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30-Minute Elliptical Burner

How did your Monday treat you? Perhaps with more coffee and less stress, I hope. Mine wasn’t bad. Of course day care drop offs are always hard, especially on Mondays, but we managed. I’m even working with Ethan to get … Continue reading

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Muscle Cardio

Let me start off by saying, thank goodness for childcare.  Really.  E was having a heck of a day yesterday, and I was soooooo glad to drop him off at the church nursery for 1.5 hours.  If it hadn’t been … Continue reading

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Treadmill Toner

I’m still off enjoying an extra-long holiday break, but I wanted to quickly pop in and share this treadmill workout.  I completed it last week when I didn’t feel like my old routine.  (Speaking of, I’m finally done with this … Continue reading

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Former & Future Workouts

Happy Friday!  Sorry for yesterday’s mushy post.  I usually shy away from those, which I guess is why I edited it a wee bit after returning from the gym.  Hmmm… I wonder which version went via email to those who … Continue reading

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Back on track… for real this time

As I mentioned in Friday’s post, I recently returned from a very indulgent (but totally worth it) vacation.  All those amazing meals made me want to get back on track this weekend. Hmmm… about that… Friday involved green smoothies, naps, … Continue reading

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