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Meal Plan Monday #2

Welcome to the second installment of Meal Plan Monday. Just like last week, the post is sprinkled with photos from the weekend, which I’ll briefly recap first. Ethan and I met Sara and Erin at a pumpkin patch on Friday. … Continue reading

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Mommy n’ Me

Ethan and I had all day to ourselves yesterday. Well, we always have the day to ourselves, but Kevin’s busy season has started again, meaning we have most or all of the evening to ourselves too. Seeing how today’s Wednesday, … Continue reading

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WIAW: Not-So-Clean Cleanse Update

Here’s my first update for the not-so-clean cleanse.  I’m feeling well, and the sugar cravings are significantly reduced.  Thank goodness!  The cleanse is entirely plant based, so my protein intake has diminished.  Given that this is not a long-term thing, … Continue reading

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Healthy on a Budget: Pantry Staples

I’m glad to hear you all are interested in the Healthy on a Budget series. I plan to throw something together every Tuesday until I run out of ideas, get tired of it, or win the lottery. Wish me luck… … Continue reading

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Hearty Meals 4 Healthy Hubbies

I don’t usually cook lunch for Kevin.  Since I usually prep my own breakfast and lunch, often while cooking our dinner, throwing more cooking into the mix just doesn’t seem so appealing.  However, I do occasionally make the extra effort. … Continue reading

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