34 Weeks: Getting Ready

Here we are at 34 weeks. Sometimes time feels as though time is racing, but other times it’s slower than Christmas coming. I guess that’s life, eh?

bellyHow far along? 34 weeks (ahhhhh – 6 weeks until D-day!)  Big news: Babies born between 34 and 37 weeks (full-term starts at 37) without other health problems generally do just fine, even though they may need a short stay in the neonatal nursery and some short-term issues.  Yaaaay!

Baby’s size? Weighing about 4.75 pounds, about the size of a cantaloupe, and almost 18 inches long

Total Weight Gain: About 21 lbs, which is surprising given this weekend’s big eats

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep:  Hit or miss, but I had a great nap Sunday during Ethan’s nap

Best moment this week: Kevin’s birthday dinner date night Saturday

Miss Anything? Having less pain

Movement: Yup! Hiccups, kicks, and all

Food cravings:  Nope, but I’m still loving my ice cream

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope

Gender: Boy!

Labor Signs:  Nope.

Symptoms: The pelvic pain is getting worse, and the acne isn’t getting better. There are also Braxton Hicks contractions. But I’m getting excited, and my hair is thick and fabulous.

Belly Button in or out?  Finally out

Wedding rings on or off?  Off

Happy or moody most of the time?  I’m happy, but I stress easily about things I still need to get done and what it might be like with two little ones.

Looking forward to: Meeting my little guy – I’m getting eager!

bottleI’ve been busy crossing items of my “before baby” list. I can’t remember all that was on it off the top of my head, but I assure you that there was plenty. I sterilized bottles and pump parts last week, and I also made a few more freezer meals. I made an extra freezer meal for a friend who just had a baby last week.

freezerNot too long ago, I also recovered the cushions on Ethan’s glider. They’re now gray and white instead of green. I washed baby clothes, and I totaled up the amount of all the remaining items on my baby registry. Hmmm… I guess I need to bite the bullet and just buy them. Eh… I’ll get to it.

bookI also finished Husband Coached Childbirth: The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth this weekend. (I don’t recommend it, but I don’t regret reading it either.) I’ll also be attending a breast feeding class at the hospital in a week or two. Oh goodness – I’m tired just thinking about it all!

  • How is your to-do list these days?
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Everything But The Kitchen Sink

Here’s a bit of everything but the kitchen sink. I haven’t checked in for a while, but trust me, I’ve been keeping plenty busy!

It was Kevin’s birthday weekend, and while I failed to plan something fantastical and creative, I can say it was still a pretty good weekend.

birthdayOn Thursday, my mom and I brought Ethan to the water park after work. It was his last chance to go this summer, so I’m glad we got to go.

water parkKevin’s parents drove up on Friday for a little early celebrating. They took us out to one of Kevin and my favorite Charlotte restaurants, 131 Main. Such a great steak!

saturdayOn Saturday, Kevin and I left Ethan at home for a a fun date night. We went to The Melting Pot, and it was a very enjoyable evening. Though we agree that the fondue wasn’t the best we’ve ever had, we really enjoyed the length of the meal. Gotta make the most of date night! After we got home, he ended up going out to a friend’s house in the neighborhood while I went to bed.

meltin potEthan and I tried to give him the morning off the next day with fun at home, a park trip, and some grocery shopping. (food colored spaghetti was fun for a while, but it didn’t keep him occupied too long)

toddler  spaghetti

I even made Kevin’s favorite home-cooked meal for dinner, which Ethan and I don’t particularly care for but were happy to have on such an occasion. It’s Better Homes & Gardens’ beef in red wine gravy.

dinnerIn short – happy birthday to my old man!!

  • What would your birthday dinner be? Home cooked or out? I don’t know where I’d go out to eat, but I’d definitely want lasagna at home.
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33 Weeks – One Tired Mama

The word of the day is – tired. I’m not always sleepy tired, but that’s a big part of it too. I’ve simply had much less energy and motivation for just about everything (especially cleaning my house). Though if I had time to sleep more, I’d probably do that too!

sprinkleHow far along? 33 weeks

Baby’s size? About 4 lbs and longer than 17 inches

Total Weight Gain: About 21 lbs

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep: Sleep wasn’t great, but it was better than it was a week ago.

Best moment this week: Enjoying my baby sprinkle

Miss Anything?  My energy and my old workouts

Movement: Yup, and this little guy is getting strong! It’s fun to watch from the outside too.

Food cravings: No cravings but still loving my nightly ice cream

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope

Gender: BOY!

Labor Signs: I have minor contractions now and again, but I think part of Sunday’s were partially due to dehydration. I really need to take time to drink more water.

Symptoms: the aforementioned lethargy, pelvic pain, chloasma (skin pigmentation), and acne

Belly Button in or out? depends

Wedding rings on or off? off until the eczema lets up a little – I think I see improvement.

