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Meals & Memes

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Ethan was generally pleasant, though a bit clingy, and a pretty good night of sleep didn’t hurt either. I’ve been wanting to share our experience with sleep training, but I’ll get to it when … Continue reading

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Not So Bad

Oh man, I’m so glad Tuesday is over. Done. Finished. It started off on the wrong side of the bed, but luckily it got better. At 3:00 am, Ethan fussed. I woke, but I decided to let him fall back … Continue reading

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WIAW: Feelin’ Silly

Most importantly, I need to start off by saying, Good Luck Kevie!  He’s taking his last final of the semester today, and I know he’s going to show that test who’s boss.  Next, I also need to thank Jenn for … Continue reading

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Healthy on a Budget: Saving in the Grocery Store

I assume the most useful Healthy on a Budget theme this week would be navigating the grocery store.  If you’re hosting a big holiday meal or two this year, you may be spending a little extra in the supermarket.  Goodness … Continue reading

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WIAW: Last Day of Veg Pledge

I made it through my veg pledge!  As you may remember, there was that social occasion slip-up, but I’d say the 28 days were still a success.  Today is actually the last day of my not-so-challenging challenge, so a lot … Continue reading

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