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LS&B Fit Rules

Rules? Did I just say “rules” in the title of this post? Call them “rules” if you will, but they’re really more of guidelines. First let’s go over a little bit from yesterday, and then we can dive into these … Continue reading

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Motivation.  Some people have it.  Some people don’t.  Or at least not yet.  Some days you’re motivated to give it your all, and some days you can’t even make yourself get off the couch. Hmmmm.  Yes.  Motivation’s tricky like that. … Continue reading

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Rewarding Yourself Without Regrets

Hello!  I’m sorry I couldn’t be here to post, but this is one heck of a busy week.  Thank goodness I have awesome bloggie buddies like Heather to help me out!  Check out her awesome guest post, and don’t forget … Continue reading

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It’s Friiyyyyday, It’s Friiyyyyday

Thank goodness it’s Friday! Speaking of Friday, did you know that Rebecca Black’s Friday video is the #1 most viewed YouTube video of 2011? SOURCE Crazy. Let’s give her a few more undeserved views, shall we? I dare you to … Continue reading

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Before sharing my goals, I have to share this video. That’s me in a workout video with Jeanette Jenkins! Cool, right? This was filmed in May when I went to Cali, and I’m so happy FitSugar finally posted it yesterday. … Continue reading

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