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I Need { Another } Vacation

Happy Friday! It sure doesn’t feel like Friday here. I was of work from last last Wednesday to this past Wednesday, and though working yesterday and today is no picnic, a two-day work week is really nothing to complain about. … Continue reading

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Bikini Season

It’s officially bikini season!  I really need to finish the laundry and make some baby food for E, but I wanted to briefly pop in and share some pics from the weekend. Kevin and I left E with my parents … Continue reading

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MIMM: Beach Trip!

Hey, I’m linking up with Katie for a Marvelous In My Monday (MIMM) post.  There was a lot of great stuff in my weekend that helped make this Monday marvelous. On Friday, Kevin and I saw some friends for a … Continue reading

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Recipe: Tuscan Bread

Ohhhh how I love thinking back on my vacations.  Travel is expensive, sure, but the memories really last, don’t they?  There’s obviously much more to travel than food, but the food is a huge part of the fun! When Kevin … Continue reading

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I had just started this blog near my first trip to CA.  Feel free to check out a couple of these oldies for a chuckle.  Anyway… this time, I didn’t win a trip, Kevin and I were out there for … Continue reading

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