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Just the Two of Us

“Just the two of us, we can make it if we try…” You know you’re singing it right now, or at least humming it a little in your head. Yesterday it was just myself and Mini Me. Kevin didn’t get … Continue reading

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Five for Friday

I’ve got a bunch of good things to share, so I think I’ll narrow it down to five. Here we go! 1. Happy 4th of July!! 2. Ethan turned 9 months old yesterday. How did that happen? And how did … Continue reading

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Moderate Exercise WIAW

Happy WIAW! I had a bunch of food pictures to share, but iCloud decided to misplace half of them.  Womp Womp.  Oh well, here we go! Breakfast: coffee (x’s 100000), English muffin, pb, blueberries Snack: ThinkThin protein bar on the … Continue reading

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He Must Be Teething…

“He must be teething.” That’s becoming my catchphrase. Ethan still doesn’t have any teeth, but on days like yesterday, I could swear one’s just about to pop. He was just so darn fussy. “Who me?” But that’s not what we’re … Continue reading

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Yum Things

Yesterday was one of these days: Since I spent half the day in my pantry (and the other half in my fridge), I began thinking about recent yum things. I didn’t write down any recipes, but since I think a lot of … Continue reading

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