Baby Mama Summer Lunch Bowl

Oh Monday, back so soon?  It was a pretty good weekend here, nothing too crazy. Kevin and I cancelled our plans for a night in on Friday; take-out pizza and good beer was just right for the rainy evening.  (1st pic E was a little over 1 month, 2nd pic was just under 9 months, taken last night)


On Saturday, I completed 6 miles on the treadmill (a record, I think). Later we joined friends for dinner. Well, that was the idea, but Ethan had other plans. We actually had to leave the dinner party before dinner was served, which was a bummer. At least we got out for a little bit, right?


But enough about that, I wanted to share a bit about the meal prepping I did yesterday.


I whipped up a lunch bowl for myself and for Ethan. He really prefers store-bought food, but I make homemade stuff anyway. He gets both, often a blend of the two. This time I went for summer produce.


This batch was quinoa cooked in low-sodium chicken broth mixed with chicken breast, 2 zucchini, 1 summer squash, 2 carrots, and a couple handfuls of kale cooked in a bit of olive oil. I wanted to add fresh basil, but there was none to be found at the grocery store. I tossed in 1 tsp dried basil and 1.5 tsp dried oregano instead.


I put most of it in a storage container for me, but I pureed a bit of it in the food processor for Ethan. I added some extra water and low-sodium chicken broth to help thin it out before freezing it in the ice cube tray.

baby food

He wasn’t crazy about it, but when I mixed it with Gerber sweet potatoes (one of his favs), he gobbled it up. I’m trying to get him used to flavors he’s likely to eat when he starts eating more of our meals. We’ll see how that goes…

  • What were you up to this weekend?

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7 Responses to Baby Mama Summer Lunch Bowl

  1. That’s a brilliant idea! I kind of want to puree and freeze all of my foods so I don’t have to think about it lol

  2. I was super easy to feed as a baby, but then I got pickier and pickier as I got older. Maybe it’ll be the opposite for E? 😀

  3. Brittney says:

    Allie is the same way with veggies- she’ll eat the Gerber ones but rarely eats any I make except frozen peas and fresh corn. I wish I could get her to eat more fresh veggies, but I guess if she’ll eat them in any form, I’ll take it.

  4. Tina Muir says:

    Love these kind of meals! Although as a kid I was not a wonderful child who eats the veggies I do now…I was pretty picky….my poor parents haha! I am sure someday you will tease Ethan about his love of store bought foods! Keep cooking for him, you are doing wonders for his long term health 🙂

  5. E is so cute! I used to have to mix all of my daughter’s meals with garlic mashed potatoes in order to get her to eat it. To this day she still loves garlic mashed potatoes. I remember our first few years with the kids trying to go out – it was crazy hard! They’re now 9, 7 and 3 so going out to BBQ’s etc is so much easier. They always told me it would get easier, I never believed them, but they were right! Big hugs – I’ve been there and I know how tough it is.

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