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Happy Monday! Okay, so “happy” might be overdoing it a bit, but it’s certainly not a bad Monday, at least not on this end. It’s going to be a busy week for me, which is a pretty good thing. Other … Continue reading

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Fit Friday

Hellooooo Friday! Boy, have we all missed you! It has been a pretty good week here, so I have no complaints. That doesn’t mean I’m not still looking for a tall cold one. Well… there was this one complaint. Ethan … Continue reading

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The Non-Plan Plan

This hot summer has been having some cold nights. This has nothing to do with the weather or my love life. It has everything to do with these babies. Once I put Ethan down at 8pm, I have an hour … Continue reading

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Stroller Running

You know what’s kinda funny? Everyone seems to call them “jogging” strollers, but so many runners get offended when you refer to them as “joggers.” Hmmm, just a little food for thought.  Did someone say “food???” I am by no … Continue reading

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How Not to Run a Race

I hope all of your daddies had fantastic Father’s Days. I think mine did. Kevin and I brought Ethan over to my parents’ place for brunch. Nope, it wasn’t healthy, but frankly, nothing about my weekend was particularly healthy. It … Continue reading

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