Monday Musings

I hope all are well. I’m just checking in here with a handful of Monday musings.

1 – I drove down to SC on Saturday for a friend’s baby shower. It wasn’t fun spending 5 hours in the car, but celebrating a friend was worth it. I hadn’t been away from Adam that long, but it was kind of nice to have a bit of peace and quiet away from the boys. They were in good hands at home with Kevin.

shower2 – Speaking of Kevin, Tuesday was his birthday. Happy belated birthday to my main squeeze! We celebrated with lots of cupcakes. (meatloaf cupcakes topped with whipped potatoes as icing and real cookies and cream cupcakes for dessert)

daddy3 – Speaking of food, I made these quinoa and bean burgers for lunch for the week. Not bad! I baked them at 400 for about 30 minutes, flipping halfway. The “eat less meat” thing is going pretty well around here so far.

4 – And lastly, happy 11 months to Adam! He hit 11 months on Friday, and since then he’s been on a roll. Seriously, this kid is blowing through milestones faster than I blow through ice cream. In just a couple days he has learned to sit himself up, cruise around on furniture, and even a little bit of crawling. (He is primarily a belly scooter.) He hasn’t picked up new words since his 10-month update.

Adam  tigger

I can’t believe his next update will be at a year. A year?!?! How did that happen? Times flies when you’re not sleeping when you’re having fun.

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To the Mom of the Colicky Baby

Hi friends! How have you been? I’ve been busy here, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary. We’ve been spending lots of time at the pool, the library, you know – the usual.

bathI’ve also spending a bit of time in the kitchen, especially the past couple of weekends. The weekend before last, Ethan and I made cookies. LOTS of cookies. We gave 3 batches away to pregnant friends, and of course we kept some for ourselves.

This past weekend, I made dinner for a friend at her house on Saturday (before Kevin and I went out for a date night later that evening – woop woop!!), and I whipped up two extra casseroles on Sunday for two other friends who just had babies this week.

strollerWhy sharing the love with our fellow parent friends? First of all, pregnant ladies love food. That’s a fact. But secondly, mamas gotta help each other out. Meals are hard to come by when you have a new baby, but eating is still obviously very important, especially when you already have zero energy from lack of sleep.

Mothering is hard. Like, really hard. And that’s what brings me to the title of this post.

Dear Mom of the Colicky Baby,

Your baby loves you, and you’re doing a great job. Don’t roll you eyes at me. It’s true.

It may feel as though your baby doesn’t appreciate you. Sometimes it’s like baby doesn’t like you. And other times like baby even detests you. Don’t worry. Your baby loves you, and you’re doing a good job.

Baby cries whenever you put him down. So you carry him until your arms feels like they will break. But a colicky baby cries when you pick him up too. So you carry him until your heart feels like it’s going to break as well. Don’t worry. Your baby loves you, and you’re doing a good job.

Maybe it takes you longer to rock baby to sleep than he actually slept. Maybe it’s reflux, and he’s fighting his feedings, his medicine, and even you. Maybe you can’t see how the medical world hasn’t figured out “colic” yet. Maybe you should hear me out on this one.

Your baby loves you, and you’re doing a good job.

I’ve had two babies now, and one came out fighting. He fought reflux. He fought feedings, and he fought me. And now he’s nearing 3. Those first few weeks, okay – 6 months, of life were hard. So hard. And now I can’t help but think about how much I’ll miss him when he starts preschool next month, even though it’s only 3 half-days per week.

I thought I was failing him. I thought he hated me. And now I know I was wrong. All that extra love I poured into him wasn’t for nothing, and I’m sure baby loves you and your hard work too. When your toddler eventually says, “I love you, Mommy.” When your toddler asks you to read to him at night even though you spent all day with him. When he hugs and kisses you. You know you did something right.

I know that age 3 sounds impossibly far away at this point; it did for me too. So you’re just going to have to trust me – your baby loves you, and you’re doing a good job.

Love – Just Another Mama

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Adam: 10 Months

Hi friends! It has been a while since the last update, but rather than include a rundown of everything that’s been going on, I’ll mostly stick to a baby update.

lakeWe’ve certainly been busy around here. I did extra cleaning (and obviously packing) the week before vacation. Then we visited family in NH the week before last. And finally last week we played catch-up with life (pool, library, gym, the usual suspects).

ggpaThe trip was good. I enjoyed seeing family, and more so, I enjoyed watching the boys see family, experience boat rides, plane rides, and other vacation fun. Sadly, the baby didn’t sleep and the toddler didn’t eat for what felt like the entire trip. The weather wasn’t so great either. As you can imagine, this leads to a very irritable mommy.

