Play Hard, Sleep Hard, Eat Hard!

I know I missed the What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) party last week, but I’mmmmm baaaaaaack! Ethan kept me busy busy busy, but we still made time for some good meals.

Breakfast: grapes and two microwaved broccoli egg cups


Snack: pb on toast (Ethan decided to take only a mini nap, so I didn’t get time for my workout. womp womp. We headed to the park instead.)


Lunch: salad (romain & spinach with chickpeas, feta, Italian dressing, cucumber, mushrooms, bell pepper, and onion)


It’s not easy photographing things around here.

cat bomb

Ethan was so tired from his mini nap and from the park that he fell asleep at the table. I scooped him up, gave him a bottle in the rocking chair, and put him down for a nap… another short nap that was too short for me to workout or get in a shower. (womp womp again)


Snack: a couple of these beauties!! pumpkin and dark chocolate chip muffins


Dinner: sweet potato, spicy chicken sausage, and summer squash gratin


Dessert: Breyer’s half-the-fat vanilla – Does anyone else find it fitting that ice cream week falls on my birthday week? Also, does anyone else think it’s odd that there’s a week dedicated to ice cream?

  • Baked anything yummy lately?

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20 Responses to Play Hard, Sleep Hard, Eat Hard!

  1. Yummm that salad looks so good and I’m cracking up at the picture with the cat!! Happy WIAW, Tiff! 🙂

  2. Tina Muir says:

    Ooooh happy birthday weeeeek! Hope you have a great day planned! Ethan is so adorable, eating is hard work huh!

  3. that salad looks so good. happy birth week!

  4. Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy says:

    I haven’t had time to bake anything really–at least, nothing sweet. I did make baked chicken yesterday for breakfast though.

  5. That salad looks tasty! I baked a peach cobbler last week; so good! Especially since the peaches were fresh 🙂

  6. Your cat sniffing your salad looks a little too familiar to me – except my cat actually attacks my salad and runs off with chunks of lettuce.

  7. Ethan is too adorable in the background of that snack picture. And I know that’s supposed to be what other mums say but he has grown so much.
    Okay, this is about food, so: Ice cream week? Why haven’t I heard of that yet?! Actually, I’ve been meaning to make some ice cream myself – if I wasn’t that indecisive when it comes to picking a recipe, that is.

  8. You already busted out the pumpkin! I’ve been trying to hold off until at -least- September 1st, but I’ve been using maple in my baking like it’s my job. Seriously can’t wait for fall foods and flavours.

    • Tiff says:

      I eat a wee bit all year and have to stock up on cans every fall. This was the last can of my stockpile though, so it better start appearing in stores again sooooon!!

  9. Awwww, sleeping at the table. How painfully cute!

  10. ksvirtue says:

    Lol, those “mini naps” from your adorable little Ethan sound All too familiar. My 6 and a half month old son (also named Ethan 😉 does the Same Thing, at times. Gotta love it! P.S. The broccoli egg cups look delish! Must try!

  11. mmmm do you have the recipe for those pumpkin & dark chocolate chip muffins?

  12. It’s ice cream week? I need to get on that!

  13. I’m so happy that fall flavors are already taking over. Pumpkin EVERYTHING!

  14. kathysteger says:

    Happy Birthday week. 🙂 How cute is the pic of Ethan sleeping in the high chair.

  15. sorry about the mini naps, been there done that! i often think “whomp whomp” too lol !

  16. Aww Ethan looks so cute and sleepy in that pic! Too bad you couldnt get a workout in though. Oh well cuteness trumps working out 🙂 Those broccoli-egg cups look really good.

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