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Ethan and I had all day to ourselves yesterday. Well, we always have the day to ourselves, but Kevin’s busy season has started again, meaning we have most or all of the evening to ourselves too. Seeing how today’s Wednesday, I think it’s time for a WIAW post, mommy n’ me style.

wiawBreakfast began after Ethan slept 11 hours. Waaahoooooo! I keep reading that it’s “normal” for babies to sleep 11 hours at night, but this kid usually gets up in 9 or 9.5. This was great! Bonus – he had great naps yesterday AND Monday.

Breakfast: TJ’s light bread (toast) with pb and blueberries, Ethan had a bottle with mommy-made peach puree in his oatmeal along with blueberry and cherry pieces, which he didn’t particularly like. I gave in and gave him a few yogurt melts. They’re organic but basically baby junk food.

toast baby

Snack: half a Quest bar, E got a bottle

questLunch: After a horrible run, I had a La Tortilla Factory wrap with hummus, tuna, spring mix, and side of snap peas (followed by a little dark chocolate). E had a little milk then bits of zucchini and eggplant (with a wee bit of parm cheese) and this food pouch

lunch baby

Snack: other half of Quest bar and cherries, E got a bottle

cherriesDinner: crackers and leftover ratatouille baked over polenta and half a baked chicken breast (leftovers) and a glass of sangria, Ethan had bits of my ratatouille (he loved the tomato and polenta) before having that pouch and a bit of pureed eggplant, zucchini, pear, and oatmeal – it sounds odd but I know he’ll eat anything with pear

polenta chicken

Dessert: E got a bedtime bottle, and I got Edy’s Slow Churned chocolate chip ice cream


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16 Responses to Mommy n’ Me

  1. Tina Muir says:

    Awww this is adorable!

  2. love this:) The Ella’s kitchen packets are adorable. I gave Tate his first rice cereal 2 days ago, he is not a huge fan of it yet so I added some mashed banana and of course he loved it then!

  3. Jessica says:

    I still haven’t tried the cookies and cream Quest bars. I just have a feeling it will be like opening Pandora’s box…

  4. Annnnd now I think I’m going to need some ice cream tonight…

  5. Eating cherries out of what appears to be the same bowl right now.

  6. Poor E! He totally gets the short end of the stick! I mean… you’re there enjoying ice cream and giving him a boring old bottle? Pft 😛

  7. I need to try that flavor quest bar! I’ve heard such good things and it’s been on my radar for awhile!

  8. Coco says:

    Gosh, I haven’t seen those tortillas in ages! I used to get them all the time. LOL on the “baby junk food.”

  9. Edy’s Slow Churned is a total fav of mine! I had “French Silk” tonight!! 🙂
    I took a ridiculous break from blogging (like 6 months!) but it’s nice to be back catching up on what you’ve been up to!

  10. So happy I stumbled upon your blog- your blog title kind of hooked me 😉 I have been obsessed with cherries lately!

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