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Mommy n’ Me

Ethan and I had all day to ourselves yesterday. Well, we always have the day to ourselves, but Kevin’s busy season has started again, meaning we have most or all of the evening to ourselves too. Seeing how today’s Wednesday, … Continue reading

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Productivity & Produce

Don’t you love those days when you feel productive? You know, not just busy, but like you actually got stuff accomplished. Yesterday was one of those days – well, except for those 2 hours between 4 and 6am. E has … Continue reading

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Oh man – who caught that game? Better question – who didn’t catch that game? The US Men’s National Team (#USMNT) played well, but goalkeeper Howard had the game of his life. So many saves!!! Clearly he couldn’t save the … Continue reading

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WIAW: Too Tired for a Catchy Title

Yawn. Yesterday I was up with Ethan from 3:40 am until bedtime. He hasn’t gotten back into his sleep schedule since our travels over the weekend, and it’s exhausting! Rather than put you to sleep with talk of sleep, or … Continue reading

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Meals & Memes

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Ethan was generally pleasant, though a bit clingy, and a pretty good night of sleep didn’t hurt either. I’ve been wanting to share our experience with sleep training, but I’ll get to it when … Continue reading

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