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Thinking Out Loud

Ever have 10,000 things running through your head at once? That has been me all.freaking.week. I need a beer. ha. Only kidding. I think I’ll just post some of those thoughts in a Thinking Out Loud post; thanks Amanda for … Continue reading

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Sweets n’ Greens WIAW

This What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) is about balance. And food. Balance with food. But mostly food. I indulged in some sweet things, but I was sure to get some green things too. Let’s face it, Baby #2 can’t live … Continue reading

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Just the Two of Us

“Just the two of us, we can make it if we try…” You know you’re singing it right now, or at least humming it a little in your head. Yesterday it was just myself and Mini Me. Kevin didn’t get … Continue reading

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Things I Ate & That One Thing I Didn’t

Cravings. Ick. I’ve had one plaguing me for a few days now, and if it’s still around tomorrow, I’m making a special trip to the store. I’m talking chocolate chip cookie! (Not just any cookie – I’ve got one in … Continue reading

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Got the Fidgets

Ever get the fidgets?  I had ’em yesterday, that’s for sure.  Per my new workout plan, Thursdays are now rest days for me.  I figure 5 days a week is good enough; 6 was starting to feel a bit heavy. … Continue reading

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