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, though I did get a little emotional a time or two

Looking forward to: My doctor appointment today! I just like to hear that everything is A-okay with my growing little man.

giftThere wasn’t a bump shot this week, but the photos are from my baby sprinkle this weekend. It was small but not too small, nice but not overdone, and just what I wanted. I told people not to bring gifts but instead to just bring a pack of diapers or wipes.

baby sprinkleI don’t know if I should have covered meals or not since we planned it for brunch at Vivace, but I just brought the cake. By the way, the cake was fantastic! I picked up red velvet from Earth Fare. They’re my fav Charlotte bakery even though they’re actually a grocery store.

It was really great to get some girl time. It had been far too long!

  • What are you most looking forward to?
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Speedy Long Weekend

How is it that even long weekends go too quickly? I took the afternoon off on Thursday and again on Friday, so it kind of felt like a long weekend. It was great though, and it made me wish I worked part-time!

MiMMLinking up with Katie for #MIMM

Kevin was out of town serving as best man at a wedding from Thursday to Sunday, so it was just Ethan and I. Well, we also saw my parents and some friends, so we weren’t too lonely. Plus, there’s always baby #2 bumping along with us!

On Thursday we tried to visit the water park, but the weather had other plans. We packed up and went to my parents’ pool instead. (It was one of those 20-minute thunderstorms, so it cleared up by the time we changed locations.)

poolFriday was fun too. My parents took Ethan and I out for his first boat ride. He got a bit antsy toward the end, but he really seemed to like it. He enjoyed swimming in the lake and driving.

captainThe downside to boating was having to wear the ugly, basic, orange life vest they keep on rental boats. I wore mine so Ethan would keep his life jacket on. Oh well, I can’t blame the guy for wanting to take it off. Misery loves company, I guess.

picOn Saturday a good friend drove up from out of state to spend the night and attend my baby sprinkle. (small shower = sprinkle) It was certainly a small gathering, but it was great to catch up with some of my friends. I really want to see as many as I can before baby #2 gets here!

cakeLeftover cake while writing thank-you notes

We had a lovely time, and despite a tantrum at dinner that evening, Ethan had a really good weekend. He gave me lots of kisses, played with lots of toy cars, and even decided he wants to start using the potty. He’s no expert, but we’ve started working on it with him in a very relaxed, non-pushy kind of way.

  • How was your weekend? Whew – busy but good, and far too short!
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Thinking Out Loud: Mom Thoughts

Hi Friends! I’m linking up with Amanda today for a Thinking Out Loud post. Rather than list random thoughts, I’m just going to fill you in on something I’ve been pondering lately.

Thinking Out LoudTo work, or not to work.

Let me first say that all moms are working moms. Being a mother is the hardest job I’ve ever had. Now that I got that out of the way, I think you know what I mean when I say “work.” I mean work with a boss, a paycheck, scheduled hours, and my buddy in day care.


Trucks have overtaken my entire house!!!

Money – The fact of the matter is, we could use the money. However, it’s really not that much money in the grand scheme of things by the time you subtract stupid-expensive childcare. Kevin and I have been throwing around a lot of numbers lately, and we could get by for a couple years.

oh faceBest for Ethan – What’s best for the kiddos is really a loaded question. I think Ethan would do best in part-time day care. He really likes his school and his friends. But since I don’t have a part-time job, that’s not really an option. I mean, in a perfect world I’d stay home and send him in for two half-days per week, but that goes back to the $$$ issue.

Best for Baby – After seeing how sick Ethan was this winter after first starting school, I want to say that being home with me is best for an infant. Of course, I’m biased just because I want baby snuggles. I also hope breastfeeding goes better this time, and I don’t like the thought of pumping at work. (Obv I’m only speaking for myself here. There’s a TON of gray area, and I don’t think that being at home with mom or being at day care is better or worse so long as it fits with your life/job/circumstances. I’m not here to ruffle feathers.)

daddyBest for Daddy – If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. (Words of wisdom from my mother.)

Best for Mommy – I don’t know. Honestly. I have a great “mom job,” and I hate to walk away from that. However, if I don’t stay home while I have the chance, will I regret it the rest of my life? Staying home with Ethan that first year was so much harder than I imagined. Play dates almost never worked out. I was lonely. He cat-napped and had reflux with colic-like symptoms. I felt like all my cool friends had cool jobs, and I was “just” a mom. Most importantly, I never sought proper help for PPD. But things can be different, right? I at least know what I’m getting myself into this time, and I have more mom friends for support and companionship.

positiveI’m not making any decisions just yet, but it’s weighing as heavily in my mind as it is on my heart. I just thought I’d share.

  • Think out loud for me – what’s going on with you these days?
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