Food, Fun, and Fitness

Food, fun, and fitness. Yup. That sums up my weekend, and it was in that order too. Lots of food, a bit of fun, and a sprinkle of fitness.

After being on vacation for quite a while, we decided to stay in on Friday. Kevin and I watched Gone Girl after Ethan went to bed. The book was better, but I’m not going to complain about looking at Ben Affleck for 2.5 hours.

jogging strollerSaturday included a 3-mile stroller run and a night out with the girls. Kevin kindly put Ethan to bed while I met friends at Napa on Providence for restaurant. The meal was good, but I expected better from them.

gnocchiAt least there was cake.

chocolate cakeThe yummies didn’t stop there. On Sunday we enjoyed eggplant and hummus flatbreads for lunch followed by shrimp paella for dinner.

eggplantIt turns out that my little man doesn’t like shrimp. Crazy kid.

We also had fun at the park, which was a great end to the weekend.

parkAnd that’s what’s marvelous in my Monday (#MIMM). What’s marvelous in yours? (Oh, and coffee; that’s always marvelous on Monday morning!

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I Need { Another } Vacation

Happy Friday! It sure doesn’t feel like Friday here. I was of work from last last Wednesday to this past Wednesday, and though working yesterday and today is no picnic, a two-day work week is really nothing to complain about.

kiddie poolI think I need a vacation from my vacation though. Traveling with a toddler isn’t exactly a cake-walk, especially when air travel is involved. Don’t let my mama drama fool you; I had help. My little fam visited my parents and grandparents in Aruba, so there were plenty of eyes on the into-everything-all-the-time toddler. Now if only he’d sleep better when traveling…

grandpasandEthan hated the sand, pool, and ocean when we arrived. He eventually warmed up to the sand, but the other options still didn’t win his approval.

familybeachWe had a great time, but I think we were all happy to have our own beds and vegetables back in our lives. (I actually woke Ethan from a 3-hour nap yesterday. Whaaa?!?)

ratatouille  veg

  • What did I miss this week?
  • Do you unplug on vacation? (It was nice to be phone-less.)
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Tuesday Quickie

Ethan is already awake, about an hour earlier than normal, so I guess I’ll keep this quick so that I can go and get him from his crib. Of course, you’d think he’d be a bit more tired given how he woke up 10,000,000,000 times last night. I guess he still isn’t feeling good, so I took pity and let him sleep in my arms for a while.

Yeah. Pass the coffee.

Since I’m not feeling so hot, and since he woke up early, I guess I’ll be skipping the morning part of my workout today.

At least I got something in yesterday, and it felt gooooooood. Yay!! I started the morning with chest/shoulders followed by one of my favorite cereals, Kashi GoLean Berry Crisp. Mmmmm, that stuff is addicting. I can hardly keep it in the house!

morningOn my lunch break I had a little elliptical session at the gym. I didn’t go crazy with it, but some sweat does a body good.

ellipticalThat evening my throat was hurting more and more. I guess I’m getting what Ethan had over the weekend. The difference is he hasn’t wanted to eat. (His face when he first tried gnocchi last night.)

gnocchi faceBut I do! I subbed whole wheat sweet potato gnocchi for tortellini in last night’s chicken tortellini soup. I think I prefer the tortellini, but it was still really really good!

gnocchiOh, and ice cream. You know, for the sore throat and all…

  • No questions today. Just go and be awesome!
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Sick n’ Happy

Helloooooo Monday! I’m not ready, but who is? Bring on the coffee! I’m linking up with Katie today for another MIMM post. Here’s what is (and isn’t) making my Monday marvelous!

MiMMOn the down side, this is about how I looked most of the weekend. Totally bummin’.

bumBut bums have fun too.

funMom and Dad came over Friday and cooked me lasagna. Mmmm! Nothing like home cookin’, especially in your own home.

Sadly Ethan threw up Friday night, but I didn’t find out about it until Saturday morning when I got him up. He was just laying there happy as a clam reading his books, but he was covered in puke. TMI? Sorry. Kids are something else!

toddlerKevin, Ethan, and I met friends out Saturday night for burgers at Bad Daddy’s. It was delicious! I hadn’t had a burger in quite some time, so it was definitely a treat. E acted normally all weekend, but I guess he still felt off since I couldn’t hardly get him to eat anything, not even my French fries at dinner.

Sunday was laid-back: turkey dinner, kitty kisses, and extra giggles.

kittyAhhh, and now it’s back to work. Hmmm, maybe I’ll pick Ethan up early today…


  • What’s making your Monday marvelous?
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Pain Relief with Melt Method

Happy Saturday! Thank goodness for the weekend. That first week back from vacation/holidays is always rough. How have you all been adjusting back to the daily grind?

As regular readers know, I work from home. This means I’m as comfy as possible at work, usually wearing leggings and a sweatshirt (sexy, right?) and drinking far too much coffee.

I try to do the right thing, like wash my hair with some sort of frequency, not eat at my desk, and sit up straight. But oh does my posture suffer at home!

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