New Mom Tips

Seriously, I almost titled this “New Mom Hacks.” Has anyone else been bombarded with “hacks” lately? Dinner hacks, life hacks, weight loss hacks… ahhhhh! It’s overtaken my brain. They’re tips. These are just tips, suggestions if you will, perhaps even ideas.

Ohhhh buzzwords.

Moving on….

Before I get into the suggestions, I just want to share that last night’s dinner was fantastic. It was a great wine (I’m totally digging 7 Deadly Zins), broiled steak, and roast okra. I’m so mad at myself for not making more okra this summer; I love the stuff!

dinnerOh, and yesterday’s workout and the play date at the park were lovely too. Gotta love this slightly cooler weather! I’ll have more to share on the new fitness routine soon, but I need to run through it a time or two first.

Okay okay, now moving onto those tips.

1. Sleep sleep sleep. This ecard sums up how I felt about this, but let me just speak from experience. Clean the minimum; sleep the maximum. You’ll be more patient with your screaming little one when you’re rested. The shower, kitchen, carpets, (the list goes on) can wait. Better yet, that’s what grandparents are for.

sleep2. Read, Research, and Walk Away. There’s nothing wrong with doing a little light reading about babies and baby care, especially when you’re as clueless as I was. There’s also nothing wrong with reading the reviews on the stroller/crib/bottles you want for your little one. But keep it light. Then walk away. Common “advice” about sleep, feedings, etc. hasn’t worked well for my son. Frankly, reading too much into it created heightened expectations and increased stress. Do what you need to do, but then walk away from the baby forums!

ethan3. It goes fast… except when it doesn’t. You finally made it to the grocery store. Your hair’s a mess, and you have spit-up on your shirt. You don’t care. All you want is to get in and out without your baby screaming. Two little old ladies dare stop you and say how quickly this time passes and that you should cherish every minute. Don’t. Try if you can, but don’t feel badly if you’re not high on life every minute of every day. As many moms will say, the days are long and the years are fast. Like, hyperdrive fast. Enjoy it as much as you can when you can, and don’t feel badly for those moments when you don’t. Little old ladies don’t remember it all so well anyway.

ethan4. You probably don’t need it. There was a time before the Internet. There was also a time before baby superstores. Sure, you need stuff, and there are plenty of stores, websites, and blogs to highlight such “necessities.” But keep in mind that just because they make it, doesn’t mean you need it. I think the Internet has shown us more baby goodies out there than we could have ever dreamed, but when in doubt, you probably don’t need it.

ethan5. Know that it gets better. Dear new dad standing in your kitchen nearly pouring your coffee on your pajamas instead of in your mug because you’re too darn tired to see straight: Dear new mom walking back and forth down your hallway 34 times bouncing and singing to your screaming baby while your dinner gets cold in the other room: Please know that it gets better. Some folks says 12 weeks, some 3 months, some 6 months, and some 18 years. Just know that it gets better that your baby loves you, even if he or she doesn’t know how to express it just yet.

ethanHappy Tuesday!

  • Mamas, got tips?
  • Everyone else, what wine are you loving lately?
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So many updates, so little time! Anyone else feel short on time these days? Okay, I guess I always feel that way, but who doesn’t? I’d say there just aren’t enough hours in the day, but frankly, if there were more hours, I wouldn’t have the energy to do much with them.

But here we are again at Monday. For once, I don’t have any beef with Monday. Kevin worked all weekend, so Saturday and Sunday felt like regular days for the little man and me. Let’s hope work lets up by next weekend.

I do have a few updates to share though, weekend updates, Ethan updates, and meal plan updates, so let’s get to ‘em!


  • Beers. The fam met me out at Old Mecklenburg Brewing to return the keg, and while there, of course we had to enjoy a cold one.
  • Food food food. We went out for Mexican food on Friday, and I had the best shrimp tacos! I also got a bit of food prep done on Sunday.
  • Comfort. Pancakes on Sunday morning and meatloaf for Sunday supper helped us refuel for the week ahead. Lots of evening play rejuvenated the spirits.


  • Walking. He’s moving… kind of. He will let go of the couch/chair/whatever he’s holding onto to take a few steps, but he still isn’t too confident. He’s also still quite wobbly! It’s amazing though to see how far he’s come in just a week or so.
  • Bath. He hates it. Hates hates hates it. How can I get baby to play in the tub?
  • Sleep. He’s still sleeping well at night, but it seems that he sleeps considerably less than other kiddos his age. 9.5 hours is what we generally get at night, which is good enough for me, but it only leaves me about an hour without the babe before I need to start my own bedtime routine.
  • Sweetness. He’s been a little more cuddly lately, which I just love love love!

monitorMeal Plan:

  • Sunday: meatloaf, baked potatoes, broccoli (Ethan cried when I gave him broccoli but loooooved the meatloaf!)
  • Monday: broiled steaks, rice, and roast okra (E will have leftover meatloaf.)
  • Tuesday: crock pot salsa chicken with peppers, onion, lettuce served in wraps with a side of canned fat-free refried beans
  • Wednesday: leftover salsa chicken
  • Thursday: turkey veggie mac n’ cheese
  • Friday & Saturday: up in the air, but I hope one of these includes dinner out or pizza!


