Like Weeds

These boys are growing like weeds, I tell ya! Today Adam turned one month old. His first month went by much more quickly than Ethan’s first month. Of course, time kind of runs together when you don’t sleep.

adamYeah, he’s a pretty chill baby except that he still has those days and nights mixed up, which makes for very long and very frustrating nights… not to mention tired mornings!

adamSo cheers to you Adam! I’ll find out more about his growth and such at his doctor appointment tomorrow.

adamEthan has an appointment too. (Thank goodness I get to bring them at the same time!) It’s his two-year checkup. Wow – two years!!

partyHappy Birthday Cutie!!! (Fun fact – I served half a banana and a mini cupcake to the kids at his party. Go figure, Ethan at the banana first. haha! The pic below is him asking for more cupcake though with his sign language.)

birthdayI’m so glad we spent a little extra money to have his party at Gymboree instead of at the house. I didn’t have to clean up the frosting fingers and cupcake crumbs of multiple toddlers.

PS – This blog post is brought to you by Ethan’s unusually long nap. Adam even slept for 30 minutes of it, so I got to lay down for a little bit too. Yaaaay!

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Updates: Toddler, Infant, & Mama

Hiya Friends! It has been almost a month since I checked in, but I’m back with a few updates. I actually let my blog hosting expire for a few days, but then I decided to renew before I lost everything. I think it will be fun to look back at Ethan’s updates and Adam grows.


  • Ethan has had a hard time adjusting to big brotherhood. He seems to like Adam, but he does NOT like sharing his mommy and daddy.
  • Tantrums have been out of control, and he has woken almost every night since we brought Adam home. I think it’s getting better though. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel!
  • Ethan sweetly hugs his little brother and tells him “Morning” and “Hi” very often. It’s adorable. He also brings me any of Adam’s clothes he sees laying around the house.
  • I can’t believe it, but this kid turns two on Saturday! How did my little snugly preemie get so big?!?
  • He has suddenly started saying a lot more words, though many of them are only decipherable by parents.
  • Lastly, I’ve tried to give Ethan one-on-one attention and take him to do fun things. We went to a local farm for a hayride, library story time, the park, and “Day out with Thomas” last weekend. Thomas the train is his favorite character. He had a blast! (And I had the joy of my first public breastfeeding session… ugh.)


  • He’ll be 4 weeks old on Saturday!
  • Adam’s growing like a weed! When I brought him to the dr early last week, he weighted 8 lbs 2 oz, which is serious growth from his lowest post-birth weigh-in of 6 lbs 3 oz.
  • He’s an eater, but he’s not much of a sleeper. Once asleep he does okay, but getting this kid to go down isn’t easy. It sometimes takes a loooooong time in the middle of the night. I read that after 4 weeks of age, newborns start to get their days and nights in order, so maybe that will help next week.
  • I think he looks like Kevin.
  • He likes laying on his side and sleeping in the car. He hates baths and being swaddled.


  • I’m adjusting relatively well to having a baby again. I’m much happier this time, so the baby blues haven’t been bad. I attribute this to having lots of help, knowing what to expect, already being somewhat sleep deprived, and having success with VBAC and breastfeeding.
  • I’m a human pacifier.
  • My mom has been a lifesaver. She stayed with us on and off for the first three weeks, and having someone there to taxi Ethan to/from daycare, clean the house, and keep me company has been a big help. In fact, she’s coming back to clean Friday. Yay!
  • I squeezed into my old jeans at 3 weeks postpartum, but I don’t plan on writing body-after-baby posts. I’m more concerned with maintaining my milk supply. But with that said, I am 7 lbs away from a shopping spree.
  • Ethan has been in full-time daycare through the end of this month, and tomorrow is my first day with both boys at home without help from Kevin or my mom. Saying I’m nervous is an understatement!

hayrideI told myself I’d vacuum today,buuuuut baby is napping. I’m not that much of a risk taker. Blogging sounded much more cathartic, relaxing, and most of all, quiet!

