Productivity & Produce

Don’t you love those days when you feel productive? You know, not just busy, but like you actually got stuff accomplished.

Yesterday was one of those days – well, except for those 2 hours between 4 and 6am. E has been waking early, and I don’t know if it’s a sleep regression, growth spurt, or something else. All I know is that he wants a bottle and doesn’t want to go back to sleep unless it’s in my arms. That’s adorable and all, but mama needs sleep too!

Anyway, back to the productivity and produce. Cleaning, laundry, a mall trip, and a little workout were all completed. Woohoo! As for the workout, I did 4 sets of 20 pushups, some dumbbell front raises, and this Blogilates pilates workout (12-ish minutes on YouTube) during E’s first nap.

wiawNow onto the eats, which as the name suggests, includes a lot of produce. I think Mama Peas & Crayons and her little chickpea would approve.

Breakfast: this smoothie-juice-thing with a scoop of Barlean’s superfood greens… oh, and coffee, lots of coffee

breakfastSnack: post-workout Chobani and half a Quest cookies n’ cream bar later at the mall

snackLunch: cherries and a really simple but really tasty smoothie (frozen banana, skim milk, and 3/4 scoop Optimum Nutrition Natural Vanilla Whey <– great for smoothies, not great in protein oats)

cherriesSnack: Kashi cereal and skim milk

kashiDinner: this beast of a Greek salad, yum!

saladDessert: a bit of mommy juice (that’s like produce too, right?) and extra-dark chocolate

wineI know, when’s the last time I didn’t mention ice cream?!?! BTW, in World Cup news, prost to Germany! Sorry Brazil, I was cheering for you being the home team and all.

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9 Responses to Productivity & Produce

  1. Marjorie says:

    I am loving powdered greens right now too. Hope E starts letting mama get some sleep soon!

  2. Mommyjuice is always needed 🙂

  3. I just bought some cherries at the store (on sale) and I am LOVING them!

  4. Oh man, I had my first glass of mommy juice since officially becoming a mommy last week. I got mad at my husband for no reason and fell asleep lol. Not quite ready yet lol.

  5. Yumm I love Kashi cereal. Man it seems like forever since i’ve had it. Maybe i’ll have to get some soon.

  6. Ohhhh the damn protein conundrum..

    Okay- For protein oats- Use casein or a raw blend- for smoothies- you got it- definitely whey! Try the cake batter flavour it is so damn good!

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