Five for Friday

I’ve got a bunch of good things to share, so I think I’ll narrow it down to five. Here we go!

1. Happy 4th of July!!

4th of july

2. Ethan turned 9 months old yesterday. How did that happen? And how did he get so big?!? He is still immobile, but he has one tooth.

ethanThe little buddy has a checkup Monday, and I’m eager to get his measurements.

drool3. Check out my little World Market haul: curry packets (50-cents ea), Swiss cheese fondue ($9), and hazelnut fig spread ($2.50). I’m pretty pumped to get into this stuff.

yummies4. The kind folks at Larabar recently blasted a slew of bloggers some of their new “Renola.” (Thanks Larabar!) It’s a grain-free blend of fruit, nuts, and seeds. I tried all three flavors (cocoa coconut, berry, and cinnamon nut), and I think the cinnamon is my favorite by a very narrow margin.

renolaI wasn’t going to mention these, but they’re pretty good. I like sharing good things.

renola5. I’m looking forward to my “short” run tomorrow. I did 6 miles last weekend, and I think I have 7 miles next weekend, at least according to my non-plan plan. This weekend I get a breather though with 3 miles on the calendar.

  • Will you be grilling out, working out, or both this weekend?

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5 Responses to Five for Friday

  1. I love that last picture of Ethan! Too cute. I won’t be celebrating the 4th over here, obviously, but I might have to grill something anyways 😉

  2. cottercrunch says:

    he is growing too fast!! must be the beer. JUST KIDDING!! happy 4th

  3. Tashiana says:

    Ethan is gorgeous!! Stunning eyes. You must be very proud! 🙂

    • Tiff says:

      Thanks! I’m still wondering if his eyes will turn hazel like his father’s or stay blue like mine. 🙂

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