  • What were you up to this weekend?
  • Cooking anything tasty this week?
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Happy Friday! Yes, you read the title correctly. Today I’m sharing pan-anas. They’re naturally sweet, and because of the egg, the flavor reminds me of French toast.

bananaIt starts with a ripe banana. And a pan. It’s super easy and is loved by the babe.

panI wish I had better pictures for you. It was kinda pretty the first time I made it, but this morning I had no such luck. Figures. I didn’t want to delay sharing the recipe though, so just put on your thinking caps and pretend it looks delicious.

pananasAt least I used my pretty Clemson plate in celebration of this weekend’s game. Perhaps I’ll make these again tomorrow and will replace this with a better photo.

  • 1 ripe banana
  • 1 tsp ground flax
  • 1 TBS flour (I used whole wheat)
  • 1 egg (if your pediatrician is cool with baby getting whole eggs)
  • Oil or butter for the pan (I sprayed olive oil but imagine butter would be delicious)
  1. Grease a pan. In a small/medium bowl, mash banana thoroughly with a fork. Stir in remaining ingredients until well combined.
  2. Pour mixture into pan, and cook on medium until cooked through. Flip halfway.

Pananas are also a pretty good pre-run breakfast, especially because I shared part with Ethan. It wasn’t too heavy but had just enough carb/fat/protein to keep me going.

bbSpeaking of the run, it was slow but pleasant this morning. Get out side, y’all – it feels great!

runI hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

  • French toast, pancakes, or waffles?
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Thinking Out Loud

Thanks Amanda for hosting another Thinking Out Loud party. How else could I justify publishing such a random sampling of thoughts?!

thinking out loud1. This song has been in my head for 3 days straight. It’s comical. It’s catchy. I like it. BUT I can’t relate to it. My hubby, along with any fellas I’ve ever dated, don’t like “a little more booty to hold at night.” I wish they did; I’d get a little more wiggle room in the diet. Plus, I don’t think everyone is beautiful even though I do think some folks of every size, shape, color, age, etc. are beautiful. See the link before calling me a meanie-head. I digress… it’s still a cute song.


2. Routine change! Ethan’s first nap has slid back a bit, which means I can squeeze in a walk or jog before first nap without him falling asleep in the stroller. Y’all, this is huge. It means I can do a quick strength workout and/or get a shower during his first nap and after a walk/jog. Huge I tell ya!!

stroller3. Speaking of the stroller, I’ve gotten a walk in three days in a row, and I’m planning another today. I might even try a 3-mile slow stroller run tomorrow. I’m feeling so much better after this half than I did after the first one. In fact, I’ve hardly felt it. No PT for me!

3. This quote: “It doesn’t matter if the glass is half empty or half full. There is clearly room for more wine.”

4. Wine is good, but so is beer. I just bought tickets to the Charlotte Oktoberfest. Yaaaay!!! No, Ethan won’t be going, but let me know in the comments if you are so that we can meet up.

charlotte oktoberfest #cltbeer5. Runger. My body still thinks it’s going to be running another half marathon, and it’s just.plain.wrong. I went to the fam’s place yesterday to pet-sit, and I found myself so ravenous that I tore into one of their emergency Lean Pockets. I hadn’t had one of those in forever, but I needed something. Anything.

6. Ethan’s been eating us out of house and home as well. I should hold my tongue seeing how he’ll eventually be a hungry teenager. Maybe he’s in a growth spurt. Maybe we’re both having a growth spurt. (I wish… and by the way, when did he get so big???)

ethan7. I’m bummed the flowers from yesterday’s post are wilting. Only the beautiful wilt young, eh? I once told Kevin that I didn’t like flowers because they died too soon. What a mistake! Until this bunch, I haven’t gotten flowers from him since this bouquet in college. I take it back, I take it back. I do like flowers! (Ha – love you Kev.)

clemsonAnd I think I’ll end on lucky 7.

  • Ever had runger issues?
  • Got any beer fests on your calendar?
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What I Shared (And Didn’t Share) Wednesday

Hi All! How is this week treating you? My week has been going pretty well, but it’s slower than Christmas comin’. Is it Friday yet???? No. Okay, so it must be Wednesday, which means that it’s also What I Ate Wednesday!!! (WIAW)

wiawThis Wednesday, I’m highlighting a bit of what I did and didn’t share. I’m happy to share my healthy eats with Ethan, but I’m also happy that he’s too young to realize when he’s missing out on something good. I’ll eat my yummy snack while he has vegetables or something. Ha. Sucker.

Breakfast: protein oats with a little added peaches and raspberries

Snack: a handful of raw almonds

Lunch: summer veggie bowl (pinto beans, corn, zucchini, eggplant, basil, and feta)

lunchIt was a winner! Ethan was happy I shared this one.

ethanSnack: Life cereal… don’t let the little cup fool you. I went back for much more.

cerealOh, and because the sugar/carb cravings were outta’ this world, I had some toaster pastries too throughout the day. I was happy not having to share.

sugarDinner: Something like this recipe (1/2 chicken breast, sauce, zucchini, eggplant, onion, and feta over a wee bit of brown rice, though Ethan & Kevin got pasta instead of rice)

dinnerI wish I had a picture here of my little naked baby at his high chair. I know to strip him down before giving him pasta with sauce. The kid’s a mess, and I love it. I also love that he eats his veggies.

Dessert: to spare my body from a sugar coma, I opted for a little red wine instead of my usual ice cream

  • Can you tell summer veggies were on sale at the grocery store?
  • Ever have rest-day crazy hunger or sugar cravings? Just me?
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