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New Move & Giveaway Winner

Woahmygoshit’sfinallyFriday!!!  As you can imagine, I’m pretty excited.  Kevin and I have a double-date on tap for tonight, so that should be fun.  He has class tomorrow, but I have a full day planned for myself.  It includes: Long walk … Continue reading

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Baby, It’s Hot Outside

It’s hot outside.  Have you noticed?  Here in the Southeastern US, temps are above 100 degrees.  I was smart enough to workout indoors yesterday (BTW, spin class rocked), but I went for a jog outside today.  The temperature is expected … Continue reading

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Gearing Up For National Walking Day

You know how every day seems to have a food attached to it these days? I think I remember hearing about national peanut butter day (a favorite of mine), ice cream day, margarita day, doughnut day, and a few others. … Continue reading

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It’s all in the feet.

Warning! This post contains pictures of feet! Although they are clean feet, they’re still feet. If you’re not down with that, come back tomorrow for something else. **I have a buddy who is very foot-averse. Is that weird to anyone … Continue reading

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Triceps Tricks

Remember how I said I refrained from pizza & cookies at Thursday’s office gathering?  Yeah… my willpower is relatively respectable, but it lacks staying power.  Yesterday I wanted something bad.  I wanted something sinful. I gave into my deepest, darkest desires.  To be more … Continue reading

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