Feeling Festive WIAW

Happy What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) Friends! Today I’m sharing yesterday’s festive eats. Holiday food is faaaaantastic!

wiaw  breakfast

Breakfast: smoothie! (spinach, half a sweet potato, frozen berries, milk, Vega Protein & Greens blend)

smoothieSnack: two gingerbread cookies (you can’t stop at just one)

cookieLunch: open-face chicken salad sandwich (chicken, yogurt, celery, raisins, walnuts) and a honeycrisp apple

lunchSnack: pumpkin Chobani

chobaniDinner: Clean Eating’s slow cooker vegetarian tamale pie and some tortilla chips with a Sierra Nevada Celebration IPA (<– good beer!)

dinnerDessert: Edy’s slow churned peppermint wonderland ice cream

  • Favorite slow cooker recipe?
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Hidden Workouts

So it’s kinda’ been forever since I’ve posted a workout. Lame, right? I’ve been doing them, perhaps not as intensely as I was there for a while, but a little sweat is better than no sweat. I feel like I’m getting back in the groove a bit though, so it’s high time I share what I’ve been doing.

runThat is the face of a gal who completed her 3-mile run yesterday (followed by a Blogilates video for “Sexy Thighs” – just a quickie) even though she really really really didn’t want to.

  • Monday: Run (or aerobics indoors if it’s rainy)
  • Tuesday: Upper Body
  • Wednesday: Run (or aerobics indoors if it’s rainy)
  • Thursday: Lower Body
  • Friday: Clean the House or Run
  • Saturday/Sunday: Anything (online barre workout, family stroller walk, spin class)

It’s the hardest for me to get motivated for a weekend workout, so I’m happy doing anything at all. Through the week I’m usually getting sweaty during my lunch break, but even working mamas don’t get lunch breaks on the weekends.

snowman armsHere are the breakdowns of the upper and lower body workouts. They can be done at home with dumbbells, so just go as heavy as you can. They can also be completed in 20-30 minutes. It’s really important to get in a good warm-up though, and I do dynamic stretching between sets.

snowman buttI’ve been doing these a while, so after this week I think I’ll change it up with something new. I found a Pure Barre studio near me, but that’s a little out of my price range. Hmmm, maybe they’ll win me over after a trial pass or something.

  • What have your workouts been like lately?
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Quick Meal Plan Monday #8

Good Morning! Quickie post here. It was such a good weekend, so I think I’ll just give a lil’ summary, a couple pictures, and of course, the meal plan for the week.

wineThe weekend can be summarized as follows: food, food, and more food. Ha, but really…

Friday is for Freezer Casseroles: cooked 2 freezer casseroles, ate one of them that night for dinner, and ooooohhhhhh man was it yummy, especially when paired with the above “mommy juice”

santaSaturday is for Smooches: this kid is such a snuggler, and he’s also really into giving kisses right now too that melt my heart, though Santa wasn’t getting any of that! haha. We also brought him to a Christmas party that evening

party selfieSunday is for Sweets: I made soft gingerbread cookies, and they are fantastic. I think I ate my weight in dough, yipes! I also got some newborn snuggles when we delivered the other freezer casserole, so that was cool too.

And onto the meal plan:

Breakfast: protein oats, Snack: cookie, Lunch: half a chicken salad sandwich (made with plain yogurt, raisins, celery, and walnuts) with a grapefruit, Snack: apple, Dinner: as follows, Dessert: Edy’s slow churned peppermint wonderland ice cream

  • Sunday: steak fajitas
  • Monday: baked chicken breasts, sweet potato, broccoli/cauliflower
  • Tuesday: slow cooker vegetarian tamale pie
  • Wednesday: chili
  • Thursday: Kevin Out, Tiff/Ethan leftovers or PBJs
  • Friday: maybe pizza, maybe butternut squash  mac???
  • Saturday: out

And that about sums it up. What are you having this week?

