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What I Shared (And Didn’t Share) Wednesday

Hi All! How is this week treating you? My week has been going pretty well, but it’s slower than Christmas comin’. Is it Friday yet???? No. Okay, so it must be Wednesday, which means that it’s also What I Ate … Continue reading

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Meals & Memes

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Ethan was generally pleasant, though a bit clingy, and a pretty good night of sleep didn’t hurt either. I’ve been wanting to share our experience with sleep training, but I’ll get to it when … Continue reading

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Not So Bad

Oh man, I’m so glad Tuesday is over. Done. Finished. It started off on the wrong side of the bed, but luckily it got better. At 3:00 am, Ethan fussed. I woke, but I decided to let him fall back … Continue reading

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WIAW: Feelin’ Silly

Most importantly, I need to start off by saying, Good Luck Kevie!  He’s taking his last final of the semester today, and I know he’s going to show that test who’s boss.  Next, I also need to thank Jenn for … Continue reading

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Healthy on a Budget: Saving in the Grocery Store

I assume the most useful Healthy on a Budget theme this week would be navigating the grocery store.  If you’re hosting a big holiday meal or two this year, you may be spending a little extra in the supermarket.  Goodness … Continue reading

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