  • Thanks for checking in with me. What have you been up to? What good reads have I missed this month? (Leave links in comments!)
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Adam’s Birth Story

I feel like there are a million and one things for me to be doing. Sleeping is probably most important. However, here I am writing up a birth story. I printed out Ethan’s and put it in his baby book, and I plan to do the same with Adam’s.

babyIt all started on Friday morning. I was having mild and irregular contractions. They were more intense than usual, but they weren’t any different than the ones I’d had a few days earlier. I kept Ethan home with me, but I had my mom come help out for a while. She was just supposed to watch him while I went to the dentist, but I asked her to stay a little longer.

When it came time to have afternoon snack with Ethan, I started timing the contractions. They were more frequent, but I couldn’t tell if they were more regular. Thank goodness for contraction apps! E and I sat and watched Thomas the Train that afternoon instead of our regular active play.

adam5pm – I cancelled our dinner plans (sorry Lauren!), called my doctor and my parents to come watch Ethan. My contractions weren’t all that strong, but they had been about 1 minute long and 3 minutes apart for two hours.

6pm – Kevin arrived home from work, and we left for the hospital. The nurses said I wasn’t very dilated, so they had us walk laps around the maternity ward for 1.5 hours to get things moving.

8:30pm – Things didn’t get moving; we left the hospital. The contractions had become quite painful though, so I was upset that I was having all this pain for nothing.

12am – After trying to rest and take my mind off the pain with tv and a bath, I couldn’t take it anymore. We headed back to the hospital. They were definitely more painful. When we arrived, nurses said I went from 1cm dilated to 5cm dilated in the time I was home, so they were going to keep me there. Yay!!

2am – I finally hit 7cm, and I was seriously feeling it. Standing felt best of all, but I took to the birthing ball when I needed a break.

3am – That was the longest hour everrrrrr. I told the nurse that if I hadn’t progressed more, I wanted an epidural. Yup… after 12 hours of labor I was still at 7cm, so I got an epidural.

**I wanted to try for a drug-free birth, but I’m not a die-hard about it. I was worried I’d regret my choice, but I don’t regret it one bit. This made the rest of the experience more enjoyable to me. I could still feel things, but it wasn’t painful. I also remember every bit of the birth and wasn’t out of it or drowsy. It also did not affect Adam’s alertness or ability to nurse, which was my main concern.**

4am – The epidural went in, despite my anti-needle hysterics. (I totally freaked out, but they got it in there okay.)

kevin5am – The doc said I’d dilated to 9 or 10cm, so she broke my water. Very soon after we started pushing! Kevin had been a bit of a bystander to that point, but he kindly stood by my side through this part. Despite the epidural, it still hurt – though I’m sure it wasn’t close to what it would have been!

6:42am – Adam is born!!!

The nurses put Adam directly on my chest before wiping him off. He stayed there while Kevin cut the cord and the doc stitched me up, among other things. Later, maybe around 7:30am, Adam latched on for his first feeding, and he ate for 1.5 hours! This kid was awake, alert, and hungry!!

adamAdam and I are doing fine, and he is still very awake, alert, and hungry. Ethan isn’t taking kindly to sharing his mommy, but he has been as good or better than I could expect. Everything takes some getting used to!

  • Thanks for all the kind words via Twitter & Instagram!
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Meet Adam!

Our little man is here! He was born on Saturday morning and weighs 6 lbs & 10 oz. 


He’s 19.25 inches long and couldn’t be more different than his brother. Adam loves eating (he’s a boob man) and hates sleeping.  

I hope to be back soon with the birth story. Wish me luck on catching some shut-eye!

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A guide to Rose champagne and food pairings

A guide to Rose champagne and food pairings

Though it may not be as famous as its two major influences — rosé wine and champagne — rosé champagne combines the rich wealth of a traditional rosé wine’s flavor with the refreshing zest of champagne. While these qualities make it a great wine to consume on its own, rosé champagne’s complexity makes it a perfect match with a wide variety of dishes, from appetizers and starters to mains and desserts.

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