But like I said, on the whole, I think the whole family was very happy for the vacation.

nhMy only take-away tip for traveling with kids: do extra cleaning before you leave. Everyone came home to clean sheets. I was so exhausted after our trip, that I didn’t hardly clean anything for the entire first week we were back. The mountains of laundry were plenty to keep me busy.

travelSo back to my little 10 month-old. (He’s 10.5 months now, but who’s counting?!)


  • He finally seems into eating. Yay! His favorites are berries, cheese, and bread.
  • Adam has been drinking a teenie tiny bit from a sippy cup as well. Another Yay! We’ll keep practicing.


  • He’s still belly crawling, but he has gotten a little quicker.
  • He can pull up from sitting, but he can’t seem to sit himself up without help.
  • Adam has just started taking some baby steps while holding my hands.
  • He splashes in the pool and the bath.


  • Adam says “Mama” sometimes, and he has said “Dada” and “Uh-oh” a time or two as well.
  • Sometimes Adam just starts laughing at seemingly nothing. Ethan and I will be playing cars, and Adam is on the other side of the room scooting around doing his own thing, and then he’ll just start laughing. He is a happy baby!!

I hope y’all are doing well. Enjoy the summer sunshine!!

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Meaty Monday

Ethan and I have been frequenting the pool, and I love it. I’m a pool enthusiast, and I’d be there every day if I thought the boys would put up with it.

While we were there on Friday, I saw a little girl playing with a Little Mermaid doll in the water. I kind of wanted to slip back to my 8 year-old self and play too. Who else still has a girl crush on Ariel?

ariel, the little mermaid, girl crush, gif

Later I saw a few moms lounging on chairs in the sun, and I wanted to be my future 40 year-old self relaxing with my boys playing in water… preferably with chilled glass of sauvignon blanc.

But then Ethan pulled me back to reality – “MOMMY! MOMMY! Hold my HAAAAND!” He needs to hold my hand while going down the water slides. I wish pool time were a bit more relaxing, but it’s good to feel needed. I guess I’m just right where I need to be.

splashBut back to the title of this post – Meaty Monday:

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Meatless Monday. With a catchy alliteration like that, what’s not to love? Well I’m here to tell you.

My family almost never has meat for breakfast or snacks, and we rarely have meat for lunch. We do eat meat at dinner time a few times a week, usually early in the week. Like many Americans, we do a big grocery trip on Sunday, so the meat is freshest on Sunday and Monday.

It’s always a Meaty Monday!

I’ve been trying to cut back on our meat consumption though, limiting it to Sunday and Monday only.

Over time, documentaries like Food Inc, WHO reports on meat and cancer, the known mistreatment of animals, and most recently this episode of Vise (below) have heavily influenced my decision. *The episode to which I am referring talks not about our health but rather what meat consumption is doing to the planet.

Kevin agrees with this decision, and Ethan doesn’t care. (He’s on a serious pb&j kick right now anyway.) Sadly, Adam looooooves meat and cheese, but since I often make him his own organic chicken breast anyway, it’s not a huge deal.

adamVegetarian protein can be hard for me because my stomach doesn’t always handle beans very well. It isn’t like we’re going full-on vegan or anything, but it makes recipe searching a little more difficult. I’m trying to buy more local/organic/cage-free meats/eggs/dairy when possible, which is also pretty pricey. In short – wish us luck!

  • Meat – yay or nay?
  • Are you ready for the long weekend???
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Seeing Green

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there! In my childhood home hung a quote that read, “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a daddy.” I loved it as a kid, and I still love it now!

dadMoving on… we’ve been seeing green around here: green in the face, green activities, and green food!

The boys and I started off the week with a 24-hour stomach bug. Yuck – that’s where the green in the face comes into play. No further details needed!

After battling the bug, we resumed normal activities. For Ethan and I, it was frog week. We got these books from the library. All were good, but they’d be better for a slightly older child.

frog booksWe also went on a couple walks to find nearby tadpoles and crafted this paper plate frog face.

frog craftEarlier today, we jumped like a frog to numbered lily pads drawn with sidewalk chalk.

jumpNow as for the green food – we tried to enjoy pear/avocado popsicles, but they were a fail for us. I also made a batch of broccoli cheese bites and chocolate-chip zucchini muffins. I had leftover grated zucchini, so I threw a cup into tonight’s meatloaf. Fathers day = meatloaf, green beans, and mashed cauli-taters.

foodGreen green green! Not that I’m complaining.

You may be green with envy to discover that PopSugar kindly sent me a PopSugar #MustHaveBox to try.

boxAdam helped me open it. (so cute!) There was a bottle opener, sriracha pretzels, a sarong, a mirror, nail polish, a game I can’t wait to play (like a party game with questions), and underarm deodorant wipes. Thanks PopSugar!!

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