Just the Two of Us

“Just the two of us, we can make it if we try…” You know you’re singing it right now, or at least humming it a little in your head. Yesterday it was just myself and Mini Me. Kevin didn’t get home before Ethan and I went to bed.

Oh no – don’t feel sorry for him. He had a work dinner at Ruth’s Chris. Neither Kevin nor I had ever been there, so I’m jealous he got to go without me.

That isn’t to say the food wasn’t just as delicious here on the home front (who do I think I’m kidding?). Seeing how it’s Wednesday, I’ll be sure to share just how delicious it was. Thanks Jenn for hosting the WIAW linkup!

wiawBreakfast: oats, chia, and half a peach (E had baby oats and the other half of the peach after his morning bottle.)

oatsSnack: I didn’t have time for food after my run and before baby story time (though I did squeeze in a shower), so Diet Pepsi for the win. (E had a bottle and then fussed so much that we had to leave story time about 4 minutes into it… figures.)

pepsiLunch: 1 egg & 1 egg white, sweet potato, broccoli followed by a little dark chocolate (E had some sweet potato, an egg yolk, and peas, along with a little apple puree from a pouch and a small bottle.)

lunchSnack: apple and Gouda (E had 3 little pieces of Gouda and a bottle.) I really enjoyed snack, not just because cheese is awesome, but Ethan had a THREE HOUR afternoon nap. Wow.

snackDinner: whole wheat rotini, lean ground turkey, eggplant, zucchini, spices, and Organic Ragu, which was pretty good! (E had bits of everything without sauce, and he loved all of it, especially the pasta. He followed it up with homemade frozen broccoli and chicken puree.)

dinner“On top of rotiiiiiniiiiiiii….”

pastaDessert: a few crackers and this beer… review coming soon (E had a bottle before bed.)

beerEthan and I pretty much ate the same thing all day- except for the beer. Cooking for two is much easier that way!

  • Does it feel like Friday to anyone else???
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A Break in the Heat

Ahhh, it’s supposed to be in the 80s here today, which is fantastic. I’ve been waiting until after E’s first nap to do my mid-week stroller runs, so by that time it’s often a bit toasty outside. I generally don’t take him out in the stroller if the temperature is above 85F.

In short, I’m looking forward to our stroller run, but I have to do it fast to get us to baby story time. Ugh, the pressure!  haha

reading Yesterday was a great day with my little buddy. Okay, “great” might be overdoing it, but it was certainly good. He had good naps and was generally pleasant. He even got to see his daddy. Yay!

Kevin has been pretty busy lately, which means for looooots of quality time with mama.

Another great thing about yesterday was the food. I made this chicken tagine recipe for dinner, which I’ve made many times in the past. It’s a keeper!

tagineAnd Ethan decided he loves peas. A win, win.

  • Got any great recipes that keep you coming back for more?
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Weekend Through A Lens

I need a rest day from my weekend. Who’s with me? It wasn’t too busy, but between a long run, activities, and sickness, I’m wiped out. Luckily I haven’t been too sick, but all weekend I’ve been fighting a bug that I hope to kick soon, very soon.

On Friday, Ethan and I had some pool time with my parents before doing dinner at Taco Mac. Mmmmm, burger n’ beer. I tried Olde Mecklenberg Brewing’s Southside Weiss, which was good but nothing I’m eager to have again.

burgerOn Saturday, I knocked out 9 miles at a 9 min/mile pace. Ouch. I just ran 8 miles at a faster pace the weekend before and felt great, but for whatever reason, this just didn’t feel good.

runI followed up with my first ice bath of training. Luckily I had company to help pass the time.

catEthan and I returned to the pool Saturday afternoon.


On Sunday, my parents babysat E while Kevin and I went out for a friend’s birthday brunch at Vivace. We had a good time, and though I stuffed myself silly with the ginormous quiche, it felt great to be out and about without my little buddy. Mama needs a break now and again!

messAnd that’s what’s Marvelous in My Monday (MIMM).


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Happy Friday! I hope yours is happy, or at least I hope it will be come about 5:00.

I have a tendency to go a little overboard on things, as I’m sure we all do. And here are a few things that have gotten me a little carried away recently.

Obsessions of the Day

  • I need to find E a new car seat. I’m sure I have a few weeks before we neeeeed it, but I want it. I want it now. The one I want was back ordered on Amazon, so I’m hitting Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby today to see what I can do. Wish me luck!
  • Vegetables. I’ve eaten like a slob the last two days, and I feel gross. Just give me veggies! (Side note, I’ve had fried okra the past two days, so I’m leaning against the fried variety today.)

friedObsessions of the Week

  • Running. It kind of takes over your brain, doesn’t it? I have another long run this weekend, which is kind of exciting. But it’s the 9-mile run, and that’s the length that got my hips all in a tizzy during training for my last half. Fingers crossed this one goes better!
  • Orange is the New Black. Kev and I have been binge-watching this, and I’m so mad we just finished season 1 without season 2 to dive into. Ahhhh, the suspense is killing me!

orangeObsessions of the Month

  • Saving money. I have failed miserably here, but I’m trying… kinda.
  • The Sixties. Before starting Orange is the New Black, Kevin and I were recording this show on CNN. We obviously didn’t live through the 60s, but we didn’t learn much about it in class either. (Neither of our history teachers got that far in the textbook before summer break, so it’s all new and interesting to me!)
  • Mom friends. My non-mom friends have invited me to a few fun events recently, but I can’t attend hardly any of them! I’m really happy to be invited, but I’m also really happy to be meeting more mamas who understand the need for 4pm parties (as opposed to 9pm!!)
  • Ethan’s first birthday. Never mind that Kevin and I have birthdays next month, it’s all about little E. His big day isn’t even until October, but once I get an idea in my head, everything must be planned, and it must be planned this.very.instant. (BTW, he had blueberry oatmeal this morning.)

ethanWhat’s making you crazy right now?

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Hellooooo Summer! Okay, I know it’s been summer for a while now, but yesterday felt extra seasonal. Ethan and I squeezed in a stroller run in the morning. It was 76 when we left the house and already 80 upon our return. Whew!

play dateLater in the day, we met Elliot and Kelly for a play date in her kiddy pool. Yup, the mamas squeezed in too! Ethan and I then went straight to my parents’ house for dinner.

cobblerThe fam went to the farmers’ market before we arrived, so they had all sorts of summer goodies, corn on the cob, fried okra, and my favorite – blackberry cobbler!

Even though yesterday’s stroller run was warm, it was pretty good. I don’t think I’ll be getting a workout today though. Only time will tell. I’m going to try and get a nap while E naps this morning. He had me up twice last night because of a new tooth cutting through, so I think we could both use a little rest.

Stupid teeth.

  • Have you done anything seasonal lately?
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