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I Registered

While everyone (and by “everyone,” I clearly mean a small talented minority) is all, “I just registered for the Chicago Marathon!” I’m all like, “I just registered for a little local 5k!” Whatever floats your boat people, and I’m excited … Continue reading

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Shamrock Race Recap

Ethan finished his first race this weekend.  He may not have run it, but he and I made a great team.  (Photo = Carbo loading the night before with a Hop, Drop, & Roll by NoDa Brewing.) We even finished in first … Continue reading

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On a Roll

Happy Thursday!  We’re on a roll over here, or at least Ethan is.  He has been able to roll for a while now, but he’s roll-crazy at the moment.  As soon as you lie him down on his back, he … Continue reading

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Workouts & Why I’m Not Running

Whew!  It’s Thursday, and we’re over the hump.  Thank goodness!  I know I haven’t been sharing much about my workouts lately, but sharing too much might have given away my secret too early.  Now that the cat’s outta’ the bag, … Continue reading

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Semi-Wordless Saturday

How’s your Saturday so far?  Mine’s good.  I’m waiting for my breakfast to digest a little before I head out for a run.  Thought it’s probably going to to take me so long to get dressed, bundled, and geared up, … Continue reading

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