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Fit Friday

I haven’t been making it to the gym much lately, but I’ve still been getting a little sweaty.  Here are my workouts from the week, or at least what I tried to do until I came down with the plague.  … Continue reading

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Fit Friday

Woahmahgosh y’all… yesterday was quite a day.  It eventually got better, but it started off on the wrong foot.  Okay, to be honest, it started off on a bad diaper, but any further details are simply TMI. The night began well … Continue reading

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A New Kind of Strength

I’ve learned (partially the easy way and partially the hard way) that I’m developing a new kind of strength.  When I think of strength, I generally think of this kind: Oh how I miss my old fit self! And if … Continue reading

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Former & Future Workouts

Happy Friday!  Sorry for yesterday’s mushy post.  I usually shy away from those, which I guess is why I edited it a wee bit after returning from the gym.  Hmmm… I wonder which version went via email to those who … Continue reading

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A Race to the Happy

As promised, it’s back to fitness around here – no more redneck shenanigans. I want to chat a bit about my current workouts and fitness goals. One word: Yowzah. That’s how I felt after last week. I started this workout … Continue reading

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