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Sweets n’ Greens WIAW

This What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) is about balance. And food. Balance with food. But mostly food. I indulged in some sweet things, but I was sure to get some green things too. Let’s face it, Baby #2 can’t live … Continue reading

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What I Ate (and ate and ate) Wednesday

Hump Day!! Does this week feel a little slow to anyone else? I think going out to eat Monday night threw me off. That’s usually a weekend thing in this house. A little slow week isn’t necessarily a terrible week … Continue reading

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Productivity & Produce

Don’t you love those days when you feel productive? You know, not just busy, but like you actually got stuff accomplished. Yesterday was one of those days – well, except for those 2 hours between 4 and 6am. E has … Continue reading

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It Has Been Decided

I’m joining up with the Thinking Out Loud linkup to share a few things I’ve decided as of late. Some mom stuff, some fit stuff, just stuff. 1. It has been decided that this will be my next race. It’s … Continue reading

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Ice Cream-less WIAW

A house without ice cream is not a home. Ha, perhaps just a slight exaggeration… Nevertheless, I think Kevin and I would both prefer if I restocked sooner than later. Here’s another WIAW; the party must go on! Breakfast: I … Continue reading

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