Fun Thanksgiving

Just popping in to share a few funnies and wish you all a very fun Thanksgiving!

My workout:wine aerobics My diet:

pieSomething Ethan made for me at school (he may have had some help with that):

turkeySomething I won’t be making for Ethan (though it’s adorable):

hatA link that made me chuckle: What if guys acted like girls on Instagram?

A picture that made me chuckle: (#breakthanksgiving)

breakthanksgivingThank the Lord. Eat yummy food. Hug somebody. xoxo

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Current Favorites

Hiya! I’m so excited for Thanksgiving that I can’t even stand it. Ethan is going to be around some of his favorite people, and I’m going to be around some of my favorite things (beer n’ pie). Ha. Really though, it should be fun.

And speaking of favorites, I’m here to share some of my favorite things as of late.

1. Nature’s Path Pumpkin Flax Plus granola. I just polished off a box recently, and it didn’t last long. It’s not overly sweet or even very pumpkin-y, but it has omegas and crunchy little pumpkin seeds that are both healthy and delicious.

pumpkin granola

2. Old Navy baby jeans. Baby jeans make my heart melt. I just can’t get enough, and Old Navy makes the best of the affordable option. They run smaller than other brands, so I get Ethan one pair of these and one pair of other (ie: Circo from Target) so that he’s covered longer, if that makes sense. (Old picture, but you get the idea)

baby jeans3. This sleep shirt (also from Old Navy). I promise, this is not a sponsored post, but I’m really enjoying this new sleep shirt. I love that it says “Off Duty” but hate that I’m not actually off duty when wearing it. Luckily Ethan has been sleeping through the night again now that he’s not sick!

sleepshirt4. Coffee. I’m always loving coffee, but I recently tried Trader Joe’s 20-pack of K-cups. It’s not the best coffee I’ve ever had, but it’s pretty darn good – especially for the price!

coffee5. Sparkles and shine. ‘Tis the season, right? Bring on the bling! Anyone else a little glitter-crazy this time of year?

6. Seven Jeans. Okay, I haven’t actually purchased a pair of these lately but, I suddenly fit into a pair that I haven’t been able to wear for years. It’s like finding a $20 in your coat from last winter… but way awesomer.

7jeans7. Berry lipstick. Maybe it’s just good for hiding all the wine I’ve been drinking, but I’m loving berry right now. I’m currently into Clinique’s Raspberry Glace shade.

8. Tea. I like tea, but I don’t love tea. In fact, I only go through about a box or two a year. But ‘teas the season for hot drinks! (love TJ’s candy cane green tea and Twinning’s Chai)

tea9. The A&E jegging sweater. I don’t own jeggings, and I’m probably too old to be shopping at American Eagle. However, I’m crazy about this sweater. I love that it is a little higher in the front but comes down low enough to cover my butt.

sweater10. Fructis Damage Eraser Conditioner. I don’t know that it erases any damage, but it conditions really well, which is important this time of year.


  • What are you currently loving?
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A Tasty Weekend

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I sure did, and I think Ethan did too. We’re putting the breaks on Meal Plan Monday this week to revisit the food and fun from the weekend. Let’s face it, turkey is on most everyone’s menu, right?

This weekend brought good times and good food. Friday was low-key at home, but I think Ethan finally called me “Momomom.” Adorable! I think I watched the video of it like 20 times.

Maybe he was just happy about his mama’s cooking. He loves ratatouille, and so do I!

ratatouilleOn Saturday, I enjoyed a turkey panini, but Ethan was jealous. You can’t eat anything in front of this kid without him wanting some (or all) of it.

turkeyLater that evening, Kevin and I enjoyed date night at Miro Spanish Grill. We split the seafood paella for two along with a little wine.

paellaWe agreed that it didn’t compare to the one we had in Barcelona, but we obviously didn’t hate it.

paellaSunday started with bacon, eggs, and biscuits. Yum! Why doesn’t every day start with bacon? I think we should do that more often.

baconWe later went to a church function, stocked up for Turkey Day, and had a big ole’ family nap. Seriously, it was the best Sunday we’ve had in quite a while. Ethan slept a little over two hours, and he was a happy little guy all day.

napAhhh, and now we’re back to Monday. At least it’s a short week, eh?

