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A New Kind of Strength

I’ve learned (partially the easy way and partially the hard way) that I’m developing a new kind of strength.  When I think of strength, I generally think of this kind: Oh how I miss my old fit self! And if … Continue reading

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Fitness Friday… Flop

Happy Friday! I hope March is treating you well so far. By the way, where did January go? My day is going well so far, but I guess it’s still early, isn’t it? I’m ready to hit the gym and … Continue reading

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Shake up the Routine

This week has kicked off a new workout routine.  I loved the last one, and I’ll miss it.  I was able to set a new squat record, significantly increase core definition and strength, and still increase my running miles. However, … Continue reading

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Tearin’ It Up

Want to hear something gross? When you strength train, you are actually putting little tears in your muscles, which often causes delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). When the muscles repair the tears, they build themselves stronger than they were… most … Continue reading

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