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20-Minute Strength Workouts

My poor little buddy is feeling a bit under the weather. He’s had the sniffles before, but this seems to be his first “real” cold. Poor little bugger almost made it a year! (And yes, I was just about to … Continue reading

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Fit Friday

I haven’t been making it to the gym much lately, but I’ve still been getting a little sweaty.  Here are my workouts from the week, or at least what I tried to do until I came down with the plague.  … Continue reading

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I begin this post with two simple words. Baby Jeans Look out baby girls; he’s a heart breaker!  Ha.  While this little charmer took an afternoon nap (yes, as usual, only 30 minutes), I squeezed in a workout.  My workouts … Continue reading

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Muscle Matters

Odd post name, eh?  I have a couple muscle matters worth a mention.  I haven’t done a ton of research on this or anything, but these general rules work for me. Oh… and I also sprinkled in a few pictures … Continue reading

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Trying to Fit in Fitness

Hello! Welcome to a new week. I hope you had a good weekend. Kevin and I left town to visit his parents. Though I packed one healthy breakfast and a few healthy snacks… I was sure to enjoy some other … Continue reading

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