  • How was your weekend?
  • Anything good on your menu this week?
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Five for Friday

Oh boy, this has been quite a week. Though Ethan hasn’t been to daycare since about 10am Monday morning when they called me to come get him. I’ve made it to work every day, gone to 3 doctor appointments, and have managed to cook dinner every night without pulling my hair out. There has only been 1 minor meltdown, so I call that a win.


entertaining ourselves with dr office selfies

My parents were in town this week, so they traded off watching Ethan at the house while I worked from home. Ethan and I are both grateful for them and for my flexible boss. Yay!

dr office

and re-arranging dr office furniture

Ethan is going back to “school” today since he is feeling better and was totally fever-free yesterday. This is big news since his fever kept burning up to 104 multiple days.

With that bit of good news, we’re back to (somewhat) regularly scheduled blogging…

1. Coffee & Sugar. I was up about 4 times with Ethan before he decided to get me up for the day at 4:15am yesterday (not that he’s slept well any of the nights he has been sick). Major yawn! That called for a little extra coffee and this impulse purchase. I regret nothing.


rollin’ in dough

2. Weight-loss trick. I’m not trying to drop pounds, but I did drop a few this week because Ethan refused to eat. I get time to eat when he’s eating, but if he doesn’t eat, I’m left with no time to finish a meal. This goes back to the cookies; I regret nothing.

3. The non-workout plan. I have only worked out 3 or 4 times. Not this week. The last 3 or 4 weeks!!! It’s killing me. As I said before, I’m not trying to drop pounds, but I like sweating a bit. It’s kinda’ my thing. Not being able to do it due to a sick child, training for the new job, etc. is getting me down. I hope to sneak in a run today on my lunch break, so cross your fingers for me!

4. Thanksgiving. Yeah, it’s next week. How did that happen? I’m excited for it, but I’m totally not ready. We’re hosting again this year, so it’s going to be a BIG grocery trip on Sunday!

holiday5. Black Friday. Yeah, that’s next week too. I don’t even need anything, but I love the people-watching. I just wish Black Friday was still the day to get the deals. I’m not expecting to find a bargain, but that isn’t to say I’m not still hopeful…

  • Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Black Friday?
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Bright Star Kids

What.A.Day. My poor little guy was sick yesterday, so I had to come pick him up from school very early. Luckily I was able to care for him during my lunch break and then do a little work while he napped. I only had to take off an hour or so from work to get him to the doctor’s office, so at least that’s something.

Instead of taking the day off from work today, my mom and dad are going to babysit him here at the house while I work. What would we do without grandparents, eh?

So rather than post pictures of my pitiful little munchkin (trust me, he’s still super cute), I think we’ll just dive into some holiday fun from Bright Star Kids.

Bright Star Kids provided me with some products of my choosing, and I’m eager to share the goodies with you! I got two wall stickers, including this pirate ship for Ethan’s room.

pirateWe plan to move him into the current guest room once he’s ready for a toddler bed, so I went ahead and stuck it there. I tore it a little in two spots while trying to put it up, but I don’t think it’s noticeable. Cute though, right?

wall artI also picked out a Christmas reindeer for downstairs. Isn’t it totes adorbs? In case you’re thinking of ordering it, just be aware that it’s more gray than brown.

ethan reindeerI think he likes it.

Lastly, I got this matching toddler bib. My messy boy needed a bigger bib!

toddler bib  reindeer

They have other goodies too, so be sure to check them out!

  • Mamas, when do kids start picking up immunity after starting daycare/preschool???
  • Are you a fan of monogramming and personalized gifts?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bright Star Kids. The opinions and text are all mine.

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