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Fruity WIAW & Power Bowl

Here’s a little tip for ya, don’t start an added-sugar detox as you start PMS week.  Just sayin’.  All I wanted to do yesterday was eat, eat, and eat some more.  It was a borderline hangry day, but at least I … Continue reading

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Hi, and welcome to the Turkey I Ate Wednesday (WIAT).  Let me just start off by saying, I love leftover turkey!  I’m thrilled to have Thanksgiving leftovers.  That’s the payment you get for hosting!  Speaking of hosting, thanks Jenn for … Continue reading

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The Usual {WIAW} Suspects

Thanks for the kind comments on yesterday’s bumpdate.  Things are mostly going quite well, so I hope I’m not being too much of a Debbie Downer. I was feeling much better yesterday, and I actually made it to the gym.  … Continue reading

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Chocolaty WIAW

Yesterday was full of ups and downs.  I had a bad run (more like, a bad attempt at a run), but I had a good full-body strength workout.  More on that tomorrow.  I had an awful breakfast, but I had … Continue reading

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Holiday Fun

I know I don’t usually post on Sunday, but I wanted to share some weekend highlights.  Monday will be back to the daily grind, better portion control, and regularly scheduled posts. Kevin and I hosted again this year.  It was … Continue reading

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