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Friday Five

Oh wow, so much going on right now! I think the holidays are really gearing up eh? My company party is this weekend, and Kevin’s is next week. At least I get a day off from work next week, woop woop! Hmmm, sounds like I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.

Let’s try and reign in some of this excitement with a fun and festive Friday Five post!

1. Sephora, I love you. I don’t often buy skin care/beauty products, but I love sample minis. This sample junkie hit the jackpot this week by purchasing my regular Clinique foundation from Sephora instead of the mall makeup counter. Of course I had to pay shipping, but look at all these extra freebies I got. Squeeeee!! I’m already in love with Ole Henrikson “Pure Truth” Vitamin C Youth Activating Oil and Bvlgari fragrance.

sephora2. We’re already out of biscotti. My “I don’t eat sweets” husband has decided it’s his favorite cookie and has already requested more. Does anyone have any good recipes? I think this white chocolate cashew biscotti may be next on my list after I make this carrot apple bread for Ethan (and the rest of the family) this weekend.

3. It’s an “all the things” Christmas around here. Some years I can’t think of anything I want, but this is not one of those years. Everything catches my eye, and it’s driving me bonkers. Really, everything from these cute pajamas to an elliptical machine. There’s neither room in the house nor the budget for an elliptical, but a girl can dream.

pjs elliptical

4. Santa! I’m pumped about getting E’s picture taken with Santa this weekend. I wonder if he’s going to pull the beard and giggle or scream his head off? We are definitely going to be one of those families “lying” to their children about Jolly Ole’ St. Nick. Encouraging dreams, creativity, and selfless kindness is something I can get behind, plus I’ll get to eat the cookies he leaves out on Christmas Eve next year.

santa5. I get to visit a couple newborns this weekend as I drop off some freezer meals with friends. Yay Yay Yay! This reminds me, when you visit a new mom, here’s what you should say:

  • “You look amazing. There’s no way you just had a baby!”
  • “The baby is so adorable! I just can’t stand the overload of cute!”
  • “You are doing such a great job.”
  • “I’m on my way over; can I stop and get you anything while I’m out?”
  • Nothing. Say nothing else. You’re done. In fact, it’s about time to leave.

There are lots of fun and snarky things on “what not to say” (trust me, I’ve heard many of them!!), but that let above will get you invited back. For the most part, our “village” has been beyond helpful, supportive, and loving.

  • Mamas, what’s one of the craziest things a friend or family member said?
  • What’s on your Christmas list?
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What I Ate (and ate and ate) Wednesday

Hump Day!! Does this week feel a little slow to anyone else? I think going out to eat Monday night threw me off. That’s usually a weekend thing in this house.

A little slow week isn’t necessarily a terrible week though. So far, so good, and I even went and picked up my little buddy early yesterday. More hugs for mama!

wiawBut enough of that, the point is that it’s Wednesday, and that calls for a What I Ate Wednesday (#WIAW) post. Be sure to check out other WIAW posts at Peas & Crayons!

Breakfast: smoothie! (spinach, milk, banana, blackberries, and Vega protein and greens) <– I just bought this for the first time. I like the ingredients but am not 100% sold on the taste. It’s fine in a smoothie, but it’s not working for me in my protein oats.

smoothieSnack: coffee and biscotti

coffeeLunch: egg and light Havarti on an English muffin with a side salad… followed not too long after by half a granola bar

egg sammichOn my lunch break, I was able to prep part of dinner by assembling the meatloaf. When Ethan gets home from school, he’s generally in a good mood if I can give him loads of attention. That’s fine for me, but it isn’t fine for dinner. I’ve been trying to make more slow cooker or baked meals that I can assemble before he gets home.

dinnerSnack: gala apple and TJ’s peppermint green tea (so good!)

Dinner: Italian turkey meatloaf, pasta, and carrots… I may have gotten seconds.

meatloafDessert: peppermint bark and a smidge of vanilla ice creaMmmmmmm


  • What’s your favorite holiday flavor? I love gingerbread, but I think peppermint and chocolate are my true loves. Eggnog = meh. What else is there?
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