and a piece of cheese

If you’re digging the whole “meal plan” thing, check out weeks #1 and #2.

  • What’s on your meal plan this week?
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Fit Friday

Hey! Seeing as how I still have family visiting and a ridiculously fussy child, today’s post is a quickie.

A quickie like yesterday’s workout. See what I did there…

treadmill toner

I completed that workout and followed it up with three basic sets of machine chest flies while stretching between sets. Feels good to sweat!

koozieEthan was good in the child care area of the gym. The ladies love him there. He had is trusty koozie though, which he has been carrying around non-stop this week. I finally took it away this morning, and he’s not very happy about it.

shoppingI buy the kid all kids of toys, but all he wants (took it to the gym, shopping yesterday, in the bath all week, to the playground) is that dang koozie!

Anyway, I’m out. May your workday be as short as this post. Happy Friday!!

  • Whatcha’ getting into this weekend?
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