There’s been quite a bit of running going on in these parts. I completed my 10-miler on Saturday, which went pretty well. I had an average of 9 min/mile, which included a run into a grocery store for a water fountain pit stop. Only 1 more long training run!!

runAfter my run, we headed to a kiddo birthday party where Ethan got to run too. They had a walker there, and the kid just took off. Future track star?

runSadly, there wasn’t any running yesterday. I put on my new workout top, but the run didn’t happen. (Matt from The I Am Brand let me pick out one of the company’s funny t-shirts to try. It’s hilarious and fits well. I worked out in it yesterday but haven’t run in it just yet. It’s great for gym wear and adequate for short runs, but it wouldn’t work well for longer distances or races.)

shirtAs soon as E and I headed out, it started to sprinkle. Dangit. I completed a 30-minute circuit later during his second nap. After he wakes here in a bit, we’re going to try again today. It’s our first run without the car seat attachment; wish us luck!

runAs for that long run, here’s a little mental recap of what was going on in this crazy head of mine.

  • Mile 1: “Rain rain rain. Rain is okay. I feel like such a bad arse for getting out and running in the rain. But please, please don’t thunderstorm…”
  • Mile 2: “Wow, it didn’t take long to settle into my pace. Actually, I need to slow it down a bit. A lot, really.”
  • Mile 3: Thinking about the big project I’m currently starting
  • Mile 4.5: “Time for a water stop! All these people think I’m crazy running in this grocery store like this. I don’t care. Does management mind me doing this? Nah, I don’t care about that either.”
  • Mile 5.5: “Wish I had more water.”
  • Mile 6: “Woohoo! Time to switch Pandora stations and eat some Gu… well, maybe I’ll save it a bit longer.”
  • Mile 6.6: “Ugh, big hill, I think I’ll take my Gu now.”
  • Mile 7: More thinking about that big project
  • Mile 8: “I feel fantastic! I could keep going past 10 miles, but I shouldn’t to prevent injury. This is definitely what a runner’s high feels like.”
  • Mile 9: “Runners high is depleted. I feel like death.”
  • Mile 9.2: “Ugh… I’ve only gone 0.2. Must.Quit.Looking.At.Garmin.”
  • Mile 9.4: More Garmin looking on and on until mile 10
  • Mile 10: “I’m pretty amazing.”
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7 Responses to Runnin’

  1. kristin says:

    yay for a great long run!

  2. Hahaha, I love the mile-by-mile recap. And, that shirt is pretty amazing! šŸ™‚

  3. Love the recap!! And that shirt is adorable! Looking great, Mama!

  4. OMG your mile-by-mile recap has me laughing out loud!! I’m so scared for my eventual 10 miler! and 9 miler, and 8 miler, and 11 miler….you get my drift šŸ˜‰ Love that shirt!

  5. I need that shirt! haha I also might have to steal your mile by mile recap – too funny!

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